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Are Medical Tattoos Really Permanent?

Medical or paramedical tattooing is the permanent placement of a tattoo for medical and cosmetic purposes.\n\nThis is a form of permanent cosmetics used to color and enhance the skin. The paramedical tattooing process is used extensively to color hypopigmentation in the whitened areas of the skin. The process is used on people of all skin types and colors to even out the skin tones or to cover scars or other imperfections.\n\nThe tattoo technicians match the skin tones by applying the flesh pigmentation to the designated white areas. If the color fades over time, ed the client can return for a refresh application.\n\nParamedical tattooing is often used in breast reconstruction surgery, order  restoring the areola around the nipple to its natural appearance. The experienced medical tattoo artist works with the patient and surgeon to find the right skin colors and size for this part of breast reconstruction.\n\nPermanent tattoos are also used for enhanced cosmetic appearance. This includes eyebrows for people with very light hair in their eyebrow area. A permanent tattoo of eyeliner eliminates the need for applying it everyday. Many people in the entertainment business and modeling come to us at the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics for this procedure. We can also apply permanent lip color. Complete permanent face make-up is also available using the tattoo process.\n\nMen use our services for scar and hair transplant harvesting site coverage. They also request permanent eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing.\n\nThe experienced professional tattoo artists at the Whitney Center work privately with clients in our centers in New York and Florida. Call us today for your consultation.

Beard Transplants Are a Hot New Trend with Brooklyn Hipsters

\n\nA hot new trend that first appeared on the streets of Brooklyn is catching the attention of hip male urbanites in other parts of the country. Described as lumberjack-meets-roadie, ed ailment the manly scruff seems to have originated with the up-and-coming 20- and 30-somethings in the flourishing visual art community around Park Slope, pills find Williamsburg and Bushwick. The “hipster beard” has become so popular that it has launched demand for facial hair transplants!\n\nPlastic surgeons in New York City say demand for beard transplants has increased dramatically. The procedure is similar to a hair transplant. Under local anesthetic, hair is removed from the back of the scalp (or sometimes the chest) and transplanted into the beard area. Surgeons say the procedure has a high rate of success, but it takes about a week for signs of the surgery to fade and can take up to 10 months for the beard to grow in.\n\nMedical tattooing offers an effective alternative to hair transplants that provides attractive results you don’t have to wait for. Using a specialized hair stroke technique, Whitney Center medical tattoo experts are able to create the appearance of hair where there is none. The technique can be used to camouflage scars in the beard area, fill in patchy or thin beards and hide bald patches, giving your beard an attractive, even, natural appearance. For many men, medical tattooing offers a faster, more reliable way to get the hipster beard look that women love.\n\nBeard transplants run the gamut from the well beyond 5 o’clock shadow favored by actor Jake Gyllenhaal to George Clooney’s well-groomed chin to the mountain man scraggle favored by the Duck Dynasty gang. Beard transplants seem to appeal most to younger men who have always had a hard time growing facial hair and to men who have a patchy natural beard or scarring in the beard area, sometimes from acne, that interferes with hair growth. Some men in their 40s are also signing up to give themselves a more youthful appearance – and a competitive edge at the office.\n\nSomething to think about if you’re considering a beard transplant or medical tattoo, a British study found that women considered men with light stubble most attractive and available for a relationship while men with full beards were considered older, more masculine and more aggressive. The most requested beard? The Brad Pitt.

What Kinds of Scars Respond to Medical Tattooing?

