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Can ‘Twilight’ Star Robert Pattinson’s Nipples Be Fixed?

The cameras may be positioned to make it less obvious, online no rx but look carefully and you’ll notice that hunky Twilight star Robert Pattinson suffers from grossly uneven nipples. Perhaps it’s embarrassment about his nipples and not his professed fear of injuring his beloved that is really at the core of vampire Edward Cullen’s sexual abstinence. Pattison’s Twilight alter ego is rarely shown shirtless, cialis perhaps with good reason.\n\nFortunately, fans of the vampirous Brit need not worry. Robert’s uneven nipples can be permanently fixed by areola restoration, a specialized type of paramedical tattooing perfected by Melany Whitney. A nationally recognized expert and innovator in the field of permanent makeup, Melany has developed a unique tattooing process using special tools and pigments to create realistic-looking nipples. Originally developed to help breast cancer patients undergoing breast reconstruction, Melany’s innovative tattooing process produces a normal-looking, textured, three-dimensional nipple.\n\nMelany’s cosmetic tattooing procedure can be used to provide men with the perfectly symmetrical nipples every man desires. Small nipples can be made to look larger. Melany’s specialized tattoo shading techniques can correct the size, color and shape of male nipples and areola (the colored skin surrounding the nipple) so that they are larger, attractively tinted and perfectly positioned. Don’t be embarrassed to take your shirt off. Melany Whitney can make male nipples look normal again.\n\nFind out more about Melany’s unique tattooing techniques on our website.