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Chin Implants Outpace Breast Implants in Growth and Demand

Industry insiders are calling the latest trend in plastic surgery the “chinplant, cheap cialis ” more properly known as the chin implant.  Some surprising statistics have recently shown that chin implants are the hottest thing in the world of beauty right now and, sickness some say, becoming even more popular than breast implants.\n\nAccording to a recent Forbes report, surgical procedures that enhance the chin increased 71 percent between 2010 and 2011.  This means that chin implants outpaced breast augmentations, liposuction, and botox combined when it comes to growth, and the increase equally represents both sexes.  Both men and women are turning to chin implants to enhance their look and to decrease the look of an undefined or “weak” chin.  People over 40, who represent the majority of chin implant recipients often report that they get the implants in an effort to eliminate the look of sagging undefined skin on the chin.\n\nTo insert a chin implant, a sugeon cuts a small incision below the chin to place the rubber like implant.  There may be some scarring around the area under the chin towards the top of the neck after the surgery, particularly hypopigmented scarring.  This can can be camouflaged by a Boca Raton paramedical tattooing professional or scar camouflage expert like Melany Whitney.