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Have You Been Applying Your Makeup Wrong This Whole Time?

It’s surprisingly easy to mess up a makeup routine, sildenafil even if the mistakes aren’t visible. Small things may seem just that — small — but can actually be quite significant, illness and it’s these parts that we often overlook. What might you be doing regularly that you should avoid?\n\nMinor eye mistakes\n\nDon’t buy in to common lore: applying concealer under your whole eye is a no-no. When you look in the mirror to apply, tilt your head down instead to see where shadows fall, and apply there instead. Then there’s eye shadow: not applying primer before putting on eye shadow dims the shadow and makes it fade more quickly.\n\nThe whole face\n\nNever use dry sponges, no matter what you hear! Stop sweeping your blush across your face and apply it in circles instead. Only apply bronzer at the periphery of your face, from the temples down to the jaw.\n\nMore obscure things\n\nConcealer should actually come after foundation rather than before it. Any SPF-containing makeup should be avoided like the plague when taking photos, since it can make you look pale in the reflected light. It’s amazing how many little things can make a huge difference!\n\nAlready stressing about all the tiny things that can mess up a makeup routine? Permanent cosmetics might be the solution for you. The Whitney Center is a leader and innovator in permanent eye and lip solutions. Never buy makeup again and shorten your daily routine! Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

NYFW’s Makeup Trends: Eye Gloss

New York Fashion Week wrapped up just about a week ago now. There’s no fashion without makeup, healing and this year’s NYFW brought a new makeup product to attention. Eye gloss was everywhere, but you might not have heard about it, and you certainly wouldn’t have even heard of it before last week.\n\n\n\nWhat is it?\n\nIf the word \”gloss\” instantly brings lips to mind, then you’re probably (understandably) a bit repulsed at the idea of eye gloss. It’s not what you think it is, though: it shines without feeling sticky, gross, or oily, and simply goes over the eyelids in an easy layer.\n\nHow do you use it?\n\nEye gloss is versatile. Try a thin layer of clear gloss on your untouched eyelids for simple beauty.  A more subversively beautiful touch might be to coat black eye shadow with orange gloss; this makes the black appear more relaxed, a natural complement to the skin color. Clear gloss over black or brown eyeliner achieves a similar effect.\n\nWhere can I find it?\n\nAt the moment, not that many places. Some leading brands will sell eye gloss in higher quantities next year in stores. Until then, it might be easier to find online.\n\nWhy scour the world for a new makeup product fad when you can wake up with your ideal face every day? The Whitney Center is a global innovator in the field of permanent cosmetics. We offer eyebrow and eyeliner tattoos that last at least five years before needing thorough touch-ups. Contact us today to make the best long-term investment in your beauty that you can.

Makeup to Make You Look Younger

Of course, no rx makeup exists to make your face look as beautiful as possible. Another way to look beautiful is to appear young. But what if, viagra buy in your attempts to look beautiful, you could make yourself look significantly younger? Well, you can, and here’s how.\n\nUse liquid where possible\n\nThe first step in any makeup routine is to apply moisturizer, as you likely well know. Keep things moist by using liquid concealer, opting for a damp sponge when applying foundation, avoiding tinted face powder, and choosing products that don’t require a brush to apply as frequently as possible. Since liquid sinks into your skin more easily than solids and powders do, it brings out the skin’s naturally bright and vivid shades better than solids.\n\nMake your cheekbones stand out\n\nIf you’re using a blush, you can apply it along the peaks of your cheekbones for a refreshingly young look. Find a highlighter that matches your skin and apply a small amount to your cheekbones, but not your brow bones. You’ll be amazed how strongly cheekbones hold the key to a youthful face.\n\nTake care of your eyes\n\nAside from cheekbones, eyes are the real center of youth. A light brow pencil combined with a brown eyeliner and eye shadow base does wonders in this regard. To top it off, explore the much overlooked technique of lash curling and emphasize them with a lengthening mascara. When you look in the mirror after all this, you might just forget your age.\n\nThe Whitney Center offers permanent solutions to youthful eyes. Contact us today to learn why we’ve spent nearly 20 years dominating the world of permanent eyebrows and eyeliner.


