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You never want to undergo a beauty procedure that’s unsafe. This is common sense. Yet, online nurse despite the abundance of information out there advising against Botox injections, stuff seek they’re still quite common. This is in part because many of these advisories against Botox are geared towards cheap, capsule low-grade versions of it that actually are harmful; high-quality Botox can be a viable (but incredibly expensive) solution. With cost in the picture, permanent cosmetics is almost certainly safer than botox.\n\nMake your money worth it\n\nStudies in 2011 showed the average cost of a Botox injection to be $600. This is a decently large investment for something with a relatively short lifespan. Permanent cosmetics may cost appreciably more money, but its effects far outlast those of Botox. It’s very clearly a better investment over time.\n\nDon’t take the cheap way out\n\nA massive discount on a Botox injection immediately indicates that something is wrong. Botox brought directly from the manufacturer costs $525, yet Botox injections can be found for much less than this. Chances are that these cheap injections are diluted, rendering them ineffective and even harmful.\n\nCustomize it\n\nOne of Botox’s major disadvantages is that it doesn’t vary by customer. In contrast, permanent cosmetic technicians combine a variety  of pigments to best compliment the client’s skin, and make sure not to use any ingredients you might be allergic to. Technicians will meet with you many times beforehand to plan out the exact procedure that is right for you.\n\nAre you considering investing in the long term solution of permanent cosmetics? The Whitney Center\n\nis renowned for its customer satisfaction, artistic talent, and skillful technicians. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


\n\nWe’ve said it before, medical patient and we’ll say it again: great skin is the foundation to an excellent beauty routine. Even the best makeup isn’t fully effective unless it’s on or near the best skin you can possibly present. If you’re struggling to keep your skin healthy and beautiful, sales there may be things you can do to help without the aid of any makeup or skin products. Specifically, you are what you eat, and so is your skin.\n\nSugary skin\n\nIt sounds like a good thing, right? Not quite. Extra sugar – and this can be sugar from ice cream or things seemingly more innocuous, like simple carbs in the average slice of bread – stiffens skin in a way that leads to wrinkles. If you do need a good dosage of sugar, try fruit, since the sugars are more complex and often accompany skin-healthy antioxidants.\n\nSea skin\n\nFish live in water, so it shouldn’t be terribly surprising that eating them can keep your skin moist. The omega-3 fatty acids present in fish are responsible for this, and they also work against the breakdown of skin cells. If fish aren’t quite your thing, try walnuts as a nuttier alternative.\n\nMediterranean skin\n\nIf you’re thinking of gorgeous, tan skin right now, your mind is in the right place, but no one is suggesting that you move to Europe and lie on the beach all day long. In fact, this tip is actually directly tied in to the previous fish fact; the Mediterranean diet leans away from simple carbs, dairy products, and meats in favor of fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, fiber-heavy foods, and especially olive oil. The Mediterranean diet preserves the part of your chromosomes that age your skin, so adhering to it will prevent this nicely.\n\nAfter you’ve achieved excellent skin, you can even more deeply customize and enhance your beauty with the art of permanent cosmetics. The Whitney Center is the world leader in this field. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

Cosmetic Allergies

With the millions of cosmetic choices that are available to women, patient site it is not uncommon for women to have a makeup bag filled with a variety of eyeliners, mascaras, eye shadows, lipsticks, and glosses.  Cosmetics are meant to make women feel more beautiful yet in some cases they cause problems with your skin.\n\nThere are two different types of reactions that can occur to cosmetics.  “Irritant contact dermatitis” can occur at any time when harsh substance damages the skin.  Women will experience a red rash, scaly skin, itchy skin, and even blisters.  “Allergic contact dermatitis” occurs when a person is allergic to specific ingredients in a product that is used on the skin.  People may experience itching, swelling, redness, raw skin, and hives.  With cosmetic allergies, reactions can occur anywhere on the body.\n\nYou can avoid painful and irritating skin reactions, and enhance your natural beauty with NYC permanent makeup at The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics.  Red, itchy eyes can be a thing of the past as pigment is permanently implanted under the skin to create a natural look. Lips, eyes, and eyebrows can look fabulous at all hours of the day or night when you have permanent makeup at The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics.\n\nBe sure to stop by our website to check out pictures of some of the ladies who have chosen full face permanent makeup.

Permanent Eyebrows Bring A Lifetime Of Smiles

It’s no secret, recipe pills women everywhere want perfect eyebrows.  Whether they are plagued with the dreaded uni-brow, health advice or the lack of eyebrows, the desire to have the perfect eyebrows is universal.  Eyebrows shape the face and add definition.  More importantly, well designed eyebrows show expression and emotion.\n\nWomen who do not have enough hair to create the perfect eyebrows will benefit from having permanent eyebrows applied.  Through our unique techniques, our trained artists will be able to create permanent, natural looking eyebrows where brow hair is sparse or missing altogether. Permanent eyebrows in Boca Raton is achieved as we will perfectly match your hair color and skin tone.  Once the application is complete, you will notice that the color will lighten slightly a few days after the procedure once exfoliation of the eyebrows occurs.\n\nPermanent eyebrows in Boca Raton can be accomplished by visiting The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics.  Be sure to stop by our gallery and see the amazing results that can be achieved by using permanent makeup in Florida.  Click on the links to see examples of permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, lip color, and full face permanent makeup.  You’ll be amazed at the before and after pictures.

How Permanent Is Semi-Permanent Make-up?

There are rumors and claims of “semi-permanent” cosmetics and permanent make-up being offered to customers.  Some artists claim that their semi-permanent applications last only six months, viagra canada help while others say that they last for years.  Permanent makeup specialists in NYC know first-hand that these claims are false.\n\nHere are the plain and simple facts…\n\nOnce you place any permanent cosmetic pigments under the skin, it is there for the duration.  permanent cosmetic pigments are permanent, unless you undergo a procedure to have the pigment removed. Some people who sell the semi-permanent service may tell you that the pigment will fade over time.  When the pigment is initially placed under the skin, there is some fading during the healing process, but the pigment will not fade additionally over time.  There are no magical semi-permanent cosmetic pigments that disappear or fade as time goes on.\n\nSome people say that that the permanent cosmetic pigment will eventually wash away.  Not true!  Once the pigment is under your skin, it is there to stay because the pigment is implanted into the second layer of your skin.\n\nPermanent makeup specialists in NYC at The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics will be able to properly apply your true permanent makeup with the skill that only years of training and expertise can lend.  Don’t be fooled by others selling “semi-permanent” make-up.  There is no such thing, unless you want someone to draw with a marker!

Scar Camouflage For Everyone

Most people cannot go through life without having some sort of accident that will result in us receiving a scar or two.  For some, site here the scars that are received are life altering.  Scars can make a person feel self-conscience about how they look and can ultimately lower a person’s self-esteem.\n\nThe good news is that no matter if the scars you received are due to an illness or an injury, tadalafil store the look of most types of scars can be improved by our skilled technicians who are trained in scar camouflage in Boca Raton, Florida.\n\nIn most cases, the look of disfiguring scars can be minimized to help improve your appearance and quality of life.  Through our expertise, we are able to carefully blend and match flesh tone pigments to the surrounding skin so that we can camouflage the scar and create the illusion of near perfect skin.\n\nThe Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics specializes in scar camouflage procedures.  By implanting permanent makeup under the skin, our Board Certified and nationally recognized experts, will be able to camouflage scar tissue, break up the look of scar tissue, and give your skin a more natural skin tone.\n\nIf you are ready to say good-bye to unsightly scars and improve the look of your skin, contact The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics in Boca Raton, Florida.