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How to Get Kissable Lips, Not Ugly Trout Pout

Since Angelina Jolie stormed onto the silver screen as the Laura Croft in black leather and blue steel, treat patient plumped lips have been the rage in Hollywood. Sure, physician pills we know Brad Pitt’s main squeeze has well-developed acting chomps, treatment but it was the adventurous Laura Croft in Tomb Raider that shot Jolie’s star — and her pouty lips — soaring into the celebrity stratosphere. Angie’s sexy pucker may be the real deal; but when stars turn to Botox to copy her signature poufy pucker, they often wind up with an ugly trout pout. Click the links to check out these \”what was she thinking?\” pics of pop wreck Lindsay Lohan’s fugly pout and Boston Legal’s Saffron Burrows’ bee sting pucker.\n\nWe understand the desire to look young and beautiful, but a Botox-injected pouf pout is not the answer. No one wants fish lips — or wants to kiss them. By cleverly accenting or correcting your natural lip line, permanent makeup can give you the gorgeous, full, youthful lips you desire — without the risk of hideous trout pout. Permanent lips artistically created by permanent cosmetics expert Melany Whitney augment your natural beauty. Thin lips can be made fuller. Too much fullness can be de-emphasized. Irregular lip lines can be perfectly defined. Permanent makeup lip enhancements include permanent lip liner and full lip color. With permanent lips, you know your lips are sexy, gorgeous — and kissable — 24 hours a day.

Play Up Your Classic Beauty With Permanent Makeup

Let’s face it. Face, viagra clinic hair or figure, viagra certain female physical traits have been considered as classic beauty by our culture for centuries.  Tastes change and politics change. But some things remain the same.\n\nTake hair. We’ve had feminists, mullets and mohawks. Yet most people – male and female – still consider long flowing tresses to be a key part of feminine allure.  Venus on that half shell and Mona Lisa both have long locks just like Brigitte Bardot and Beyonce.\n\nScientists who have studied trait preferences will tell you it’s because long hair symbolizes youth and vitality. Males are programmed to be attracted to ladies with long hair, large eyes, rosy lips and symmetrical figures.\n\nScientists will further tell you that all of this is because the attracting traits that signify a young female indicate fertility. It’s those genes talking. But the funny thing is even if a guy doesn’t want any heirs, he’s still attracted to long hair and all the rest.\n\nSo why not just follow the rules of attraction?  To turn heads, simply let your hair down and augment your lips, eyes and eyebrows with permanent makeup.\n\nToday’s magnificent lip colors will make your lips look beautiful, soft and natural, just as if you were born that way. No need for that painted lipstick look although you can always put lipstick on over permanent color when you want extra drama. Add some permanent eyeliner and brows, and you’re putting you’re best face forward.  Fluff your hair to its fullest potential. And voila, you’re a classic beauty.

How to Get That Summer Glow

We all know that tanning is a no-no. Today’s tan is tomorrow’s wrinkled skin, discount tadalafil not to mention skin cancer. But we all still want that bronze-y summer glow. Here’s how the celebrities do it. And you just know that they’re adding permanent make-up for that extra oomph.\n\nCoppery Lips\n\nA glimmering bronze lip looks young and fresh, viagra but still elegant. Paired with tousled hair like Kate Hudson’s, it’s unfussy and perfectly thrown together.\n\nGolden Cheeks\n\nStrategically placed bronzer enhances Eva Longoria Parker’s delicate cheekbones while focusing light on her almond-shaped eyes. \”When used like blush, bronzer adds structure,\” says celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin. \”Neutral shades on eyes and mouth create a modern, monochromatic finish.\”\n\nBronze Lids\n\nLeighton Meester’s deep brown eyes and peaches-and-cream complexion get an instant boost from shimmering 24kt lids. Rose-gold tones are warm and sensual. It’s a shade that brings out highlights and complements this season’s stylish summer dresses.\n\nFaux Tan\n\nThe ultimate bronzed bombshell, Jennifer Lopez has perfected an all-over glow. To get the look, apply color in one sweeping motion over brow bones, cheeks, and jawline. It leaves a soft, refined, halo-like finish.\n\nRadiant Decolletage\n\nCelebrity make-up artists agree. Jessica Biel nails this flawless look. How to do it? Maintain uniform color above and below the neck, then add dimension by highlighting the collarbone with a hint of shimmer.\n\nGleaming Limbs\n\nWhether or not your arms and legs are as long and fit as Charlize Theron’s, there’s no arguing that they’ll look even more toned when sun-kissed. One shade deeper than your natural skin tone is perfect for a night out without overdoing it.

Everyday’s a Good Day with Permanent Makeup

We’ve all had bad hair days. No matter how long you spend in front of the mirror struggling with brush and mousse and curling iron, case viagra you just can’t get your hair to look right. Bad hair can completely ruin your day. The ugliness you perceive in the mirror seems to permeate every thought and act. When you don’t look your best, diagnosis you don’t feel as confident, ask as in command, or as sure of yourself. You can tell yourself that this is shallow thinking and that the way you look doesn’t change who you are, but no inner pep talk can change the feeling that, today, you feel ugly!\n\nWhile permanent makeup won’t solve your morning hair dilemma, it will give you the self-confidence of knowing that your makeup is perfectly and artfully applied every minute of every day. Without checking the mirror, you will know that you look your absolute best at all times. Your brows will be artfully defined, your eyeliner perfectly applied and your lips full and lush. With permanent makeup you wake up looking as gorgeous as you did when you closed your eyes the night before. And all without the tedious, time-consuming skin care regimens required to put on and take off makeup. A simple cleansing and moisturizing morning and night and you’re ready for whatever the day — or night — brings!  \n\nPermanent makeup can be applied to a single feature or a combination of features. A full face enhancement can even add permanent cheek color and eye shadow. Permanent cosmetics can enhance your most striking features and correct imperfections that eat away at your self-esteem. Permanent makeup is like having a perfect hair day every day. Because you know you always look your best, you always feel self-confident and self-assured.

Permanent Makeup Augments Self-Confidence

Some women seem to have a certain commanding presence. No matter where they are or what they’re doing, viagra usa try they stand out in a crowd. Your eye just seems to be drawn toward them. It’s not really a matter of beauty, though many are attractive; it’s more that they exude an aura of complete self-confidence. I noticed a woman like this across the gym floor the other day. Like the rest of us, she was working hard, sweat glistening on her face. But unlike the women to either side of her who looked tired and haggard from exertion, this woman looked radiant, her cheeks glowing, her eyes sparkling, her lips curved with pleasure. In a room full of many attractive and many younger women, this particular woman stood out and commanded attention.\n\nIf permanent makeup can keep you looking fresh, calm, collected and in control in the middle of a strenuous workout, think what it can do for you during a board room presentation. With permanent cosmetics you know you look your best whether you’re whirling away in spinning class or making a killer presentation to the firm’s top client. You never have to worry about your makeup. When you’ve added permanent cosmetics to your beauty regime, you know your brows are perfect, your eyeliner expert and your lips beautiful every hour of the day. There is no better boost to your self-esteem than knowing that you always look your best.\n\nThe Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics specializes in the artistic application of permanent cosmetics to enhance your natural beauty. Our expert board-certified permanent cosmetic professional, Melany Whitney, is a nationally recognized expert in permanent makeup. Recently featured on NBC Today, CNN and Entertainment Tonight, Melany Whitney is recognized as the national \”Voice of Permanent Makeup.\” To find out more about how permanent cosmetics can enhance your natural beauty, please visit the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics website.