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How Quickly Should You Opt for Breast Reconstruction?

A mastectomy is about as massive a physical and emotional burden as it comes. Breast reconstruction has long been on the table to counter the negative impacts of a mastectomy, generic cialis but many women are often told to delay the procedure until well after cancer treatment is fully complete. However, new research shows that immediate reconstruction is safe.\n\n\n\nHow long should you wait?\n\nThe traditional answer is that a decent amount of time should pass between a mastectomy and reconstruction. A recent study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeon rejects this notion and insists that immediate reconstruction will not interfere with ongoing cancer treatments. The ASPS survey discovered that immediate procedures neither delay nor prolong treatments.\n\nWhich breast reconstructive surgery is better?\n\nTwo types of surgery exist, and although they don’t usually compete with each other, in this shortened timeline each has its benefits. Breast implant surgery, the first kind, can be negatively impacted by ongoing radiation treatments against cancer. However, tissue flap surgery is generally a more long-term procedure that can be tough to deal with alongside cancer treatments.\n\nWho can really help me make the decision?\n\nEach woman’s exact circumstances differ, so it’s best to speak with an ASPS-certified doctor before making any decisions. If the invasive nature of surgery is in itself a turn-off, alternatives exist. Paramedical cosmetic tattooing for areola restoration  is an entirely external process that is virtually painless and often significantly cheaper than surgery.\n\nThe Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics boasts years of experience leading the field of areola reconstruction via paramedical tattooing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can restore your breasts post-mastectomy without all the interference of painful surgical techniques.

Breast Reconstruction: Worth the Travel?

After a mastectomy, salve many women opt for surgical breast reconstruction. However, since surgery is intimidating and invasive, many alternate reconstruction methods have been developed and are now quite popular. These new techniques may be utterly necessary, as new studies show that, post-mastectomy, women often opt out of reconstructive surgery if a plastic surgeon is not located nearby.\n\n\n\nIs it worth the travel?\n\nMany women regain self-esteem extensively following surgery, so the medical community has advocated for it for quite some time. Yet a recent survey discovered that women who need to travel more than ten miles to a proper surgeon often balk at the procedure. It’s possible that merely distance may be preventing women from undergoing surgery that may radically alter their lives despite the fear a scalpel can put into many people.\n\nIs there more to this story?\n\nAbsolutely. This same survey showed that women who are privately insured opt for breast reconstructive surgery far more frequently than those enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid. Age and race play a factor too; the younger and whiter a woman is, the more likely she is to opt for the surgery, according to the survey. A less surprising, but still important, deterrent is the stage to which the cancer has progressed; those in later stages often avoided surgery.\n\nAre there alternatives?\n\nAgain, absolutely. Paramedical cosmetic tattooing boasts none of the invasive facets of surgery; furthermore, its recovery time is minimal, and the pain associated with it is little to none. The same pigment and dermal insertion techniques used in tattooing and permanent makeup can be implemented to create the illusion of a full, structured areola. Surgery is often more expensive and inaccessible to those lacking healthcare, but paramedical cosmetic tattooing is an equal opportunity procedure.\n\nThe Whitney Center is a world leader in areola reconstruction via paramedical tattooing. Our decade-plus helping women restore their areolas post-mastectomy has put us in a place of knowledge and expertise that no others can claim. Contact us today to learn how we can help bring back the self-esteem that a mastectomy can so often take away.

Men Pairing Male Breast Surgery with NJ Paramedical Tattoos

\n\nAs men have gotten more vigorous about maintaining a healthy, ambulance sovaldi attractive appearance, patient cosmetic surgery procedures to eliminate \”man boobs\” have increased. Male breast reduction surgery, or gynecomastia, is one of the five most popular plastic surgery procedures for men, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Breast reduction procedures for men increased 5% between 2011 and 2012.\n\nBreast reduction surgery, particularly when performed to remove the excess skin associated with major weight loss, may not be able to preserve the breast’s areola and nipple complex. And sometimes the areola, the darker circle of skin that surrounds the nipple, can become misshapen during surgery. In addition, the areola may no longer appear to be aesthetically proportioned to the new breast size after breast reduction surgery.\n\nTo address these concerns and ensure that their chest has an attractive and completely natural appearance following male breast reduction surgery, more men are pairing plastic surgery with a New Jersey paramedical tattoo procedure at the Whitney Center. Our expert paramedical tattoo artists can enlarge or darken the areola and create a more symmetrical, more attractive chest appearance. Click here to find our about our New Jersey permanent makeup services for men and schedule your appointment today.

