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Lipstick Used to Be a Sign of Wealth for Men and Women in Ages Past

\n\nToday lipstick is a versatile cosmetic used by females of many different ages and complexions. It can accent a well-shaped mouth or provide assistance where nature needs a little help. A look back at lipstick history shows that at one time it was an accessory that highlighted class distinctions just as much as it did physical features.\n\nIn the days of the Roman Empire, ed pharm lip paint¬†was used by both men and women. One of the ingredients was mercury, discount viagra medical which we now know can be highly toxic when absorbed through the skin. Its inclusion meant that only the wealthy upper classes could afford to use it. Lip paint came in shades of merlot and purple, levitra a color that has traditionally been associated with royalty.\n\nMen, including first American president George Washington, continued to wear lip color for hundreds of years. The French Revolution put an end to that custom when lipstick became¬†regarded as a sign of allegiance with the aristocracy.\n\nWhile lipstick provides beautiful results, it’s easy to smudge and frequently wears off, requiring constant reapplication. With permanent lipstick you’re assured of a flattering look at all times and you still have the option of using regular lipstick to enhance or change your appearance.\n\nOur trained and experienced permanent makeup artists can give your lips a fuller appearance and improve the shape of the \”cupid bows\” at the top of your upper lip. Permanent lip color provides a more natural look because it eliminates the bleeding where color creeps into the minute lines around the mouth.\n\nMake your own lipstick history a thing of the past. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about the benefits of permanent lipstick.