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Breast Reconstruction: Worth the Travel?

After a mastectomy, salve many women opt for surgical breast reconstruction. However, since surgery is intimidating and invasive, many alternate reconstruction methods have been developed and are now quite popular. These new techniques may be utterly necessary, as new studies show that, post-mastectomy, women often opt out of reconstructive surgery if a plastic surgeon is not located nearby.\n\n\n\nIs it worth the travel?\n\nMany women regain self-esteem extensively following surgery, so the medical community has advocated for it for quite some time. Yet a recent survey discovered that women who need to travel more than ten miles to a proper surgeon often balk at the procedure. It’s possible that merely distance may be preventing women from undergoing surgery that may radically alter their lives despite the fear a scalpel can put into many people.\n\nIs there more to this story?\n\nAbsolutely. This same survey showed that women who are privately insured opt for breast reconstructive surgery far more frequently than those enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid. Age and race play a factor too; the younger and whiter a woman is, the more likely she is to opt for the surgery, according to the survey. A less surprising, but still important, deterrent is the stage to which the cancer has progressed; those in later stages often avoided surgery.\n\nAre there alternatives?\n\nAgain, absolutely. Paramedical cosmetic tattooing boasts none of the invasive facets of surgery; furthermore, its recovery time is minimal, and the pain associated with it is little to none. The same pigment and dermal insertion techniques used in tattooing and permanent makeup can be implemented to create the illusion of a full, structured areola. Surgery is often more expensive and inaccessible to those lacking healthcare, but paramedical cosmetic tattooing is an equal opportunity procedure.\n\nThe Whitney Center is a world leader in areola reconstruction via paramedical tattooing. Our decade-plus helping women restore their areolas post-mastectomy has put us in a place of knowledge and expertise that no others can claim. Contact us today to learn how we can help bring back the self-esteem that a mastectomy can so often take away.


Many people who could benefit from paramedical tattooing, pills salve do not realize that, help in many cases, it is covered under their medical insurance plan. Paramedical tattooing is often performed to complete breast restoration after mastectomy or hide scar damage from accidents or surgery. In 1998 Congress passed the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act that forced traditional health insurance companies to cover reconstructive surgery and related services associated with breast cancer reconstruction when those services are recommended by the patient’s attending physician. Elected medical ancillary services, including paramedical tattooing to complete breast restoration after mastectomy, provided by qualified providers, such as the nationally-recognized Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics, are covered by most insurance plans.\n\nPatients with out-of-network insurance benefits that allow them to choose practitioners who are not listed network providers will find that, in most cases, out-of-network services are paid at the same percentage rate as in-network services. This gives breast cancer survivors the freedom to select a paramedical tattoo professional based not on cost but on the quality of the services provided. Too often recovering breast cancer patients are unaware of their legal rights and believe their only option is to return to the hospital to have the final step in the reconstruction of their breast performed by a physician or nurse without the practiced experience and artistic eye of a paramedical tattoo artist like the ones you’ll find here at The Whitney Center. We have the technique, skill and artistry to create a three-dimensional nipple/areola complex that looks completely natural.

3-D Tattoos Create the Illusion of Protrusion

In the carefree, ambulance sildenafil bra-burning 1960s, cialis many young women taped Band-Aids over their nipples. Going braless was a bold strike for feminism but showing your nipples was, surprising, considered inappropriately sexual!\n\nSince the ‘60s, society has become more comfortable with women’s sexuality. Today, people are not shocked by a glimpse of nipple straining against the fabric of a woman’s t-shirt. Women are no longer defined by their breasts, although our “girls” are a most obvious expression of our femininity. And the nipples that rise from the rosy centers of our areolas are the perky reminders of our female sensuality.\n\nBreast Reconstruction Without Femininity\n\nGiven the emotional connection between our breasts and our femininity, it is not surprising that women who lose a breast to cancer are so often disappointed with the results of their breast reconstruction surgery. A doughy mound of skin is a poor substitute for a natural breast with a perky nipple protruding from an attractive areola.\n\nCreating Beautiful Breasts\n\nPatient complaints have led surgeons to seek out experienced medical tattoo artists to place the finishing touches on breast reconstruction. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a recent survey called the three-dimensional nipple/areola complex created by professional medical tattoo experts “aesthetically superior.”\n\nAt the Whitney Center we have developed a medical tattooing technique that creates the appearance of a three-dimensional nipple; what we call the “illusion of protrusion.” Click here to watch a video the procedure.\n\nWhitney Center medical tattoo artists are recognized experts in permanent areola repigmentation and the creation of natural-looking three-dimensional nipples. For beautiful breasts, come to the Whitney Center of Permanent Cosmetics in New York and New Jersey.


“For many women, drugstore healing putting on their makeup is more than just a part of their morning routine; it is a symbol of their femininity, and ” Whitney Center founder Melany Whitney wrote in the September 2012 issue of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa.

\nMost of us take the role makeup plays in expressing our femininity for granted. We move through our morning makeup routine without thought, sovaldi carefully applying eyeliner and lipstick before walking out the door. “Putting on our face” makes us feel more attractive. It’s empowering, giving us a psychological boost that heightens our self-confidence. There’s something about knowing you look good that makes you feel more capable.\n\n\n\nWhen cancer or alopecia cause hair loss or an accident or surgery scar the skin, the change in appearance can make a woman feel less beautiful, less confident, less feminine, increasing her feelings of victimization. When this occurs, permanent makeup can be a vital part of the healing process. By enhancing a woman’s appearance, permanent makeup can help restore her sense of femininity and her confidence in herself.\n\nPermanent makeup offers solutions for women fighting disease or trauma, including those with Parkinson’s disease or severe arthritis who are no longer able to apply makeup. Scar camouflage can change the lives of burn or accident victims. Breast restoration can aid the recovery of breast cancer survivors. Paramedical applications of permanent makeup go to the core of a woman’s sense of self; restoring the body to restore the mind and in the process  empowering women.

Paramedical Services Restore Natural Beauty to Reconstructed Breasts

Breast cancer survivors who underwent a mastectomy used to have few options. You could wear a padded bra or struggle to with foam breast forms. Neither was very appealing or attractive. Women complained of foam \”drift\” which could result in some embarrassing moments as women furtively tried to bring the girls into alignment. We laugh now; but back then breast cancer was still a closet \”women’s problem\” that was simply not discussed.\n\nThank heavens times have changed. Today breast cancer awareness is openly discussed and its risks and treatments are widely known by both women and men. Events like National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, illness seek  Race for the Cure and a host of other educational, prostate awareness and fund raising activities keep the information flowing. Breast cancer and mastectomy are no longer embarrassing subjects. Breast cancer patients benefit from a wealth of new treatment protocols, and advances in breast reconstruction can now restore the shape of the female breast after mastectomy.\n\nBut despite all the progress we’ve made in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, the loss of a breast to cancer is still a traumatic emotional experience for most women. A reconstructed breast may have the correct shape, but it lacks the natural appearance of a woman’s original breast. Using a paramedical application of permanent makeup techniques, the Whitney Center’s experts can create a natural-looking rosy areola and the appearance of a three-dimensional nipple on reconstructed breasts. We find great pleasure in our patients’ delight at the natural and beautiful appearance of their new breasts.

Nipple And Areola Creations In Boca Raton, Florida

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be a trying time for any woman as well as her family.  As a course of treatment, sales capsule women are faced with decisions as to how their breast cancer will be treated.  Many women must make painful decisions that result in their breast or breasts being permanently scarred or disfigured.  As a result of breast cancer surgery, viagra usa some women are left with a breast that is void of the areola and nipple.  Afraid or unwilling to endure another surgical procedure, some women choose to live with this disfigurement.\n\nWomen who have undergone mastectomies or other types of breast surgery can have their areola and nipple restored without enduring painful surgery by having nipple restoration in Boca Raton, Florida.  The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics specializes in permanent paramedical breast restoration procedures.  Through our extensive experience and masterful techniques, we are able to  replicate nipples and areolas on an existing breast or create two new areola complexes that match perfectly.  Our special techniques allow us to apply micropigmentation under the skin to restore the beauty of your breast and help restore your self-confidence.\n\nView our photo gallery to see the incredible transformation of some of our nipple restoration procedures in Boca Raton, Florida and you will see the amazing results that can be achieved when you visit The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics.