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What Makes American Idol’s Steven Tyler Look So Young?

Want to know what makes Steven Tyler look so young? Ask his cosmetologist. The Aerosmith frontman and popular American Idol judge is upfront about his use of makeup to maintain his youthful good looks. Tyler, cialis buy shop who will celebrate his 63rd birthday on March 26, was recently seen at a Los Angeles spa indulging in a rejuvenating facial and full makeup application. He also reportedly received permanent eyelash extensions.\n\nRock stars and metrosexuals aren’t the only ones tuning into the benefits of makeup for men, euphemistically referred to as \”skin care products\” to protect the male machismo. A decade ago, men spent just under $41 million on grooming products. By last year that figure had jumped to $217. In the first two quarters of 2010, sales of L’Oreal’s men’s skin care products increased by 30%. Over the past three years, devotees of Menaji male grooming products, like country star Tim McGraw, have boosted sales of the macho skin care line by 70%. \n\nMen who value discretion are discovering the benefits of permanent cosmetics for men. Unlike regular makeup that can wear off or leave embarrassing telltale smears on shirt collars, permanent makeup pigments are tattooed directly into the skin where they become an indelible and indistinguishable part of your natural appearance. When you wear permanent makeup for men, no one knows your secret; they just know you look great!

Red Red Lips Dominate Oscar Night

\n\nNaturally, viagra sales medicine the gowns were gorgeous, viagra canada sovaldi but what really stood out at Sunday’s Academy Awards telecast were the lush red lips many stars wore almost as an accessory. Best Actress winner Sandra Bullock gleamed almost as brightly as her Oscar statue in a stunning, form-fitting silver Marchesa gown with a beautifully embroidered bodice. With just a touch of jewelry at her ears and wrist, it was Sandra’s bright red lips that stole the show. Vera Farmiga matched her stunning lip color to the brilliant magenta silk crepe pleats that cascaded in lush curves down her strapless Marchesa column gown. Charlize Theron garnered a lot of attention with a unique deep amethyst Dior gown that featured hug pink satin rosettes placed directly over her breasts. Her beautiful deep red lip color did bring attention back to her face, but only briefly.\n\nDeep, bright red lip color calls attention to your face and is the hot new look for spring and summer. Unfortunately, deep lip shades can be out of place in the workplace. Women who wear permanent makeup can enjoy the best of both worlds. They can have their lips colored the perfect shade of neutral pink or beige to match their skin tone for everyday wear and enhance their lips with a deeper shade of lip color for evening affairs. Permanent lip color doesn’t exclude you from wearing lipstick when you feel like a change. Simply apply lipstick or gloss directly over your permanent lip color.

Golden Globes Herald Return of Natural Makeup

The dress took center stage at the Golden Globe Awards last weekend. Fabulous body-hugging sheaths bedecked with ruffled trains and cotton candy poufs of chiffon sent the message: Feminine is back! Pink and red were the hot red carpet colors this year with dreamy, clinic cialis creamy lips to match highlighted with a wisp of shine. The vampire craze may have waned. Smudged Twilight eyes were left to smolder in the shadows while stars paraded a return to a more traditional eye makeup style into the spotlight. Eyes were lined with black, salve highlighted with well blended natural shadow colors — beiges, pale roses and grays — and shellacked with glistening coats of mascara. (This is Hollywood, after all. Unless you’re strutting the red carpet, you’ll want to dial back the mascara to a few swipes.)\n\nAlso noticeable was the absence of flashy, gem-studded jewelry. In deference to the economic situation, stars choose elegant earrings and a jangle of bracelets instead of flaunting a neckline full of diamonds. Why annoy cash-strapped fans? Obviously, this year actresses put their money in the dress.\n\nThe emphasis on natural makeup was welcome. The stars looked gorgeous but somehow more approachable. That’s the goal of permanent cosmetics, to enhance your natural beauty, emphasize your best features and \”repair\” any annoying little flaws. Hollywood actresses do it with professional makeup artists and hours in the makeup chair. Permanent cosmetics can give you the same beautifully finished appearance without all the fuss and bother.