With the variety of eye shadow colors available, buy cialis medical it’s easy to get creative. But going too crazy in this area can actually make your makeup look messier. It’s simpler just to rely on a traditional brown shade, but there are more pointers to be heard on this front.\n\n\n\nBrush that brown\n\nThe brush you use can determine whether your brown eye shadow will be striking or subtle. Using a brush with more fluff and volume results in a less dramatic coloring, whereas a thicker, flatter brush results in a hefty, layered look. Depending on what you’re hoping to achieve, either look can be beautiful.\n\nDon’t stray far from brown\n\nBrown shades are plentiful – there are those faintly brown shades that barely qualify as brown, and then there are those incredibly dark brown shades that are virtually black. You want to avoid these extremes when possible in favor of a more neutral, traditional brown. It’s a natural color that works well as a balance against other makeup shades, but also succeeds when used on its own.\n\nDon’t forget your face\n\nWhen we talk about \”natural\” brown shades, the word \”natural\” really depends on your hair and eye color. For example, a warmer shade of brown should complement warmer skin tones, just as a cooler shade of brown should complement cooler skin tones. Either way, it’s tough to go wrong with a mid-level brown that avoids the lightness of orange or the darkness of black.\n\nWith permanent cosmetics, you never have to worry about whether your shading is correct. Although The Whitney Center doesn’t perform permanent eye shadow procedures, we’ve led the field of permanent eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing for a decade and a half. We can make your eyes pop more strongly than you ever realized was possible – contact us now to find out how.


Eye shadow is great, ask tadalafil but have you ever felt that maybe you’d like there to be more colors of it? Fret no more. Although there have been plenty of ways to make eye shadow color work in your favor, for sale Urban Decay is changing the game entirely.\n\n\n\nTwenty colors in one\n\nThis article’s headline isn’t lying. One of their newest products, the Vice4 eyeshadow palette, offers you twenty vivid colors that vary from dark, traditional hues to newer novelties. The two-sided brush that accompanies it gives you many ways to mix and match for the look you best desire.\n\nThe inspiration\n\nA new product like this one often comes from a place of extreme creativity. It turns out that this palette is based on the 20 colors that comprise an oil slick. It’s a clear case of nature inspiring beauty.\n\nThings may vary\n\nOne thing about having all these eye shadow options available to you is that mixing and matching isn’t always a recipe. Some days, you might put more of one shade than another; in other words, it can be difficult to perfect. For anyone looking to settle for the long term on how eye shadow enhances the face, permanent cosmetics may prove a better, more stable investment.\n\nInterested in unlocking the maximum potential that eye shadow might have for your face? The Whitney Center is renowned for its role as a leader in developing permanent cosmetic solutions for clients’ eyes. We provide the definition with permanent eyeliner, allowing you to further enhance your eyes with topical shadow. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

NYC Permanent Makup Tips: The History of Eyeshadow

\n\nFor years, case clinic eye shadow has made its appearance as an eye enhancing makeup. Going back in time, buy cialis rx ancient Egyptians used kohl. Just look at drawings and sculptures of some of the prominent Egyptians of that time, unhealthy both men and women, to see their detailed eye makeup.\n\nThe Egyptians used kohl to beautify their eyes and to make them look more like their gods. It was also used in religious ceremonies and for medicinal purposes.\n\nAnother ancient society that used eyeshadow was the residents of Mesopotamia. Thousands of years ago semi-precious stones were ground into a fine dust that sparkled. Women applied the sparkling dust on their eyes and lips.\n\nGreece and Rome had eyeshadow products brought in from India and Babylon. They were expensive and used only by the upper-class who could afford such a luxury. The Romans eventually created eyeshadow using a variety of crushed minerals, herbs, crystallized dyes and dried flowers.\n\nThe emergence of eyeshadow in the US started in the 20th century. From fashion models to movie stars, full face makeup, including eyeshadow, became a favorite part of creating a theme or character.\n\nToday, eyeshadow is used by millions from bold colors to make a statement to subtle pastels to enhance a natural look. Many have chosen permanent makeup as an option whether due to a medical issue or a personal choice.\n\nFor patients dealing with medical issues such as trichotillomania, medical tattooing is an option. At The Whitney Center, staff can provide the type of NYC makeup tips to suit your individual needs.\n\nContact our office for more information about permanent makeup options and see our blog for more NYC makeup tips.