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“For many women, drugstore healing putting on their makeup is more than just a part of their morning routine; it is a symbol of their femininity, and ” Whitney Center founder Melany Whitney wrote in the September 2012 issue of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa.

\nMost of us take the role makeup plays in expressing our femininity for granted. We move through our morning makeup routine without thought, sovaldi carefully applying eyeliner and lipstick before walking out the door. “Putting on our face” makes us feel more attractive. It’s empowering, giving us a psychological boost that heightens our self-confidence. There’s something about knowing you look good that makes you feel more capable.\n\n\n\nWhen cancer or alopecia cause hair loss or an accident or surgery scar the skin, the change in appearance can make a woman feel less beautiful, less confident, less feminine, increasing her feelings of victimization. When this occurs, permanent makeup can be a vital part of the healing process. By enhancing a woman’s appearance, permanent makeup can help restore her sense of femininity and her confidence in herself.\n\nPermanent makeup offers solutions for women fighting disease or trauma, including those with Parkinson’s disease or severe arthritis who are no longer able to apply makeup. Scar camouflage can change the lives of burn or accident victims. Breast restoration can aid the recovery of breast cancer survivors. Paramedical applications of permanent makeup go to the core of a woman’s sense of self; restoring the body to restore the mind and in the process  empowering women.


At the Whitney Center we frequently create permanent eyebrows for people who have lost their eyebrow hair to a medical condition or disease. While a number of diseases and medications can trigger hair loss, ailment and our medical tattoo experts most frequently help clients who have cancer, medical alopecia areata or trichotillomania:\n\n\n\n• Hair loss, including eyebrows and eyelashes, is a common side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer.\n\n• Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that attacks the hair follicles that generate hair growth.\n\n• Trichotillomania, also called trich or TTM, is an impulse control disorder that compels people to pull out their own hair.\n\nWithout eyebrows to frame and define your face, hair loss can drastically change your appearance. Many hair loss sufferers who come to the Whitney Center for permanent eyebrows say they feel unattractive and less self-confident without their brows. However, because hair may eventually grow back, our clients also want to know how their permanent eyebrows will look if their hair does return.\n\nThe answer can be summed up in a single word: beautiful. If hair grows back after chemo or disease, it may be thinner or have a different texture or color than your original hair. Because Whitney Center experts use a repigmentation technique that mimics the appearance of individual hairs, your permanent brows will blend beautifully with returning hair and provide your returning brows with the beautiful shape, depth, fullness and color you desire.

Permanent Makeup Offers Women with Cancer ‘Beauty with Benefits’

On Thursday, salve sale April 25, best viagra see QVC and CEW will present Beauty with Benefits from 9-11 p.m., view a unique shopping experience supporting women in the workplace who are struggling with cancer. Net proceeds of cosmetics and skin care purchases made during the program will benefit Cancer and Careers, an organization dedicated to empowering people with cancer to thrive in the workplace.\n\nCancer and Careers provides expert advice, career coaching, educational seminars, support groups and interactive online tools designed to help employees, employers, coworkers and healthcare providers understand the unique challenges and uncertainty faced by people who are simultaneously battling cancer and trying to build a career.\n\nOur New York City permanent makeup experts can relate to the Beauty with Benefits tagline: \”A little makeup can make a big difference.\” We understand the frustration and loss that cancer patients feel when chemotherapy robs them of their hair. Without eyebrows their face feels naked, leaving cancer patients feeling unsettled and uncomfortable with their appearance. Using our exacting hair-stroke technique, our permanent makeup artists are expert at creating beautiful, natural-looking permanent eyebrows that give the face definition. With permanent eyebrows, cancer patients feel like themselves again; they feel beautiful again.\n\nFeeling beautiful is very empowering. For women with cancer who are trying to cope with their disease while struggling to further their career, permanent makeup can be life-changing. Visit our website today to find out more about NYC permanent makeup.