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Men Tuning into Transformative Power of Permanent Makeup

It’s been half a century since makeup catapulted John F. Kennedy to the presidency in 1960. You may be too young to have watched the first televised presidential debate, treat doctor but makeup carried the day for JFK. He allowed TV makeup artists to powder away before the cameras rolled while his opponent, diagnosis  Richard Nixon, help waved them away in a macho huff. Back then, manly men did not wear makeup! It was Nixon’s undoing. On camera Kennedy appeared cool and collected while a profusely sweating, heavily bearded Nixon looked sinister. The image mesmerized viewers and gave Kennedy the edge he needed to win the presidency.\n\nSince then, makeup has become a staple in the broadcast and entertainment industries but still carries an unmasculine stigma in the everyday world. Cutthroat competition in a tight job market is changing mainstream male attitudes as men look for new ways to gain a competitive edge. The power of makeup to make them look more attractive, younger and more commanding is enticing, but enough stigma remains to make men cringe at the thought of being found out.\n\nPermanent cosmetics for men is the perfect solution. Cosmetic tattooing can darken eyebrows to make them appear more commanding, turn pale lips a healthy pink, focus attention on the eyes to create a more penetrating gaze, camouflage unattractive scars, and even out patchy beards. And no one will ever know because permanent makeup is tattooed into the skin. There’s no telltale powder or smearing to give your secret away!

More Men Discovering Benefits of Permanent Makeup

In the past decade, sales remedy the sale of skin-care products and cosmetics for men has jumped from $40.9 million to $217 million. Men are discovering that a little wrinkle cream around the mouth, online some concealer under the eyes and a light bronzer on the face can make them look healthier, younger, more virile and more capable. Men who just a few years ago would never have considered wearing makeup are now rubbing tinted creams into their skin to improve their appearance and give them a competitive edge in the work place.\n\nL’Oreal, Dove, Menaji and other skin care/cosmetic companies that are targeting the male market have been careful not to scare away potential customers by using the \”M\” or \”C\” words. Men still blush with embarrassment and stalk quickly away if they hear the words \”\”makeup\” or \”cosmetics.\” They may be interested in the products and what they can do to improve appearance, but they balk at anything with a female aura. \”Skin care\” is the operative term when marketing to men. Even containers and product names have been changed to appeal to the male market. Concealer becomes camo and comes in a Chap Stick-like applicator tube. Products are shipped in discretely unmarked boxes or camouflaged in old cigar boxes.\n\nMen from Tim McGraw and Charlie Sheen to Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long have embraced male cosmetics but most men are still nervous about being outed. They want the appearance-enhancing benefits of these products without the telltale collar smudges.\n\nNext time: Permanent cosmetics for men is the perfect answer

Fall Makeup Palette Features Muted Shades

\n\nFashion wasn’t the only thing displayed on the catwalk at the fall fashion previews in New York. New fall makeup trends also made their debut. Eschewing the bold, viagra sales sick bright colors of summer, and drugstore fall makeup is quietly elegant, clinic featuring muted shades and earthier naturals for which permanent cosmetics provide the perfect base. Prominent on the fall color palette are earthy browns in coffee and mushroom and bronze tones in amber and gold. Daywear features bronze-kissed natural tones, but night cuts loose with slashes of vibrant color.\n\nEyes: Fall’s dramatic layered eye-shadows start with a bronze base. To create the illusion of depth, brush entire eye with bronze, sweeping dark brown shadow into the crease and across the lid, adding a touch of gold to the inner corner of each eye. Choose mushroom or coffee liner for day wear. Go wild at night with gold or amber liner and a slash of vibrant purple, spring green or deep blue shadow slanting across the outer eye lid from lash to just past the brow line.\n\nLips: Natural lips are this fall’s office wear staple. To give nude shades greater depth, line lip edges with a matte eyebrow pencil. After hours, the hottest look is \”kissed-off\” lips. To achieve the effect, pat on a dark lipstick shade in a matte finish — coffees and dark maroons are trendy color choices. Patting creates the uneven, slightly worn off look of well-kissed lips.\n\nBlush: Emphasize cheek bones with an upward sweep of blush in peach or bronze tones.

