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Permanent Makeup Adds Missing Beauty Quotient to Plastic Surgery

\n\nDespite promises that a face lift will make you look 10 years younger, sale troche a plastic surgery study found that the truth is closer to three years. And while plastic surgery can remove physical signs of aging from your face — smooth wrinkles, medicine plump lines and remove excess skin — it does almost nothing to increase attractivenessFlorida permanent makeup adds that missing beauty quotient so that you look both younger and more attractive.\n\nApplied by Boca Raton permanent makeup artist Melany Whitney, malady permanent makeup can make you look not only younger but prettier by helping minimize signs of aging while enhancing your natural beauty.\n

  • Permanent lip color deeps natural lip color, giving your lips the rosy glow of youth. Melany can also redefine your lip line, adding youthful fullness and correcting any irregularities. The result is lush, full, beautiful lips without lipstick.
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  • Permanent eyebrows Properly shaped eyebrows frame and open the eyes, giving your face a youthful lift. Melany can also deepen the color of fading brows and bring youthful fullness to thinning brows.
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  • Permanent eyeliner defines your eyes; giving them the big, bright look of youth and making your lashes appear youthfully thick and full.
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\nFor a more youthful appearance, let your plastic surgeon take care of the physical nips and tucks; but count on Melany’s artistic application of permanent makeup to add the finishing touches and ensure that you look not only younger but also more beautiful.

Permanent Makeup Is the Only Makeup You Should Wear to Bed

We were shocked to read that celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury sleeps in her makeup! A beauty in her own right, generic viagra order Charlotte is the guardian of some of the world’s most beautiful faces. Rihanna, cialis sale generic Kate Moss and Penelope Cruz are among her celebrity clients. So we understand Charlotte’s desire to look beautifully made up whenever she’s in the public eye, but even in the privacy of her own home? Skin care experts would say she’s going too far.\n\nCharlotte would disagree. She feels it’s as important to look beautiful in your private moments as during public appearances. In an interview with The Times of London, Charlotte said her husband has never seen her without her makeup on.\n

\”It’s a mystique thing. Why should he stop thinking of me as glorious all the time?\”

\nBut even during childbirth? Yes, and Charlotte revealed that she reapplied her makeup before she held her newborn son.\n\nWhat Happens When You Wear Makeup to Bed\n\nWhile we agree with the sentiment — women can look fabulous 24/7 — we question Charlotte’s method. Charlotte does remove her makeup every night, but immediately reapplies it, flying in the face of medical wisdom. Dermatologists recommend removing makeup at night to give the skin a chance to breathe. Wearing makeup to bed interferes with the skin’s natural exfoliation process and can clog pores, causing blemishes and inflammation.\n\nPermanent Makeup Offers 24/7 Beauty\n\nSomeone needs to tell Charlotte about Florida permanent makeup. The only makeup that’s safe to wear all day and all night, permanent makeup enhances your beauty without damaging skin health.

Permanent Makeup Eases Morning Rush for Working Moms

\n\nWhen school supplies go on sale the countdown begins. In just a few weeks children will be back in the classroom which means it’s back to work for the many moms that take the summer off with their kids. The switch from lazy summer mornings to the typical school day dash requires some adjustment by the whole family; but as the family organizer moms seem to shoulder the bulk of the burden.\n\nBetween rousting the kids from bed, view see approving wardrobes, discount viagra packing lunches, fixing breakfasts, making sure teeth are brushed and making sure the kids are out the door in time to catch the bus working moms have precious little time to devote to their own morning ablations. Many working moms either arrive at work only half done or try to finish up en route, applying mascara and lipstick in the car at traffic lights. Not a particularly safe solution.\n\nFlorida permanent cosmetics offers working moms a safe, attractive, care-free solution guaranteed to ease the morning rush and allow you to arrive at the office beautiful, relaxed and perfectly made up. Permanent eyebrows, permanent eye liner and permanent lips artistically applied by Melany Whitney, Florida’s premier permanent makeup expert, give you the confidence of knowing you look your best every minute of the day — even after a hectic morning rushing the family out the door.\n\nIf you want to ease your morning rush, contact our Boca Raton office and make an appointment for your permanent makeup session with Melany today!

