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This past Sunday, decease ed we were treated to this year’s Oscars ceremony, featuring all manner of beautiful women strolling down the red carpet. At major events like this, women are often asked about what they’re wearing, but the question that many refrain from asking is, what cosmetic procedures have you undergone to look so stunning? While many people assume plastic surgery is common among Hollywood’s stars, it turns out that today, injectables and lasers are more and more frequently replacing surgery.\n\n\n\nAn injection of beatuy\n\nBotox has been around for quite a while, but the newer approach to injectables has aptly been described as \”mini-Botox.\” Several times a year, the face is injected with a substance that results in an appearance far less harsh and unrealistic looking than Botox gives. This makes the results more easily adjustable for anyone unhappy with them.\n\nLaser therapy\n\nLasers are special since they create beauty by destroying its opposite. These precise lasers can easily target and destroy wrinkles, age spots, and so forth. What’s especially effective about it is that it doesn’t interfere with skin pigment.\n\nSurgery may still be inevitable\n\nEven if you’re on a regimen of injectable and laser touch-ups, surgery may become inevitable down the line. It’s very possible that, eventually, your true age will overtake cosmetics effects in a way that only surgery – a permanent alteration – can counter. But there are other permanent ways to keep your face looking young forever.\n\nSpecifically, making permanent changes to your makeup rather than directly to your skin can keep you looking beautiful forever. The Whitney Center has led the permanent cosmetics field for over a decade and can help you achieve the beautiful look you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to find out how we can perfect your look.

Create Your Own Classic Beauty with NYC Permanent Makeup

\n\nMarilyn, generic sovaldi Liz, try Raquel, Bridget, Rita, Greta, Audrey — so familiar are their faces that we know the classic beauties of our time by their first names. But it has always been that way. Throughout history, women of legendary beauty have needed but one name to be recognized. From the assumed perfect beauty of the first woman, Eve, humankind has recognized the allure and power that attend women of exceptional beauty and revered their beauty as the most perfect expression of the female form.\n\nWomen of legendary beauty through the ages\n\nAncient scripture gave us Bath Sheba, mother of King Solomon; the beauteous Esther, Queen of Persia; and the kind-hearted Ruth. Ancient literature is populated by women whose stunning beauty is said to have changed the course of history: Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty; Helen of Troy whose beauty launched a decade-long war; Cleopatra, center of history’s most famous love triangle; and the regal Queen Nefertiti of Egypt. Even the dark Middle Ages were lit by the beauty of Eleanor of Aquitaine; Spain’s Queen Isabella, who launched Columbus’ discovery of the New World; and the long-haired Lady Godiva whose famous beauty was said to have struck men blink when she rode nude through the streets of Coventry!\n\nClassic beauties of the modern era\n\nHollywood brought classic beauty down from Olympus and onto the silver screen, making it accessible. Today, artistically applied New York permanent cosmetics make it possible for every woman to enjoy classic beauty.

Use Oscar Beauty Tips to Look Luminous at Any Big Event

You don’t have to walk the red carpet to look like a star. You can tap the same makeup tips and skin care secrets used by Hollywood stars prepping for Oscar night to look luminous at your next big event. If you want all eyes to be on you at your next board room presentation, prescription viagra sale charity banquet or major social event, ailment look adopt the following Oscar-worthy beauty tips:\n

  • Stay hydrated. As much as 60% of the human body (70% of the brain) is water which makes it vitally important to continually replace lost water volume. Keeping the body well-hydrated plumps the skin and makes it look more luminous. Regular tap water will do the trick, but ZICO Pure Premium coconut water is the current rage in Hollywood. ZICO contains electrolytes and non-acidic potassium which may help keep stomach butterflies under control before big events.
  • \n

  • Boost metabolism. Starting a couple of weeks before a major event, eat 5 to 6 small meals a day instead of the usual 3. To rev up your metabolism, concentrate food choices on lean proteins, whole grain carbohydrates and a small dose of healthy fats. Increasing your consumption of antioxidant-rich dark-colored fruits and vegetables will help make skin look more luminous.
  • \n

\nVisit our website to find out how permanent makeup can enhance your beauty and make you look red-carpet ready every day!

