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Afraid of Botox? Here’s How to Prevent Wrinkles

The idea of taking a needle to your skin tends to be pretty unsettling. When combined with the various rumors about Botox that have floated around the medical and cosmetic communities for ages, store this wrinkle prevention method can sound pretty unappealing. No need to inject anything: fighting wrinkles is as easy as a trip to the makeup aisle.\n\nIs \”preventative Botox\” the solution?\n\nNo. ¬†Preventative Botox is simply a term for getting the injection earlier in your life to avoid wrinkles emerging later. It’s no different than injecting it later in life, ask when wrinkles have naturally formed. ¬†Sometimes, this even has the negative effect of making you look like an artificial, robotic version of yourself.\n\nHow do I do it myself?\n\nIt’s all about understanding what Botox is: a muscle paralyzer, rather than a chemical that interacts directly with skin. This is where moisturizer comes in. \”Preventative moisturizing\” is becoming increasingly more popular among Botox candidates, since all it requires is applying serum, oil, or moisturizer — whichever you’re using at the time — to any lines you notice forming.\n\nIt gets even more natural\n\nMoisturizers tend to be rife with natural ingredients since they sit directly on the skin. It’s important to remember that things as simple as maintaining a vitamin- and mineral-rich diet and lifestyle can counteract wrinkles far in advance. In particular, sun exposure can provide you vital vitamins for skin care — just don’t forget your sunblock!\n\nWhat better way to complement great skin than with a great makeup routine? The Whitney Center‘s permanent cosmetic solutions ensure your makeup will consistently look amazing without constant application. Contact us today to learn how we can take your skin from a 9 to a 10.


Sleeping on your side and wrinkles – have you heard the myth? Some say the first leads to the second. But this notion was recently dispelled.\n\n\n\nIt’s not true\n\nStudies on this issue showed no correlation between sleeping on your side and wrinkles coming in. In fact, cialis sale for sale it turns out many study participants who thought there was a relationship between the two just didn’t use enough sunblock over time, resulting in quicker skin degradation. But don’t mistake this for needing to wear sunblock in your sleep!\n\nWhere else do these wrinkles come from?\n\nIf anything, sleeping on your side helps prevent wrinkles, simply because sleeping in any position does this. Lack of sleep is frequently correlated to aging, which is, of course, the main factor that wrinkles skin. And no, the small indentations you might get from sleeping in a weird position aren’t related to actual wrinkles – luckily, these are two separate issues.\n\nWhat else can you do to prevent wrinkles?\n\nWrinkles will happen to everyone eventually, but a healthy diet can delay their onset. Applying a thin layer of sunblock whenever you expose yourself to the sun is key too. Really, though, sleep may be the best way to avoid wrinkles, and it comes naturally.\n\nWith permanent cosmetics, you’ll look great no matter how you sleep. The Whitney Center has over a decade of experience providing clients with long-lasting makeup that eliminates the daily routine and constantly looks fresh. Contact us today to find out how we can make you permanently beautiful.


\n\nWe’ve said it before, medical patient and we’ll say it again: great skin is the foundation to an excellent beauty routine. Even the best makeup isn’t fully effective unless it’s on or near the best skin you can possibly present. If you’re struggling to keep your skin healthy and beautiful, sales there may be things you can do to help without the aid of any makeup or skin products. Specifically, you are what you eat, and so is your skin.\n\nSugary skin\n\nIt sounds like a good thing, right? Not quite. Extra sugar – and this can be sugar from ice cream or things seemingly more innocuous, like simple carbs in the average slice of bread – stiffens skin in a way that leads to wrinkles. If you do need a good dosage of sugar, try fruit, since the sugars are more complex and often accompany skin-healthy antioxidants.\n\nSea skin\n\nFish live in water, so it shouldn’t be terribly surprising that eating them can keep your skin moist. The omega-3 fatty acids present in fish are responsible for this, and they also work against the breakdown of skin cells. If fish aren’t quite your thing, try walnuts as a nuttier alternative.\n\nMediterranean skin\n\nIf you’re thinking of gorgeous, tan skin right now, your mind is in the right place, but no one is suggesting that you move to Europe and lie on the beach all day long. In fact, this tip is actually directly tied in to the previous fish fact; the Mediterranean diet leans away from simple carbs, dairy products, and meats in favor of fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, fiber-heavy foods, and especially olive oil. The Mediterranean diet preserves the part of your chromosomes that age your skin, so adhering to it will prevent this nicely.\n\nAfter you’ve achieved excellent skin, you can even more deeply customize and enhance your beauty with the art of permanent cosmetics. The Whitney Center is the world leader in this field. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.