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Are Medical Tattoos Really Permanent?

Medical or paramedical tattooing is the permanent placement of a tattoo for medical and cosmetic purposes.\n\nThis is a form of permanent cosmetics used to color and enhance the skin. The paramedical tattooing process is used extensively to color hypopigmentation in the whitened areas of the skin. The process is used on people of all skin types and colors to even out the skin tones or to cover scars or other imperfections.\n\nThe tattoo technicians match the skin tones by applying the flesh pigmentation to the designated white areas. If the color fades over time, ed the client can return for a refresh application.\n\nParamedical tattooing is often used in breast reconstruction surgery, order  restoring the areola around the nipple to its natural appearance. The experienced medical tattoo artist works with the patient and surgeon to find the right skin colors and size for this part of breast reconstruction.\n\nPermanent tattoos are also used for enhanced cosmetic appearance. This includes eyebrows for people with very light hair in their eyebrow area. A permanent tattoo of eyeliner eliminates the need for applying it everyday. Many people in the entertainment business and modeling come to us at the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics for this procedure. We can also apply permanent lip color. Complete permanent face make-up is also available using the tattoo process.\n\nMen use our services for scar and hair transplant harvesting site coverage. They also request permanent eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing.\n\nThe experienced professional tattoo artists at the Whitney Center work privately with clients in our centers in New York and Florida. Call us today for your consultation.


A recent New York Post article features the work of The Whitney Center. The piece, prescription ampoule in its exploration of permanent cosmetics, uses our lip enhancement prowess as an example. Here, we offer more details about how we go about permanently coloring and defining lips.\n\n\n\nPainless pleasure\n\nWe use a medical grade topical, so our clients experience little to no pain or discomfort. This is thanks to our use of a traditional coil machine, which uses only one needle. The process is relatively quick too, lasting just an hour and a half, although the follow-up can take another hour.\n\nA follow-up?\n\nUsually, clients are invited back for a follow-up a month after the initial procedure. Furthermore, although full lip color will last many years, even the best-done procedures might need a touch up or refresher five to seven years afterwards. Clients are made aware of this before agreeing to the procedure.\n\nClient openness\n\nWe make sure to tell our clients exactly what to expect when they sign up for the procedure.  Everything from aftercare, both immediately following the procedure and in the long term, is discussed from the start. Being upfront with our clients assures their comfort, an underrated factor in a positive permanent cosmetics experience.\n\nLooking to bring out the most vivid color in your lips, each and every day of your life? Our services may be the right long-term investment for you. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

Big Lips Are Sexy but Beware of Too Much Botox

\n\nPeople with a small nose, site viagra big eyes and voluptuous lips are considered the most sexually attractive by both men and women, for sale according to a University of Louisville study. Psychologist Michael Cunningham has spent years studying human attractiveness with particular focus on the role facial symmetry plays in determining attraction. In recent studies he has been working to quantify the precise size and positioning of each facial feature in relation to other features to determine a mathematical formula for sexual attractiveness.\n\nCunningham has discovered that minute differences matter where beauty is concerned. For example, Cunningham’s studies have found that “the ideal mouth was half or 50% the width of the face at mouth level; if that percentage varied by as little as 10 points, the face was rated as less attractive.”\n\nOf course, the mouth is only part of the equation. Eyes and nose must also be considered; but the mouth plays an outsized role in perceptions of attractiveness. Cunningham has found that lip size plays a key role in determining sexual attractiveness. Up to a point, bigger is better, a sentiment that has fueled the popularity of Botox lip enhancements in the U.S. But overuse of Botox – think “trout lips” or “Jagger lips” — can quickly turn an otherwise attractive face unattractive.\n\nWhere Botox fails, permanent makeup experts can enhance lip size, shape and color, improve facial symmetry and create lasting beauty. We’ll tell you how next time.

How Permanent Makeup Can Make You Facebook Photo Ready

The popularity of photo sharing on social media means we are all just one click away from internet fame. With New Jersey permanent makeup you’ll never be caught with your “face down.” Here’s how permanent makeup NYC can ensure you’ll always have your best face forward.\n

  • Create perfect brows. A strong brow line adds structure to your face and a well-defined arch lifts and opens the eyes. Permanent eyebrows, purchase levitra artistically-created by Whitney Center experts, sildenafil mind can add depth, see color, shape and fullness to pale or thin brows, giving you a more dramatic presence in Instagram photos.
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  • Emphasize your eyes. Artistically-applied permanent eye liner focuses photo attention on your eyes, brightening your face so it appears more youthful and animated. Whitney Center permanent makeup artists are expert at creating perfectly shaped brows and matching eyebrow colors to your skin tone. Add mascara and eye shadow and you’re ready for the social media spotlight!
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  • Brighten and shape lips. Your lips will look full and sensual in Facebook snaps with permanent lip color. Our permanent makeup artists can help you choose the perfect lip color to enhance your skin tone or can work with you to create a signature color. Permanent makeup can also reshape thin or asymmetrical lips to give them fuller, more sensuous curves.
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Makeup Impaired? Permanent Makeup to the Rescue!

Beautiful women seem to be everywhere; but if you don’t see a beautiful woman when you look in the mirror, cialis sale generic you may be makeup impaired. Feeling awkward about wielding a makeup brush is nothing to be ashamed of. Permanent makeup by South Florida’s premier expert Melany Whitney can solve your problem and give you confidence in your appearance 24/7.\n\nAll the beautiful women on movies and television and in fashion magazines seem to have created a warped reality in which women are expected to be born knowing how to use makeup. The reality, 0f course, is that many women are makeup impaired and lack self-confidence in the makeup department. Some women joke that they simply weren’t born with the \”makeup gene,\” but it’s more likely that they never learned how to apply makeup appropriately or tailor makeup to enhance their unique personal beauty.\n\nHowever, makeup application is only part technical skill; it is also art. Most women can master basic makeup application techniques with practice. For those who want to move beyond the basics, professional makeup artists reveal many of their special tips and tricks in magazine articles and YouTube videos. But creating a truly stunning and polished appearance requires more than good technique, it requires the talent and vision of an exceptional permanent makeup artist like Melany Whitney. Anyone can slap paint on a canvas but only a true artist can create a masterpiece. Schedule your appointment with Melany today.

Permanent Makeup Adds Missing Beauty Quotient to Plastic Surgery

\n\nDespite promises that a face lift will make you look 10 years younger, sale troche a plastic surgery study found that the truth is closer to three years. And while plastic surgery can remove physical signs of aging from your face — smooth wrinkles, medicine plump lines and remove excess skin — it does almost nothing to increase attractivenessFlorida permanent makeup adds that missing beauty quotient so that you look both younger and more attractive.\n\nApplied by Boca Raton permanent makeup artist Melany Whitney, malady permanent makeup can make you look not only younger but prettier by helping minimize signs of aging while enhancing your natural beauty.\n

  • Permanent lip color deeps natural lip color, giving your lips the rosy glow of youth. Melany can also redefine your lip line, adding youthful fullness and correcting any irregularities. The result is lush, full, beautiful lips without lipstick.
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  • Permanent eyebrows Properly shaped eyebrows frame and open the eyes, giving your face a youthful lift. Melany can also deepen the color of fading brows and bring youthful fullness to thinning brows.
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  • Permanent eyeliner defines your eyes; giving them the big, bright look of youth and making your lashes appear youthfully thick and full.
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\nFor a more youthful appearance, let your plastic surgeon take care of the physical nips and tucks; but count on Melany’s artistic application of permanent makeup to add the finishing touches and ensure that you look not only younger but also more beautiful.