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Artistic Permanent Makeup Creates Foundation for Classic Beauty

\n\nTake a moment to click through the slide show of Hollywood’s classic beauties that led our previous post. As you watch, viagra buy recipe think about what makes a woman beautiful. Hairstyles, ailment fashions and makeup have certainly changed over the decades since the images of beautiful women first started flickering across movie screens, but the foundational elements of classic beauty have remained the same.\n\nAs you examine the faces of Hollywood’s most stunning women, notice that they share these elements of  classic beauty:\n

  • Lovely fine-textured skin
  • \n

  • Pleasing symmetrical features
  • \n

  • Full sensuous lips
  • \n

  • Well-defined lush eyebrows
  • \n

  • Long, thick eyelashes
  • \n

  • High cheek bones
  • \n

\nFew women are endowed with all of the characteristics of classic beauty; but they have learned how to fake it! They know how to make the most of their natural features and have become adept at using makeup to artistically create what nature has not provided.\n\nYou need only glance at a tabloid expose of Hollywood stars without their makeup to understand makeup’s power pt create beauty. Without their makeup, many stars are no more attractive than the women you see at the grocery. It is makeup applied with the skilled hand of an artist that elevates ordinary women to classic beauty.\n\nApplied with the skilled artist’s hand of a talented permanent makeup expert like Melany Whitney, permanent makeup can enhance your natural features, correct minor flaws, improve symmetry and add depth and fullness to your features, turning ordinary women into gorgeous classic beauties.

Update Your Look with Florida Permanent Makeup

Successfully navigating the path to professional and social success requires that a woman have a killer fashion sense and the skills of a professional makeup artist and hair stylist. Some women seem to be born with a flare for what are called the \”feminine arts, search sildenafil \” but most women muddle along, cialis picking up fashion tips and makeup tricks as they move through life but never feeling truly comfortable in their abilities to master the personal appearance arts.\n\nMany women who understand the critical importance appearance plays in both personal and professional success have turned to personal shoppers to help them choose a fashionable wardrobe. What worked for fashion is now being applied to makeup. Personal makeup consultants are the new rage among Manhattan and Boca Raton sophisticates.\n\nPersonal makeup services aren’t cheap. According to the New York Times, viagra women are paying from $75 to $250 per hour for personal makeup services plus the hefty cost of premium makeup products. Artistically applied Florida permanent makeup by nationally recognized permanent makeup expert and instructor Melany Whitney offers women a more permanent and cost-effective solution.\n\nInstead of spending hundreds of dollars trying to hone your own skills, you can pay just once to have an expert permanent makeup artist apply makeup basics — perfectly arched and colored permanent eyebrows, perfectly shaped permanent lips and expertly applied permanent eyeliner — and gain the confidence of knowing your makeup is perfect every hour of every day — and night!

How to Create the Perfect Nude Lips

On your wedding day you want your makeup to subtly augment your natural beauty, ampoule shop not upstage it. To project an aura of flawless, tadalafil natural beauty, spring brides are choosing a natural makeup palette. As noted in our previous post, the natural look doesn’t mean no makeup. In fact, it requires the deft hand of a skilled makeup artist and a fine artist’s eye for color to create makeup that looks like it’s barely there.\n\nNude lips are the hallmark of the natural look, but there are dozens of shades of \”nude.\” Click through Wonderwall’s celebrity slide show and you’ll see what we mean.\n\nThe best looking nude lips are those that are full and voluptuous and a shade darker than facial skin tone so that they stand out naturally. Thin lips and those that too closely match skin color fail to create the required definition and seem to recede blandly into the face.\n\nTo create the perfect nude lips, Mother Nature may need a little help from permanent makeup. An expert Florida permanent makeup artist like Melany Whitney can add luscious volume to thin lips, bring beautiful symmetry to uneven lips, and give a permanent blush of healthy color to pale lips.\n\nFor beautiful nude lips: Apply a creamy moisturizing lip gloss. Blot and reapply gloss just to the center of the lips. Set with a dusting of mineral-based powder and you’re ready to walk down the aisle!

Florida Paramedical Tattooing Can Restore Natural Breast Appearance After Mastectomy

\n\nFollowing a diagnosis for breast cancer, ampoule troche an increasing number of women are choosing to have a double mastectomy as a precautionary measure. Even when cancer is limited to one breast, pharm cialis  many women, including those with no family history of breast cancer, are electing to have both breasts removed to decrease their risk of a second diagnosis and improve their chances of long-term survival.\n\n\”It was important to me to remove both breasts. I knew that if I kept my other breast, I would obsess over it, and I’d always worry that cancer would develop there too,\” Vanessa Thiemann recently told CNN News.\n\nThe 42-year-old mother of two young daughters is indicative of a U.S. trend toward double mastectomy. Double mastectomies among women with early-state breast cancer increased 150% between 1998 and 2003, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. While an estimated 70% of U.S. double mastectomies are precautionary and performed without medical necessity, advances in breast reconstruction have given women more options following a mastectomy. Plastic surgeons working in concert with accomplished paramedical tattoo artists like Melany Whitney are able to create natural-looking breasts following mastectomy.\n\nMelany has perfected a unique paramedical tattoo technique in which she is able to create the natural appearance of a normal areola and three-dimensional nipple. Melany’s paramedical tattoo services are highly sought by plastic surgeons and individual patients in both New York City and South Florida where she maintains an office in Boca Raton.

The Surprising Facts about Breast Surgery

Did you know that more than 250, sildenafil find 000 women in the United States have breast surgery each year?  If this doesn’t surprise you, decease many of the following breast surgery facts might, The average American woman who gets implants is a 34 years old with an entirely usual career.  Also surprisingly, up to 90 percent of women who have breast surgery do it after they have children to help to get their youthful body back and many women who have breast implant surgery are completely normal women who seek to get their confidence and feminine breasts back after breast cancer surgery.  Contrary to popular belief, breast implants are not only for women in the entertainment industry.  Many women in Florida and around the world with everyday lives, families, and goals go under the knife.  For those women who do, fortunately, there are solutions to some of the cosmetic issues that can occur as a result such as scarring.\n\nIf you suffer from hypopigmented scarring or have lost the natural look of some or even all of your nipple areola due to surgery, taking steps to feel beautiful again can be life changing, but remember, you should never trust just anyone with your scar camouflage or nipple repigmentation.\n\nWorld renowned Boca Raton permanent makeup expert Melany Whitney has been personally practicing out of her Boca Raton, Florida office for many years now.  For over a decade, she has helped to restore confidence to women from all walks who have been scarred by breast surgery.