Cosmetic Tattooing Banishes Breast Surgery Scars

\n\nScars are an unavoidable part of the surgical process, site health but their presence after cosmetic breast surgery can detract from the pleasure you take in your new breasts. Breast augmentation, salve breast reduction and breast lifts are among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for women, but the scarring that typically accompanies these procedures can make women feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed.\n\nBreast surgery scars may be visible when you wear a low-cut dress, halter top or bikini. Even if your scars don’t limit your clothing choices, knowing that they’re there can diminish your pleasure in the results of your breast surgery and make you feel self-conscious about showing off your new breasts. Some women have such a strong emotional reaction to scarring that even minor scarring can negatively impact their body image and sex life.\n\nThe extent of scarring varies with the cosmetic procedure performed, the skill of the surgeon and your body’s propensity to form scar tissue. Scars typically fade over time, going from angry red just after surgery to white; but they never go away. NJ paramedical cosmetic tattooing can camouflage breast surgery scars so they are no longer visible.\n\nExpert NJ and NYC permanent makeup artists use a specialized cosmetic tattooing technique called micropigmentation to expertly color and blend scar tissue into surrounding skin. Clients find the results nothing short of remarkable. Don’t suffer with scarred breasts. NYC and NJ cosmetic tattooing can hide unsightly scars and restore your pride in your new breasts. Make your appointment today!

Paramedical Tattooing Can Hide Scars from Breast Lift Surgery

Gravity is the great equalizer. After a certain age, sale cialis the girls simply start to hang a little lower. No amount of exercise is going to make 40 or 50-year-old breasts look perky again, check sildenafil but breast lift surgery can get the girls pointed in the right direction again.\n\nThe only drawback is that breast-lift surgery usually leaves some minor but annoying scarring. Even if you’re happy with your plastic surgery, sick those little white scars can detract from the pleasure you take in your new figure.\n\nOur breasts are an integral part of our femininity; and while we’re realistic enough not to expect perfection, we want to feel proud and whole when we see our breasts. Surgical scars diminish the way we feel about our appearance.\n\nParamedical tattooing can camouflage plastic surgery scars from a breast lift, breast reduction, face lift, eyelid lift or other cosmetic procedure, removing any visual sign of your surgery. Because of the exacting nature of paramedical tattooing, it should only be performed by a highly experienced paramedical tattoo artist.\n\nPrecision color-mixing to exactly match the patient’s skin tone and precise pigment application to scar tissue requires advanced skills well beyond the skill level needed to perform common permanent cosmetics procedures. Melany Whitney is well known as one of the nation’s top paramedical tattooists.  Watch the video on our website to see how Melany used her paramedical expertise to help Dr. Oz change a woman’s life.

Permanent Makeup Restores Femininity for Disease and Trauma Victims

\”For many women, doctor check putting on their makeup is more than just a part of their morning routine; it is a symbol of their femininity, cialis \” Whitney Center founder Melany Whitney wrote in the September 2012 issue of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa.

\nMost of us take the role makeup plays in expressing our femininity for granted. We move through our morning makeup routine without thought, carefully applying eyeliner and lipstick before walking out the door. \”Putting on our face\” makes us feel more attractive. It’s empowering, giving us a psychological boost that heightens our self-confidence. There’s something about knowing you look good that makes you feel more capable.\n\nWhen cancer or alopecia cause hair loss or an accident or surgery scar the skin, the change in appearance can make a woman feel less beautiful, less confident, less feminine, increasing her feelings of victimization. When this occurs, permanent makeup can be a vital part of the healing process. By enhancing a woman’s appearance, permanent makeup can help restore her sense of femininity and her confidence in herself.\n\nPermanent makeup offers solutions for women fighting disease or trauma, including those with Parkinson’s disease or severe arthritis who are no longer able to apply makeup. Scar camouflage can change the lives of burn or accident victims. Breast restoration can aid the recovery of breast cancer survivors. Paramedical applications of permanent makeup go to the core of a woman’s sense of self; restoring the body to restore the mind and in the process  empowering women.