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It’s easy to forget that permanent cosmetics isn’t entirely a gendered field. Men’s medical problems can sometimes have a permanent cosmetic solution. Quite notably, sildenafil discount micropigmentation – a form of permanent cosmetics – is on the rise for men who wish to turn their baldness into a closely shaved look.\n\n\n\nHow does it work?\n\nThe process is quite tedious. A small three-point needle implants pigment directly into the scalp. Where this gets to be lengthy and tiring is that incredibly tiny dots are tattooed across the entire bald head, no rx and must be spaced exactly to properly replicate a real shaved head.\n\nWhy choose it over hair transplants?\n\nYou might be thinking: \”why not just get hair transplants and have the illusion of a full head of hair?\” Consider how much less invasive micropigmentation is: there’s no surgery involved, buy cialis and pain isn’t in the equation either. It’s also thousands – or even tens of thousands – of dollars cheaper.\n\nHow bald do you have to be?\n\nTurns out this procedure is feasible for both men entering the balding stages and men who have gone completely bald. More than that, it offers a follow-up for men who have already had hair transplants. If the scars from this procedure are aesthetically unpleasing, the same techniques used in micropigmentation can be used to camouflage these scars.\n\nThe Whitney Center has tons of experiencing camouflaging the scars that hair transplant surgeries leave behind. Contact us today to learn how we can hide your scars forever.

Can Hair Transplant Scars Be Hidden?

\n\nMention that they’re starting to get “a little thin on top” and men are devastated. A few extra hairs in their hairbrush can send men into panic mode, best viagra cialis causing them to spend secret hours peering into the bathroom mirror, searching with dread for the first signs of hair loss. The psychological impact of hair loss on men should not be underestimated. According to StatisticBrain.com, 60% of men would rather have more hair than money or friends; 47% would trade their life savings for a full head of hair; and 30% would give up sex to get their hair back!\n\nFor men, male pattern baldness is no idle fear. According to the American Hair Loss Association, 25% of men start losing hair before age 21. By age 35, 66% of men have noticeably thinning hair; and by age 50, 85% of American men exhibit significantly thinning hair and some degree of baldness.\n\nWhile loss of attractiveness is certainly an issue, the repercussions of hair loss strike deep into the core of the male psyche, representing not only the unwelcome encroachment of old age but also the loss of virility. It’s no wonder that so many men turn to hair transplants to restore their appearance. However, as many men have discovered, hair transplants carry their own appearance risks. Harvesting can leave unsightly scars that shine an uncomfortable spotlight on choices men would rather keep private.\n\nScar camouflage by the Whitney Center’s expert medical tattoo technicians can hide hair transplant scars and keep your secret safe. A specialized form of cosmetic tattooing, scar camouflage requires advanced training and expert technical skills. But client satisfaction is also dependant on the technician’s artistic talent. Mixing pigment colors to precisely match a client’s unique skin tone requires advanced understanding of color theory, and blending pigments seamlessly into surrounding tissue to hide scarring requires an artist’s practiced eye. Whitey Center technicians are nationally recognized as experts in both cosmetic and medical tattooing. The premier scar camouflage experts in New York City and New Jersey, we have years of experience treating hair transplant scars. If you want to hide unsightly hair transplant scars, call us to schedule an expert consultation.

Boomer Men Are Using Brotox, Permanent Brows to Get Ahead at Work

They may be embarrassed about admitting it, cheap ampoule but baby boomer men are lining up for Botox and other cosmetic procedures that make them look younger. Botox has become so popular with men that it’s being marketed as \”Brotox\” to increase its masculine appeal. In just one year, see buy male demand for Botox and other dermal fillers has increased 6%; and cosmetic procedures for men have risen 22% over the past decade, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.\n\nEver since the metrosexual movement, men have been more attuned to their appearance. But experts say interest in age-erasing cosmetic procedures is driven by competition in the workplace. It takes people 55 and older nearly twice as long as younger workers to find employment, according to AARP.\n

\”Appearance matters in a job search,\” John Challenger of global outplacement company Challenger, Gray & Christmas told MarketWatch.com.

