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FDA Approves Sientra Breast Implant

The FDA has recently approved a new type of breast implant known as the Sientra breast implant.  Although these types of breast implants have been available to women outside of the United States for several years, cialis generic sales stuff the FDA actually took decades to approve them according to a Huffington post report.\n\nThe availability of the Sientra breast implant comes after two decades of rigorous testing and political debate.  Although the FDA has demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the new implant type, remedy similar implants made by brands Allergen and Mentor have not yet been approved.  Frivolous breast implant litigation throughout the 1990s may be partially responsible of widespread delays of safe medical devices and new breast implant types.\n\nAccording to some, the new approval is definitely a reason for US women to rejoice, especially those needing breast reconstruction after a mastectomy.  Both women wanting and needing breast augmentation will now have more choices.\n\nSientra highly cohesive breast implants are usually placed through the inframammary (under the breast), through the armpit, or through the periareolar.  While the scar usually ends up fairly well hidden, it may be obvious in some patients and is usually fairly long.  Those who opt for the “new” breast implant type may need the help of a paramedical tattooing professional who is skilled in scar camouflage after their implant surgery.