Taylor and Carrie’s Natural Looks Shine at CMA Awards

Did you see Taylor Swift’s grand slam at the CMA awards last night? Barely 19 and she wins Entertainer of the Year, generic viagra ed the youngest country music star to do so. Taylor also took home Female Vocalist of the Year, discount viagra Music Video of the Year for Love Story and Album of the Year with Fearless. Absolutely gorgeous and adoringly humble, Taylor called her whole band up on stage with her.\n\nDid you notice how natural and understated Taylor’s makeup was? It enhanced her beauty without detracting by overemphasizing a single feature. And what about Carrie Underwood’s barely there lip color. It focused attention on her beautiful eyes and those unbelievably hot sequined hot pants! Leann Rimes should have spent less time in front of the makeup mirror. Her eyes were a horror queen disaster. Adding dark shadow under the brows to smudged smoky eyes made her face unattractively top heavy. For smoky eyes stick with natural, light shadows. And what about country diva Naomi Judd? Her stretched and shiny face was shades lighter than the rest of her skin. Too much plastic surgery or a poor makeup job? Maybe both. Check out makeup and gowns from country’s biggest night on Socialite Life.\n\nNatural-looking makeup that balances your face and enhances your personal beauty requires an expert touch. Permanent cosmetic expert Melany Whitney combines artistic talent with expert technique to create permanent makeup that is permanently beautiful and natural looking.

Look Picture Perfect 24/7 With Permanent Cosmetics

When you’re standing in the checkout line at the grocery, cialis viagra sale who doesn’t love to sneak a peek at the less than glamorous pics of Hollywood’s elite on the pages of Star or the Globe? It’s fun to catch the rich and famous with their hair down and their makeup off; kind of levels the field. One celeb the paparazzi will never catch in a less than photog-ready moment is singer-songwriter and business mogul Dolly Parton. Despite the admonishments of cosmeticians to strip off your makeup at night to give your pores a rest, discount viagra the Nashville legend with the giggly laugh goes to bed with her makeup intact, particularly when she’s visiting LA or NYC where her Tony Award-nominated Broadway show 9 to 5: The Musical will close on Labor Day.\n

Dolly isn’t about to let the paparazzi catch her in a Nick Nolte moment. \”I think I’m not going to wash my face until morning, and then I’ll clean it off and I’ll put it on in case I have to get up in the middle of the night,\” she told CNN. \”If I go out in public, people expect me to look a certain way. And if you say, ‘There’s Dolly’ … you expect to see them in the way that … you know them.\”

\nWhat Dolly needs is permanent makeup. With natural-looking permanent eyeliner and permanent lip color, you look picture perfect day and night.

Achieving Angelina Jolie-Like Lips!

Angelina Jolie and her perfectly-plump lips have women everywhere longing to have ones just like hers. A permanent cosmetic professional can help you determine the perfect permanent lip liner look for your face. Saving yourself time and money for the future, viagra sale patient permanent makeup for your lips is a means of emphasizing your lips to look perfect every day with no effort. The permanent lip liner procedure also helps to minimize the look of wrinkles and give lips a finished lips, no matter the time of day.\n\nChoosing the type of look you are going for is simple. A professional cosmetic technician will discuss your options of natural or a more dramatic look. This decision is determined by your personal style, and your daily work environment. If however, you are undecided on the permanent lip liner procedure, here are a few tips of achieving the Angelina lips you desire:\n

  • Prep with a lip plumper on your lips. This lip product moistens the lips and gives a bee stung look. One particular lip gloss is Lip Venom.
  • \n

  • Next, line your lips with a brown lip liner (whether nude or a darker shade of brown). It’s important to match your skin tone as closely as possible for a natural look.
  • \n

  • Apply a matte lipstick that nearly matches the shade of your lip.
  • \n

\nAs you can see, achieving a natural, yet full lip-lined look is simple. Your lips will look like Angelina Jolie’s in no time!