When performed by an experienced expert, sale pills medical tattooing can achieve remarkable results in camouflaging scars. A specialized application of permanent cosmetics, clinic sick medical tattooing can appear to “erase” scars from plastic surgery, online injuries, burns, cancer surgery, vein surgery, hair transplant harvesting and other injuries.\n\nMany scars can be successfully camouflaged by an experienced and knowledgeable medical tattoo technician; however, there are a few types of scars that cannot be treated with satisfactory results. Less experienced technicians can cause permanent damage to tissues and make scar appearance worse by treating scars inappropriately. Medical tattooing is a highly specialized field that requires advanced training and skills. The results are permanent, so choose your technician wisely.\n\nIn our considerable experience, Whitney Center medical tattoo experts have found that scars must be fully healed before they can be treated. Healing can sometimes take months, but it is important to wait. If scar tissue is still pink or red, it is still healing. When fully healed, scar color typically pales, becoming more white than pink. Best results are achieved on scars that are lighter in color than the surrounding skin.\n\nWhitney Center clients call our scar camouflage services nothing short of “miraculous.” Experience the “Whitney difference.” Contact us in New York City or New Jersey to schedule your confidential consultation today.

Permanent Makeup for Men Camouflages Transplant Scars

Hair transplants have come a long way since the old hair plug days when harvesting left male scalps cross-hatched with chicken-scratch Xs. Modern surgical hair restoration techniques now graft entire follicle units onto thinning sites creating a seamless and very natural appearance. Harvesting sites generally remain hidden for years, generic viagra find covered by still vital hair growth. But as in all things, nature eventually catches up, hair loss continues and once-hidden hair transplant harvest sites are exposed. Harvesting scars along the back of the skull often show up as ugly red lines and can give men a lobotomized look. Not exactly in tune with your suave, savvy, accomplished image!\n\nExpert paramedical tattooing, a form of permanent makeup, can reduce transplant harvest scars to a nearly invisible line. Permanent makeup, known medically as micropigmentation, tattoos iron oxide cosmetic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. The technique can be used to camouflage scar tissue, hide embarrassing hair loss from thinning hair, camouflage bare patches in beards and sideburns, reshape uneven or scarred lip lines, enhance eyelash loss and create thicker looking eyebrows.\n\nTo see how permanent makeup for men can hide transplant harvest scars, visit our website to see before and after pictures of actual patients. Don’t let embarrassing hair loss or transplant scars diminish your self-confidence in your appearance. Permanent makeup for men can give you back your competitive advantage.

Permanent Cosmetics for Men Hone Business Image

You don’t have to be a metrosexual to understand the value of a sharp, look viagra attractive appearance in the business arena. Astute businessmen know that first impressions count. The way you look is an important component of the image you project in the business world. Permanent cosmetics for men give you an executive polish that boosts your image and confidence. With the help of permanent cosmetics, help you look cool, help collected and in charge no matter how long and stressful your day. That’s a business edge worth having.\n\nThe Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics offers special services tailored just to men. We understand the importance of maintaining a polished, vigorous appearance in the workplace. There’s a lot of truth to the old adage, \”The face is the window to the soul.\” The appearance you project in business defines you to associates and clients. Appearance has the power to create an aura of command and competence. Permanent cosmetics for men can enhance your appearance and augment your unique, personal style.\n\nMany businessmen have found early male pattern baldness to be a disadvantage in the workplace. Our society values the vigor and enthusiasm of youth. The appearance of age can cause colleagues to unfairly stereotype you as outdated. Many men have embraced hair transplants as a way to combat early baldness and maintain an appearance as flexible and vigorous as their business ideals. Unsightly scarring, however, has been a major drawback. Paramedical cosmetic tattooing camouflages scars from hair transplant harvesting sites, giving you back the attractive, natural look of youth.\n\nEyebrow thickening provides vigor and forcefulness to facial planes, enhancing your unique, dynamic, personal style. Some men are born with naturally thin eyebrows, but Alopecia Areata Universalis, the second most common hair loss disease, can cause thick brows to thin unnaturally or even disappear. Because our eyebrows provide the frame that defines our face, they are an essential element in creating facial expressions. Thin eyebrows can make us seem ineffectual, unintelligent and constantly surprised; while strong eyebrows project a sense of command, authority and masculinity. How you look can affect the consideration and weight you and your ideas are given in the workplace.