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How Quickly Should You Opt for Breast Reconstruction?

A mastectomy is about as massive a physical and emotional burden as it comes. Breast reconstruction has long been on the table to counter the negative impacts of a mastectomy, generic cialis but many women are often told to delay the procedure until well after cancer treatment is fully complete. However, new research shows that immediate reconstruction is safe.\n\n\n\nHow long should you wait?\n\nThe traditional answer is that a decent amount of time should pass between a mastectomy and reconstruction. A recent study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeon rejects this notion and insists that immediate reconstruction will not interfere with ongoing cancer treatments. The ASPS survey discovered that immediate procedures neither delay nor prolong treatments.\n\nWhich breast reconstructive surgery is better?\n\nTwo types of surgery exist, and although they don’t usually compete with each other, in this shortened timeline each has its benefits. Breast implant surgery, the first kind, can be negatively impacted by ongoing radiation treatments against cancer. However, tissue flap surgery is generally a more long-term procedure that can be tough to deal with alongside cancer treatments.\n\nWho can really help me make the decision?\n\nEach woman’s exact circumstances differ, so it’s best to speak with an ASPS-certified doctor before making any decisions. If the invasive nature of surgery is in itself a turn-off, alternatives exist. Paramedical cosmetic tattooing for areola restoration  is an entirely external process that is virtually painless and often significantly cheaper than surgery.\n\nThe Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics boasts years of experience leading the field of areola reconstruction via paramedical tattooing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can restore your breasts post-mastectomy without all the interference of painful surgical techniques.

Breast Reconstruction: Worth the Travel?

After a mastectomy, salve many women opt for surgical breast reconstruction. However, since surgery is intimidating and invasive, many alternate reconstruction methods have been developed and are now quite popular. These new techniques may be utterly necessary, as new studies show that, post-mastectomy, women often opt out of reconstructive surgery if a plastic surgeon is not located nearby.\n\n\n\nIs it worth the travel?\n\nMany women regain self-esteem extensively following surgery, so the medical community has advocated for it for quite some time. Yet a recent survey discovered that women who need to travel more than ten miles to a proper surgeon often balk at the procedure. It’s possible that merely distance may be preventing women from undergoing surgery that may radically alter their lives despite the fear a scalpel can put into many people.\n\nIs there more to this story?\n\nAbsolutely. This same survey showed that women who are privately insured opt for breast reconstructive surgery far more frequently than those enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid. Age and race play a factor too; the younger and whiter a woman is, the more likely she is to opt for the surgery, according to the survey. A less surprising, but still important, deterrent is the stage to which the cancer has progressed; those in later stages often avoided surgery.\n\nAre there alternatives?\n\nAgain, absolutely. Paramedical cosmetic tattooing boasts none of the invasive facets of surgery; furthermore, its recovery time is minimal, and the pain associated with it is little to none. The same pigment and dermal insertion techniques used in tattooing and permanent makeup can be implemented to create the illusion of a full, structured areola. Surgery is often more expensive and inaccessible to those lacking healthcare, but paramedical cosmetic tattooing is an equal opportunity procedure.\n\nThe Whitney Center is a world leader in areola reconstruction via paramedical tattooing. Our decade-plus helping women restore their areolas post-mastectomy has put us in a place of knowledge and expertise that no others can claim. Contact us today to learn how we can help bring back the self-esteem that a mastectomy can so often take away.

What to Expect after a Unilateral Mastectomy

When radiation and chemotherapy aren’t enough, ambulance sovaldi many women with breast cancer have to undergo unilateral mastectomies in order to have their cancerous breast tissue aggressively removed.  If you’ve been faced with taking this difficult and often frightening step towards recovery, sildenafil no rx it might be of some comfort to become mentally prepared ahead of time, cheap arming yourself with knowledge about what to expect after the procedure.\n\nDuring your procedure, an incision will be made in your breast.  Most mastectomy incisions are in the shape of an oval around the nipple, running across the width of the breast.  Your incision might be smaller or larger depending on the exact type of mastectomy you’re having.  Some incisions are only around the nipple areola, while others run across the entire breast.  Check with your doctor to be sure.\n\nMost women opt to have a breast reconstruction procedure immediately after their mastectomy.  If you have opted for this, you can expect to see a reconstructed breast after your bandages are removed, but you should be prepared to see a fair amount of scarring, particularly around the nipple.  The\nnipple on your reconstructed breast will not likely match the nipple on your natural breast.  Your next step should be to consult with the expert paramedical tattooing professionals at the Melany Whitney Center of Permanent Cosmetics regarding areola restoration.  Melany and the friendly and understanding staff at her New York and New Jersey area facility will work to help you regain the look of beautiful and matching breasts, along with your self confidence.

Paramedical Tattoo Creates 3-D Nipple on Reconstructed Breasts

\n\nWith advances in breast reconstruction surgery, sick there more women are choosing to fight cancer by having their entire breast removed instead of just the immediately affected tissue. They feel that when cancer is diagnosed, physician removal of the entire breast gives them the best chance of long-term health. By removing the entire breast, buy viagra women feel they are removing the opportunity for cancer to recur or spread. In fact, the emotional, physical and financial cost of fighting breast cancer and the constant worry of recurrence or spread has a growing number of women pressuring surgeons to remove healthy breasts as a preventive measure.\n\nMany women were shocked by Christina Applegate’s decision to have both healthy breasts removed two years ago when she discovered she carried a known genetic risk marker for breast cancer. But since then more than 9,000 women have followed her lead and had a healthy breast removed, according to a new study in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute.\n\nExpert permanent makeup artist Melany Whitney works closely with many breast cancer patients and their surgeons to help create real-looking breasts after mastectomy. Through her work with breast cancer patients, Melany has developed a unique paramedical tattooing technique that can create a real-looking three-dimensional nipple and areola on a reconstructed breast. Melany’s technique and artistry allow breast cancer survivors to feel confident and proud about their breasts after mastectomy.