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Many of us are pretty happy with our makeup routine, viagra canada but feel like more needs to be done. To make matters worse, we’re often not sure how to achieve what we desire. Not to fret: it turns out many common makeup supplies can be used in ways you didn’t realize, achieving your best face more easily than you knew was possible.\n\n\n\nLips\n\nTake that foundation you’re putting on your skin and use it on your lips too. A thin layer of lip foundation rounds out the lips, fills in lines and wrinkles, and gives them a rejuvenating pop. Standard lip tools are of course great too: use lip liner on all of your lips rather than just the lining to give them an even, gorgeous coloring.\n\nEyes\n\nConcealer can hide the redness that pops up at the corner of your eyes — apply it there to make sure that look you’re going for truly looks natural. Combine this with a classic smoky eye look — just line the upper lashes and smooth it out over your eyelids with a smudge brush — and all eyes (no pun intended) will be on you. Avoid the liner look by using taupe eye shadow and a small shadow brush below the eyes, dot black eyeliner at the base of your upper lash line, and now you’re really set.\n\nSkin\n\nA steaming routine can go a long way to keeping your skin looking replenished for a while. Simply boil a pot of hot water and hold a towel over both your head and the pot to trap the steam on your skin. Doing this occasionally — not everyday can really make your skin glow.\n\nAlthough these tips are bound to make your makeup routine easier, what if you could avoid a daily routine entirely and save valuable time? The Whitney Center leads the field of permanent cosmetics. Contact us today to find out how we can change your life for the better.


Properly filling your brows is truly an art. Despite this, viagra levitra it’s not a terribly difficult thing to accomplish. These few pointers will really help you perfect this skill!\n\n\n\nUp and out\n\nThe basics of brow filling are the foundation for vivid, cialis recipe eye-popping brows. Make sure to brush your brows up and out. Essentially, you simply need to follow your brows’ natural shape to achieve a natural look.\n\nShine a light\n\nIt’s tempting to use brow makeup that’s the exact shade of your brows, but this is actually a mistake. You want to go one shade lighter so your brows don’t look tacky or taped in. Once you’ve gotten the right shade, make sure to map out how and where you’re applying the makeup.\n\nEnd on a strong note\n\nDraw straight lines on when filling in your brows. Move from the front of your brow and then the peak, moving to the tail, all in straight lines. End things with a good brushing to evenly distribute everything and top it off with a clear brow gel for that beautiful, natural look you’re going after.\n\nWant beautiful eyebrows without this daily morning hassle? The Whitney Center has been the world leader in permanent makeup, including eyebrows, for over a decade. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your eyebrows beautiful forever.