Permanent Makeup Mommy Makeovers Give New Moms a Beauty Boost

Babies are cute and adorable and they also change your life forever. Having a child strips you of any \”me\” time you may have been able to eke out of your already hectic schedule. That half hour you used to spend putting on your makeup and styling your hair every morning vanishes with junior’s arrival. Beauty is suddenly forced to take a back seat to feedings and diaper changes. All those delicious little things you used to do that made you feel beautiful get lost in the avalanche of new responsibilities that come with having a baby.\n\nWhat you need is a Florida Permanent Makeup Mommy Makeover by South Florida permanent makeup expert Melany Whitney. You’ve probably heard of cosmetic surgery Mommy Makeovers that are designed to return a mother’s body to its sexy pre-baby shape. Well, sick sales Permanent Makeup Mommy Makeovers are designed to give mommies-to-be and new moms a much needed beauty boost.\n\nBeautiful brows, look a little eye liner and some lipstick can do wonders for your appearance — and your self-confidence. Expertly applied permanent eyebrows, permanent eye liner and permanent lip color equip new moms with the beauty basics 24/7. With permanent makeup new moms can look confident, attractive and beautifully put together even when they don’t have time to put on their face!

Makeup Tips for Multiracial Skin Tones

\n\nSpurred by demand from America’s growing multiethnic Latino population, troche cialis cosmetics manufacturers have begun introducing makeup lines marketed \”for every woman.\” Featuring expanded color palettes specifically designed to complement brown skin tones, sale multiracial cosmetics are gaining popularity with Latino women in South Florida.\n\nCosmetics companies are tapping Latino celebrities of multiracial heritage to showcase their products. Of Afro-Guyanese, Barbadian and Irish descent, Rihanna is promoting MAC cosmetics. L’Oreal chose Beyoncé, who is African-American, Native American and French, to be the face of its True Match foundation line.\n\nIt is refreshing to see the cosmetics industry addressing the needs of women with darker skin tones. As an accomplished fine artist, renowned South Florida permanent makeup artist Melany Whitney knows that background color can completely change the appearance of a painting. Similarly, a woman’s skin tone affects the appearance of her makeup. An expert at custom color mixing, Melany is highly skilled at matching multiethnic skin tones and customizing permanent makeup to enhance the unique skin tones of her clients.\n\nMelany offers these makeup tips for women with multiracial complexions:\n

  • For lips, choose richly saturated lip stains in deep shades of copper, plum or wine. Pale pastels can look washed out.
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  • Avoid shimmer and silvery hues which can give darker skin tones a grayish cast.
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  • Heavy-handed use of bronzer can muddy darker complexions. Use sparingly to contour cheeks.
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  • Banish dark circles with color corrector in a yellow or orange shade before applying concealer.
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Multiracial Population Growth Driving New Makeup Formulations

\n\nNo one skin color or skin type defines America. The American melting pot has always been an exciting blend of ethnicities, illness viagra but it has only been in the last five years that cosmetics companies have started targeting the growing multiracial Latino population by enlarging the color range of cosmetics created to complement brown skin tones.\n\nAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, viagra sale the number of Americans who identify as multiracial increased by 32% between 2000 and 2010. Spurred in part by a growing influx of South American, Central American, Cuban and Caribbean immigrants over the past several decades, multiracial children, particularly multiethnic children of Latino descent, have become the fastest-growing segment of America’s youth population.\n\nSince teens spend more money on cosmetics than any other age group, the cosmetics industry has been motivated to tap this previously underserved market. Marketing their multiracial cosmetics as \”for every woman,\” cosmetics manufacturers are partnering with well-known Hollywood, television and music stars who have a multiethnic heritage to promote their new products. Promoted by Puerto Rican reality TV star La La Anthony, Motives Cosmetics’ La La Mineral Duo Foundation line comes in a range in shades from medium light to very dark.\n\nSouth Florida permanent makeup artist Melany Whitney is an expert at creating custom permanent makeup colors for the unique skin tones of multiethnic Latino women. Experience Melany’s superior artistry for yourself; schedule your permanent makeup consultation today.\n\nNext time: Makeup tips for multiethnic skin tones