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Afraid of Botox? Here’s How to Prevent Wrinkles

The idea of taking a needle to your skin tends to be pretty unsettling. When combined with the various rumors about Botox that have floated around the medical and cosmetic communities for ages, store this wrinkle prevention method can sound pretty unappealing. No need to inject anything: fighting wrinkles is as easy as a trip to the makeup aisle.\n\nIs \”preventative Botox\” the solution?\n\nNo.  Preventative Botox is simply a term for getting the injection earlier in your life to avoid wrinkles emerging later. It’s no different than injecting it later in life, ask when wrinkles have naturally formed.  Sometimes, this even has the negative effect of making you look like an artificial, robotic version of yourself.\n\nHow do I do it myself?\n\nIt’s all about understanding what Botox is: a muscle paralyzer, rather than a chemical that interacts directly with skin. This is where moisturizer comes in. \”Preventative moisturizing\” is becoming increasingly more popular among Botox candidates, since all it requires is applying serum, oil, or moisturizer — whichever you’re using at the time — to any lines you notice forming.\n\nIt gets even more natural\n\nMoisturizers tend to be rife with natural ingredients since they sit directly on the skin. It’s important to remember that things as simple as maintaining a vitamin- and mineral-rich diet and lifestyle can counteract wrinkles far in advance. In particular, sun exposure can provide you vital vitamins for skin care — just don’t forget your sunblock!\n\nWhat better way to complement great skin than with a great makeup routine? The Whitney Center‘s permanent cosmetic solutions ensure your makeup will consistently look amazing without constant application. Contact us today to learn how we can take your skin from a 9 to a 10.


In our next few posts, viagra rx we’ll be detailing simple solutions to problems that cosmetics tends to consider gigantic. In this post, sick we’ll look at easy ways to deal with dry skin. Read ahead for three approaches to keeping your skin moist!\n\n\n\n#1: Keep it classic.\n\nYour first thought upon discovering this article might be, \”isn’t moisturizer the obvious solution!\” Well yes, it is! Specifically, though, using a facial moisturizer with glycerin and occlusives on any dry skin – not just the face – is an easy tradition to keep up with.\n\n#2: Daily face wash.\n\nIf constant moisturizing feels like too much, find yourself a face wash cream. Specifically, you want something with glycerin, shea butter, or oatmeal listed as one of the first five ingredients. Although this method won’t work as well as consistent moisturizing, it takes less time.\n\n#3: The magic pill.\n\nYou are what you eat, you know. So why not feed yourself the right nutrients to keep your skin moist? A daily 1000-mg flaxseed oil pill does just this.\n\nGreat skin is the first step towards an excellent makeup routine. The Whitney Center can dramatically cut the time your makeup routine takes each day, sometimes eliminating it entirely! Contact us today to learn how we can bless your life with permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips!