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The Uber of Salons and Spas

Many of us have come to rely heavily on Uber’s convenience on late nights, shop for far travels, or airport rides. Its concept of direct user-to-driver interaction is extending into the beauty world via new app Belle. This app directly connects customers with beauty artists, yet lawmakers in Nashville, the one town it’s operating in, are already trying to shut it down.\n\nWhat problem is Belle solving?\n\nBelle is sort of like an OKCupid for those in need of beauty services and those who provide them. Just like Uber offers cheaper prices and more information on its drivers, Belle aims to be a more convenient, less expensive alternative that rates and details its service providers. It’s also revolutionary for older clients that have limited mobility, and can’t leave home to go to salons or spas as easily.\n\nWhat problem is Belle creating?\n\nSalons and spas are losing business in Nashville thanks to Belle’s clever innovations. The complaint that started the government’s inquiry into Belle described the app as creating \”highly disturbing\” competition. Businesses offer more tax benefits to the government, which is invested in protecting them against sharing apps like Belle, Uber, and even Airbnb.\n\nWhy should you use it?\n\nIf Belle seems like too much of a divergence from the standard salon or spa model, consider that Belle gives 85% of money earned through the app to beauty professionals, whereas the spas or salons that hire them can give as little as 15%. It’s the same model that’s allowed many Uber drivers to quit their other jobs and drive full-time.\n\nWhat if you could look and feel beautiful at all times, without consistent salon or spa visits? The Whitney Center offers permanent makeup solutions that remain as innovative now as they were over a decade ago when we essentially created the field. Contact us today to learn how we can make your beauty permanent.


We’re all accustomed to the good old flat iron to straighten curly or wavy hair. But what if there were other ways to achieve straight hair without that classic burnt smell lingering afterwards? Turns out there just might be.\n\n\n\nLiquid straighteners\n\nHairdressings, check store silicone creams, view order styling products: these are all liquid solutions to your straightening problem. Coating your hair with silicone creams prevents your hair from curling when it’s dry, diagnosis and styling products like hairspray and mousse do this too. Silicone cream is more commonly effective despite the greasy look it gives, and styling products take some skill to apply and can make your hair feel and look unnatural. But both wash out of your hair super easily.\n\nBrush and dry\n\nThis one takes a bit more skill, but it’s simple once you’ve mastered it. While brushing your hair, simply hold the brush with your hair in it, and blow it dry. It’ll hold this straightened look after it dries, but it can frizz out super easily and fail completely for the curliest of heads.\n\nProfessional straightening\n\nA beauty professional can apply chemicals to your hair that induce long-lasting effects. Brazilian and Japanese hair straightening, as well as relaxers, achieve this, but damage the hair quite strongly. There can also be a nasty after-scent if it’s not done well.\n\nThe first step to gorgeous hair is a gorgeous face. The Whitney Center has over a decade of experience leading the permanent cosmetics industry in blessing women with the makeup and beauty needs they seek. Contact us today to discuss how we can make you the best you you can be.