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Using Your Makeup Closet to Undo Your Halloween Costume

If you want your Halloween costume to look as unforgettable as possible, discount chances are that you’re incorporating a good amount of cosmetic products in there. So what happens when you get home from an exhausting night of Halloween fun and have to remove it all? It turns out lots of your daily cosmetic supplies can come in handy here.\n\nTo get rid of face and body paint\n\nStart by wiping with an oil-based cleanser, pilule using a hot shower to remove any excess paint. If you’re willing to bend the rules a little bit, men’s shaving cream also does a great job at getting the paint off. Side fact: shaving cream can even remove foundation stains from fabric!\n\nTo get rid of glitter\n\nOil-based cleansers are a great starting step to remove glitter from your skin as well. The next step is to loop tape around your fingers, so that the sticky side faces outward, and dab it over any glitter spots to remove it. A lint roller is equally effective for larger areas.\n\nTo get rid of temporary hair color\n\nThis is an easy one for darker-colored hair when brighter colors — blue, green — are in the mix. But for naturally lighter hair, washing your hair with dish soap rather than shampoo should do the trick. Fair warning: since this soap will dry your hair out, it’s best to condition it immediately after.\n\nMake your Halloween costume pop every year with vivid permanent makeup. The Whitney Center leads the permanent cosmetics field, and has for nearly 15 years now. Contact us today so all your future costumes shine brightly.

Should You Inject Your Beauty?

We’ve all heard of the Hollywood star with too much Botox and a plastic look. Is this reputation undeserved? We break down whether injections of Botox and other similar chemicals can be of any true benefit.\n\n\n\nWrinkle prevention\n\nBotox is used to counteract existent wrinkles, cheap but it also wards off future wrinkles. The same muscles that Botox paralyzes to scale down on wrinkles are responsible for forming more wrinkles, troche so their inactivity will directly lead to fewer wrinkles. Of course, this paralysis is only temporary, so failing to return for follow-up injections won’t do anything to prevent future wrinkles.\n\nSafety\n\nCosmetic injectables are universally safe. However, it’s best to go to certified, reputable professionals for injections, as pure products can often be spliced or reduced in concentration to save money. Which leads directly into the next point…\n\nPrice and permanence \n\nInjections often require follow-up appointments frequently after the initial work is done. The initial injection is often quite expensive, with follow-ups costing a decent chunk as well. Many people seeking the restorative properties of injectables have begun to opt for more long-term solutions.\n\nPermanent cosmetics is one such solution. A one-time fee for a procedure and a follow up covers you for five to seven years. Focus on developing a permanent makeup routine that distracts from the imperfections you’d aim to hide with injectables. Contact us here at The Whitney Center, where our decade-plus experience has placed us ahead of our competitors since we begun, to learn more.


One of the great things about permanent cosmetics is that it lacks a risk of allergic reaction. But it’s fairly common for users of regular, help everyday makeup products to develop irritation, swelling, or other allergic symptoms when using these products. Here, we detail a few key signs to watch out for when deciding whether it’s time to cut makeup out of your day.\n\n\n\nSkin problems\n\nAt the most basic level, a bad reaction to a makeup problem can consist of rashes and skin peeling. Often, these reactions result from the body rejecting inactive ingredients, so it’s best to visit a dermatologist to figure out which of these ingredients is the culprit. With skin peeling, though, this might simply be the result of acidic active components in face washes and peels, and the only way to combat this problem is scaling back use of the product.\n\nSkin growths\n\nHives, bumps, breakouts: these are more serious versions of the same reaction that might result in a rash. If you can isolate the product causing these, it’s best to stop using that product immediately and see a dermatologist. As with rashes, the same sensitivity to certain ingredients is the cause here, but these symptoms require even quicker attention.\n\nSkin feelings\n\nSometimes, symptoms of a reaction like this are tactile rather than visual. Skin that feels tight, oily, or itchy without looking unhealthy at all is just as potent a warning that your allergies may be flaring up. It’s vital to stop using the product you think accounts for these reactions, although oily skin may be the result of using overly harsh cleansers rather than an allergic reaction. It can also be combated with a weekly charcoal masking.\n\nAvoid allergic reactions to store-bought products by investing in permanent cosmetics. The Whitney Center has over a decade of experience leading the field of permanent cosmetic tattooing. Contact us today to find out how we can prevent you from consistent aggravation at the hands of allergens in your makeup products.