\nWith their careers on the line, boomer men are undergoing minimally invasive Botox and filler treatments to banish age-defining lines and wrinkles. What men may not realize is that Botox alone may not be enough to give them the youthful appearance they seek. Poorly defined eyebrows, brows that have become sparse with age and graying brows add years to a man’s face. Permanent eyebrows for men can redefine brows, giving them the thick, dark, lush, commanding look of youth and giving you a competitive edge in the work place.

Do Men Want Permanent Makeup?

When you think of the word “makeup” you automatically think of women and their war chest full of gear that will make them look beautiful both day and night.  Some men may not want to admit it, viagra sale sovaldi but secretly, find ed they want to look good just like women do.  Many men struggle with the effects of aging just like women do.  Women have ways to hide their aging imperfections, but for men it is not quite as easy.  The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics in NY, NJ or NYC helps many men who are facing the signs of aging have a smoother transition.\n\nWe specialize in cosmetic and paramedical solutions that will enhance your appearance permanently.  Taking a more subtle approach than we do with our women clients, our trained artists will be able to transform eyebrows, lips, and lashes erasing the signs of aging while enhancing a man’s masculine look.  We also specialize in camouflaging hair loss, transplant scars, facelift scars, surgery scars, and we can improve the color and definition of a cleft palate by using permanent cosmetics.\n\nStop by our website to see more information about what The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics can do for our men clientele.

How Permanent Is Semi-Permanent Make-up?

There are rumors and claims of “semi-permanent” cosmetics and permanent make-up being offered to customers.  Some artists claim that their semi-permanent applications last only six months, viagra canada help while others say that they last for years.  Permanent makeup specialists in NYC know first-hand that these claims are false.\n\nHere are the plain and simple facts…\n\nOnce you place any permanent cosmetic pigments under the skin, it is there for the duration.  permanent cosmetic pigments are permanent, unless you undergo a procedure to have the pigment removed. Some people who sell the semi-permanent service may tell you that the pigment will fade over time.  When the pigment is initially placed under the skin, there is some fading during the healing process, but the pigment will not fade additionally over time.  There are no magical semi-permanent cosmetic pigments that disappear or fade as time goes on.\n\nSome people say that that the permanent cosmetic pigment will eventually wash away.  Not true!  Once the pigment is under your skin, it is there to stay because the pigment is implanted into the second layer of your skin.\n\nPermanent makeup specialists in NYC at The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics will be able to properly apply your true permanent makeup with the skill that only years of training and expertise can lend.  Don’t be fooled by others selling “semi-permanent” make-up.  There is no such thing, unless you want someone to draw with a marker!

Permanent Makeup Applications for Men

Men can enhance their look or take years off of their appearance using permanent cosmetics.  Men are often looking for a more subtle and undetectable look than women when it comes to cosmetic enhancement.  The advanced techniques used by The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics have made getting an improved, ed rx yet natural look possible for men in New Jersey, sildenafil order New York, ask and around the world.  Men can use permanent makeup to enhance the following key areas:\n\nEyebrows – Eyebrow enhancement is one of the most popular permanent cosmetic procedures for men.  Permanent cosmetics can provide more distinguished eyebrows to frame the face and restore the look of once prominent, strong, youthful, and masculine brows.  The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics uses a special single hairline feather stroke application to add density while maintaining a natural appearance.   \n\nEyelashes – Men also sometimes choose to use permanent makeup for eyelash enhancement.  Permanent cosmetics are a great solution for restoring a more youthful and awake, yet masculine look.  Special techniques by permanent makeup artist Melany Whitney provide only natural looking enhancement to bring out “eye appeal.”   \n\nLips – For men, permanent cosmetics are a great solution for correcting scars, discoloration, or unevenness around lips.  Correcting lip line asymmetry is even possible through the use of permanent cosmetics.