What Is Driving Trend Toward Permanent Makeup?

Two main issues seem to be driving the trend toward permanent makeup. The fast pace of modern life and the desire to carve a few free moments out of every hectic day prods many busy women to seek the freedom permanent makeup offers. Permanent makeup means no more long minutes in front of the mirror with brushes and pencils before you rush out the door every morning, sickness there no time out for touch-ups during the day, health and no need to redo your makeup before you go out in the evening. With permanent makeup you cleanse, moisturize and you’re out the door. And (big bonus!) your makeup looks fresh and perfect every minute of even the longest, toughest days.\n\nThe need to look young, attractive and employable in a highly competitive job market or to maintain a youthful look of vitality and energy in the cut-throat corporate world is driving both women and men to seek the artistic services of permanent makeup artists like Melany Whitney. Permanent makeup can camouflage plastic surgery scars, accentuate your natural features, add youthful color to aging faces, make lips appear fuller and bolder, and reshape and darken pale or too thin eyebrows.\n\nWhen performed by an artistic professional like Melany, permanent makeup for men can make eyebrows bolder and more commanding, hide unattractive bald spots in men’s beards and mustaches and camouflage scarring from hair transplants.\n\nPermanent makeup gives women and men the best of both worlds: a competitive edge in the business world and more leisure time to enjoy.

Permanent Cosmetics Can Tip Beauty Bias in Your Direction

It turns out there’s more than a smattering of truth to the perception that beautiful people get more than their fair share of the good things in life. Beauty pays, there seek  particularly at the office. Called the \”Beauty Premium\” by economists, sick pretty women and handsome men do, cialis in fact, have an easier time getting a job, earn more money and rise higher and faster up the corporate ladder than their less attractive coworkers. \n\nBeauty may be only skin deep, but it confers measurable advantages that affect every aspect of a person’s life. Studies have shown that beautiful people receive more attention than those who are less attractive. The bias begins early in life. Scientists have found that babies stare longer at people with attractive faces and that pretty children receive more attention from parents, teachers and friends. The beauty bias extends throughout life to bosses, mentors and potential mates. In the workplace, handsome men earn 5% more and beautiful women, 4% more than their average-looking coworkers. Hard work and merit have their benefits, but in the business world pretty people are more apt to reel in that big account, get that plum assignment or be awarded that kick-ass promotion.\n\nSavvy businessmen and women are turning to permanent cosmetics to enhance their natural beauty, correct facial flaws and improve their competitive edge at work.\n\nMore about the beauty bias on Thursday

Cosmetics Trend: Makeup Contouring Is Back!

\n\nAt Nordstrom’s celebrity-studded Cosmetic Trend Event in Honolulu next week, cialis canada site international makeup experts will announc the Return of Makeup. Say good-bye to the au naturel, buy cialis no-makeup look; makeup is making a big comeback. The new look is still fresh-faced and luminous, physician but artistic makeup contouring and layering will be used to achieve ingenue radiance. Facial sculpting, the artistry of using makeup to create dramatic three-dimensional planes to enhance and reshape facial features, hasn’t been this popular since its heyday during the Dynasty days of the 1980s.\n\nNARS Cosmetics national makeup stylist Janice Daoud will be launching Francois Nars’ new summer collection inspired by Catherine Deneuve’s sophisticated look in the 1967 film Belle du Jour. \”3-D skin, juicy, fruity lips and cheek, and an indigo eye\” are the hallmarks of the dramatic new look, Daoud told Hawaii’s Star Bulletin. Drama is created by layering shaded sculpting sticks to add dimension and highlights to the face, much as a painter layers paint to create a portrait.\n\nIt’s a technique well-known to nationally renowned permanent makeup artist Melany Whitney, who is also an accomplished artist.  Facial contouring is a labor-intensive technique, requiring considerable cosmetics skill and a painter’s artistic knowledge of facial planes and shadows. However, when Melany combines her considerable artistry with her expertise in permanent makeup techniques to apply dramatic contours to your facial canvass, the only thing you need to add is a little moisturizer and a smile.  With permanent makeup, you always look beautiful and alluring.