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This past Sunday, decease ed we were treated to this year’s Oscars ceremony, featuring all manner of beautiful women strolling down the red carpet. At major events like this, women are often asked about what they’re wearing, but the question that many refrain from asking is, what cosmetic procedures have you undergone to look so stunning? While many people assume plastic surgery is common among Hollywood’s stars, it turns out that today, injectables and lasers are more and more frequently replacing surgery.\n\n\n\nAn injection of beatuy\n\nBotox has been around for quite a while, but the newer approach to injectables has aptly been described as \”mini-Botox.\” Several times a year, the face is injected with a substance that results in an appearance far less harsh and unrealistic looking than Botox gives. This makes the results more easily adjustable for anyone unhappy with them.\n\nLaser therapy\n\nLasers are special since they create beauty by destroying its opposite. These precise lasers can easily target and destroy wrinkles, age spots, and so forth. What’s especially effective about it is that it doesn’t interfere with skin pigment.\n\nSurgery may still be inevitable\n\nEven if you’re on a regimen of injectable and laser touch-ups, surgery may become inevitable down the line. It’s very possible that, eventually, your true age will overtake cosmetics effects in a way that only surgery – a permanent alteration – can counter. But there are other permanent ways to keep your face looking young forever.\n\nSpecifically, making permanent changes to your makeup rather than directly to your skin can keep you looking beautiful forever. The Whitney Center has led the permanent cosmetics field for over a decade and can help you achieve the beautiful look you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to find out how we can perfect your look.

Permanent Makeup Camouflages Face Lift Scars

People choose to undergo plastic surgery to look younger and feel more beautiful. And much of the time people get the look they’re hoping for. But as your doctor will warn you, online here scarring can and often does occur. Even the most expertly performed face-lift surgery can leave visible scars.¬†Though usually small, pharm healing these scars are right where you don’t want them, help where everyone can see them. Men who seek a more youthful appearance with hair transplants often find the scars left at harvesting and transplant sites to be as unsightly as the baldness they seek to cover. Let’s face it, evidence of plastic surgery is embarrassing, not beautiful.\n\nPermanent makeup uses paramedical cosmetic tattooing to camouflage plastic surgery scars. People see the youthful, new you; not the embarrassing scars left by surgery. Prominent plastic surgeons regularly recommend paramedical cosmetic tattoo expert Melany Whitney to their patients. Highly trained and Board certified, Melany is a nationally-recognized expert in the fields of permanent makeup and paramedical cosmetic tattooing. By expertly implanting pigments within the skin layers, Melany is able make scars seem to disappear and correct embarrassing imperfections. Permanent makeup provides a beautifying finishing touch to surgical procedures.\n\nMelany’s years of experience as a practitioner and trainer of advanced micropigmentation techniques combined with her talented natural artistry allow her to achieve the successful results you desire. Many clients schedule permanent makeup sessions with Melany when they schedule their plastic surgery. As one of Melany’s recent clients said, \”A face-lift made me look younger, but permanent makeup made me feel pretty again.\”