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This past Sunday, decease ed we were treated to this year’s Oscars ceremony, featuring all manner of beautiful women strolling down the red carpet. At major events like this, women are often asked about what they’re wearing, but the question that many refrain from asking is, what cosmetic procedures have you undergone to look so stunning? While many people assume plastic surgery is common among Hollywood’s stars, it turns out that today, injectables and lasers are more and more frequently replacing surgery.\n\n\n\nAn injection of beatuy\n\nBotox has been around for quite a while, but the newer approach to injectables has aptly been described as \”mini-Botox.\” Several times a year, the face is injected with a substance that results in an appearance far less harsh and unrealistic looking than Botox gives. This makes the results more easily adjustable for anyone unhappy with them.\n\nLaser therapy\n\nLasers are special since they create beauty by destroying its opposite. These precise lasers can easily target and destroy wrinkles, age spots, and so forth. What’s especially effective about it is that it doesn’t interfere with skin pigment.\n\nSurgery may still be inevitable\n\nEven if you’re on a regimen of injectable and laser touch-ups, surgery may become inevitable down the line. It’s very possible that, eventually, your true age will overtake cosmetics effects in a way that only surgery – a permanent alteration – can counter. But there are other permanent ways to keep your face looking young forever.\n\nSpecifically, making permanent changes to your makeup rather than directly to your skin can keep you looking beautiful forever. The Whitney Center has led the permanent cosmetics field for over a decade and can help you achieve the beautiful look you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to find out how we can perfect your look.

The Pros and Cons of Silicone Breast Implants

One of the biggest decisions someone undergoing breast surgery will need to make is which breast implant type to choose.  There are currently two types of breast implant material types available in the United States – saline and silicone.  Silicone implants are filled with liquid silicone gel, stuff viagra which has the consistency of molasses, viagra while saline implants are filled with sterile saltwater.  It is important to note that both silicone and saline implants have a silicone outer shell or casing.\n\nBoth silicone and saline implants each have their pros and cons.  The aesthetic properties are the most well known advantages of silicone implants.  By most accounts, they look and feel so soft and natural that they are sometimes difficult to distinguish from real breasts.  In addition, silicone implants have a slightly lower rate of rippling and wrinkling.  The risk of downward displacement is lower due to gravity is lower.\n\nSome disadvantages of silicone implants include higher costs than saline implants and necessarily longer incision sites that cause longer scars.  Since silicone implants are prefilled by the manufacturer, incisions must be long enough to fit entire filled implants through.\n\nAlthough silicone implants may look more natural, particular in thin women with modest breast tissue, remember that scar camouflage and even areola repigmentation may be necessary after breast surgery with silicone implants.\n\n 

Permanent Makeup Can Eliminate ‘Country Club’ Ear Scar

People call it the \”Country Club\” ear scar; those pale white scars visible in front of, purchase purchase under and behind the ears that shout, \”I’VE HAD PLASTIC SURGERY!\” Ear scars are particularly noticeable at country clubs and tennis clubs where women put their hair up into ponytails before hitting the courts or laying around the pool. People who have facelifts certainly don’t want to shout it to the world, yet those telltale ear scars are a dead giveaway. Some embarrassed women stop wearing ponytails on the tennis courts or updos when they attend elegant social affairs.\n\nEar scarring occurs when plastic surgeons stretch facial skin toward the ears to make it taut, suturing it into place. While the fastest, most common facelift technique, it leaves obvious scarring around the ear. New plastic surgery facelift techniques repair facial muscles instead of stretching the skin. Not only does muscle repair result in a longer-lasting more effective facelift, it doesn’t leave ear scars; instead, incisions are made under the chin where they won’t be visible after recovery. \n\nFortunately, there is a cure for embarrassing \”Country Club\” ear scars. Paramedical tattooing performed by an expert permanent makeup artist can camouflage unsightly ear scars caused by plastic surgery. Using micropigmentation techniques, permanent makeup artists can color scar tissue so that it blends perfectly with surrounding facial skin tones, effectively making scars \”disappear.\” With permanent makeup, women and men who have had facelifts can enjoy their new-found youthful good looks with confidence.