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3-D Tattoos Create the Illusion of Protrusion

In the carefree, ambulance sildenafil bra-burning 1960s, cialis many young women taped Band-Aids over their nipples. Going braless was a bold strike for feminism but showing your nipples was, surprising, considered inappropriately sexual!\n\nSince the ‘60s, society has become more comfortable with women’s sexuality. Today, people are not shocked by a glimpse of nipple straining against the fabric of a woman’s t-shirt. Women are no longer defined by their breasts, although our “girls” are a most obvious expression of our femininity. And the nipples that rise from the rosy centers of our areolas are the perky reminders of our female sensuality.\n\nBreast Reconstruction Without Femininity\n\nGiven the emotional connection between our breasts and our femininity, it is not surprising that women who lose a breast to cancer are so often disappointed with the results of their breast reconstruction surgery. A doughy mound of skin is a poor substitute for a natural breast with a perky nipple protruding from an attractive areola.\n\nCreating Beautiful Breasts\n\nPatient complaints have led surgeons to seek out experienced medical tattoo artists to place the finishing touches on breast reconstruction. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a recent survey called the three-dimensional nipple/areola complex created by professional medical tattoo experts “aesthetically superior.”\n\nAt the Whitney Center we have developed a medical tattooing technique that creates the appearance of a three-dimensional nipple; what we call the “illusion of protrusion.” Click here to watch a video the procedure.\n\nWhitney Center medical tattoo artists are recognized experts in permanent areola repigmentation and the creation of natural-looking three-dimensional nipples. For beautiful breasts, come to the Whitney Center of Permanent Cosmetics in New York and New Jersey.


When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, cialis buy store you tell yourself, “It’s just a breast. It’s not ME. I will be the same, even if I lose a breast.”\n\nBut if you do lose a breast, you discover the white lie behind those strong, brave words. There is a greater connection between your breasts and your self-image as a woman than you thought.\n\nDevastating Loss\n\nWe women refuse to be defined by our breasts. Yet when faced with losing the part of our anatomy that most obviously reveals us to be female, the feeling of lost femininity can be devastating.\n\nMany women have trouble maintaining their pre-cancer self-image when faced with the sight of ugly scar tissue where a soft, sensuous breast used to be. All too often, breast reconstruction surgery fails to restore a cancer survivor’s self-confidence in her femininity.\n\nA mound of flesh is not a breast. Realizing that a poorly reconstructed breast can deliver a lifelong blow to a woman’s self-image, top plastic surgeons have begun sending their mastectomy patients to medical tattoo experts for aesthetic completion of breast reconstruction.\n\nAmazing Recovery\n\nAt The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics in New York City and New Jersey, our medical tattoo experts have worked with top New York and nationally-known plastic surgeons for years to aid breast cancer survivors and help them feel confident about their appearance after mastectomy.\n\nOur medical tattoo artists have the long-term experience, technical expertise and exceptional artistry required to add the finishing touches to breast reconstruction — the natural-looking areola and three-dimensional nipple — that make a breast look real.\n\nClick to find out more about paramedical solutions for breast surgery recovery.\n\n- See more at: http://www.permanentmkup.com/blog/2014/09/02/dont-let-breast-cancer-ruin-your-self-image/#sthash.qHwC7ddZ.dpuf