Permanent Eye Makeup Wakes Up Your Face

When the women of The Talk went sans makeup (see our September 13 post), ed stuff the lack of eye makeup made the most startling difference in their appearance. Without penciled brows and lined and mascaraed eyes, prescription these vibrant and beautiful women looked tired, washed out, and noticeably older.\n\nOur eyebrows create a frame that focuses attention on our face; but without makeup, the women’s eyebrows were barely evident; the lack of definition giving their faces a somewhat blank look. Sharon Osbourne’s dark brows were the noticeable exception. The contrast between Sharon’s dark brows and the pale brows of the other women was so noticeable that Julie Chen called her out during the with-and-without-makeup photo comparison, asking if Sharon had cheated a bit and penciled in her brows before the show. A little embarrassed, Sharon said \”no\” but did reveal that she dyes her brows and lashes.\n\nAlso interesting was the fact that without makeup Julie Chen’s eyes were remarkably less noticeable than those of her co-hosts. Asian eyes have a unique exotic contour and display less lid which decreases their facial prominence. Greater makeup enhancement is required to give Asian eyes the definition they need to stand out.\n\nPermanent eyebrows and permanent eye liner wake up your face by calling attention to your eyes, even when you’re not wearing makeup. Asian eyes require the special touch of an Asian eye expert to create the beautiful, natural-looking permanent eyebrows and permanent eye liner that add stunning dimension to your face and eyes.

‘The Talk’ Goes Makeup Free but Should You?

Chanting \”makeup free for season 3, advice see \” the stars of The Talk on CBS were au naturale when they came onstage for the show’s Monday premier (click here to watch the September 10, 2012 episode of The Talk). Swathed in Turkish towels, hosts Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen, Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood and Aisha Tyler greeted an also makeup-free audience with a lot of bravado and not a little embarrassment. While the women agreed that it was \”freeing\” to appear in nothing but their own skin, don’t expect to see them again without their makeup, false eyelashes and hair extensions. They clearly preferred the way they looked with makeup.\n\nInterestingly, the idea to go makeup-free came from the woman who admitted to being the least comfortable with her natural appearance. Sara, who is a makeup minimalist and the show’s executive producer, confessed to Huffpost Celebrity:\n

\”It’s the kind of idea that sounds good way in advance, and then the reality sets in that you actually don’t look that good without makeup on.\”

\nThe with-and-without makeup photos that led the segment pointed out the dramatic difference eye makeup, lipstick and blush can make in a woman’s appearance, even on attractive women. Without makeup, the women looked drab. The difference in the eyes was quite noticeable. Without the definition of dark eyebrows and eyeliner, their eyes seemed to recede, giving the women a tired, older appearance.\n\nVisit our website to find out how you can go makeup-free and still look fabulous with permanent makeup!

Stars Are Aligned to Stand Up to Cancer

In its third biennial Stand Up to Cancer benefit promises to be another star-studded event. Emceed by co-founder Katie Couric, cialis canada treat who lost her husband Jay to colorectal cancer in 1998, viagra sale pharmacy the September 7, help 2012 telethon will feature a glittering lineup of A-list stars, many of whom, like Katie, have had first-hand experience with cancer. The benefit will air on multiple channels, including CBS, NBC, FOX and TBS.\n\nProduced by Gwyneth Paltrow, who lost her father Bruce to cancer in 2002, the telethon has proven successful in raising cancer awareness and soliciting viewer donations to support cancer research, raising $180 million for cancer research in its first two telecasts in 2008 and 2010.\n\nMichael Douglas, a recent cancer survivor, will join Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Jessica Biel, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner, Seth Rogen, Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Alicia Keys, Cold Play, Tim McGraw and a host of other popular stars on stage to share their own stories and those of family members and friends who have battled cancer. Few of us have not been touched by cancer in some way, including the SU2C crew. Laura Ziskin, executive producer of the first two benefits, died of breast cancer last June.\n\nWith early detection, the prognosis is often good for breast cancer patients, but many survivors struggle to regain their sense of femininity after a mastectomy. Melany’s permanent areola repigmentation and nipple restoration procedure imparts natural beauty to surgically-restored breasts, helping breast cancer patients to heal inside as well as outside.