Ever put on a makeup product and had a bad reaction to it? Skin irritation, troche clinic itchy eyes, prescription that kind of thing? It turns out it’s very possible to be allergic to your makeup.\n\n\n\nNewer products cause stronger reactions\n\nRecent developments in makeup products have involved new materials that tend to lead to the irritation and itching described above. Chemicals newly introduced to recent makeup advancements have stronger potential to cause allergic reactions. Even antibiotic skin products can be allergens, it turns out.\n\nHow do you prevent it?\n\nOf course, reading the ingredients list on any product you buy is key. But before that, you’re a step ahead just by knowing that you can be allergic to makeup. Many product users assume this reaction is typical, that once your body gets used to the product, it’ll stop. But no, that’s not true – this is an allergy.\n\nTalk to your dermatologist\n\nMore likely than not, your dermatologist will be able to help you identify what ingredients in your makeup give you an allergic reaction. Once you’ve identified what’s causing these problems, you can easily find makeup that doesn’t contain the troubling ingredient. If all else fails, avoid products with added fragrances.\n\nThe Whitney Center has operated for over a decade without any clients ever suffering an allergic reaction to our procedures. Contact us now to find out how we can give you long-lasting makeup that makes you look your best without any irritation or itching.


You might guess from experience that an airplane isn’t the best place for your makeup and skin. Put some numbers to that: the real world is typically two to four times as humid as a plane. This means that your skin dehydrates far quicker, viagra look but these tips can keep your makeup and skin fresh and stunning between when you take off and when you land.\n\nTake a daytime stroll in your destination\n\nPart of what makes flying  so weird for your skin is that it disrupts your sleeping cycles. A walk in the sun is known to restore order to your sleep schedule, there buy which does wonders for your skin. Of course, discount sunblock is vital so that this method doesn’t leave you with sunburns, which put your skin in a worse situation than it was in to begin with.\n\nGo red-eye\n\nSure, it’ll make your eyes red, but it’ll keep your skin fresh. Maintaining a healthy sleep cycle does wonders for your skin. It’s easy to look great coming off the plane if you’ve slept well!\n\nDon’t use makeup at all\n\nThis seems self-evident, but there’s actually some science to it: makeup on your skin dehydrates it faster. Beauty products that don’t need water to be used can offer a somewhat suitable alternative, but you’re best off just embracing your natural look.\n\nWant to have your face made up anyway? Consider investing in permanent cosmetics with The Whitney Center. You’ll never have to apply makeup again, meaning you can look beautiful on a flight no matter what! Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.\n\n 

Five Tips to Protect Your Skin from Winter Weather

\n\nHarsh winter weather can do a lot of damage to your skin. The cold air outside means you have to turn on the heat inside, cure generic leading to dry skin. Cold winds can also irritate exposed skin, view shop especially on your face. Follow these NYC skincare tips to keep your skin in good condition.\n\nUse Moisturizer\n\nOne of the best defenses against dry, sale damaged skin is moisturizer, which helps your skin stay hydrated. Apply an oil-based moisturizer to your skin during winter to reduce the risk of dryness.\n\nTake Warm Showers and Baths\n\nHot showers and baths can make your skin even more dry. Take lukewarm showers and baths instead, and consider using body wash that contains oatmeal if you have dry, itchy skin.\n\nPamper Your Feet\n\nYour feet can become dry and cracked during winter, making it painful to walk. Apply generous amounts of moisturizing body lotion to them daily, and use an exfoliant to get rid of dead skin.\n\nCut Back on Facial Peels\n\nFacial peels can make your skin dry because they remove oils that keep it hydrated. Choose mild facial peels and masks only, and limit how often you use them. Don’t use facial peels that contain ingredients that are harsh on your skin, such as alcohol.\n\nProtect Your Hands\n\nWearing gloves outdoors in winter can help your hands stay moist and prevent dryness and cracking. If your gloves get wet, take them off. Wet gloves can irritate your skin.\n\nFor additional NYC skincare tips and help keeping your skin looking its best, please contact The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics. At the Whitney Center, our services include permanent makeup and medical tattooing.