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How Permanent Is Semi-Permanent Make-up?

There are rumors and claims of “semi-permanent” cosmetics and permanent make-up being offered to customers.  Some artists claim that their semi-permanent applications last only six months, viagra canada help while others say that they last for years.  Permanent makeup specialists in NYC know first-hand that these claims are false.\n\nHere are the plain and simple facts…\n\nOnce you place any permanent cosmetic pigments under the skin, it is there for the duration.  permanent cosmetic pigments are permanent, unless you undergo a procedure to have the pigment removed. Some people who sell the semi-permanent service may tell you that the pigment will fade over time.  When the pigment is initially placed under the skin, there is some fading during the healing process, but the pigment will not fade additionally over time.  There are no magical semi-permanent cosmetic pigments that disappear or fade as time goes on.\n\nSome people say that that the permanent cosmetic pigment will eventually wash away.  Not true!  Once the pigment is under your skin, it is there to stay because the pigment is implanted into the second layer of your skin.\n\nPermanent makeup specialists in NYC at The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics will be able to properly apply your true permanent makeup with the skill that only years of training and expertise can lend.  Don’t be fooled by others selling “semi-permanent” make-up.  There is no such thing, unless you want someone to draw with a marker!

My Sister’s Keeper

The new summer movie, thumb sale \”My Sister’s Keeper, tadalafil try \” puts out there on the big screen what people look like when they undergo chemotherapy.  In the film, the older of two girls in a family has leukemia and the younger sues to stop having to donate her body parts to keep her sister alive. The sister with the illness is realistically shown with no hair, eyelashes or eyebrows.\n\nAs often supportive friends and family do, the mother in the movie, played by Cameron Diaz, shaves her own hair so she will be bald like her cancer-stricken daughter. But she still is Cameron Diaz and still looks beautiful. She still has her striking eyebrows and eyelashes. People undergoing chemotherapy don’t. And it can make the ordeal even more devastating. Especially for women who in our culture continue to have a premium placed on their looks.\n\nPermanent makeup can help give anyone facing chemotherapy – a child, man or woman – the chance to feel better about themselves when they look in the mirror. And they deserve every bit of feeling better that they can get. Applied by a professional, permanent makeup can give them eyebrows and eyes that help them look like their former selves.\n\nIt may be better for someone who has cancer to have permanent makeup applied before chemotherapy or in the early stages of treatment to reduce stress and promote healing. A doctor’s release should be provided. Alternatively, with approval of the physician, permanent makeup can be applied in the midst of a course of chemotherapy during an off-week when no chemo drugs are administered. Advance approval of the doctor is recommended for all attendees before enrolling in the clinic.

Travel Beauty – It’s in the Bag

When you’re traveling, viagra sale health it doesn’t make sense to pack your whole makeup bag. Here’s how the experts travel light.\n\nWhen it comes to packing up a beauty bag for a few days or a week away, tadalafil no one does it better than a makeup artist. These experts are always on the go and can be found on desert islands with just a tube of gloss and still manage to make someone look gorgeous. How do they do it?  Basics, say the experts at MAC. You’ll need a few basics such as mascara, lip gloss and a base for the skin, then everything else should be dual-purpose.\n\nA good moisturizer is essential, so choose one that you can wear a little or a lot of depending on what your skin needs at any given time. You can also mix moisturizer with your usual foundation or concealer to create a lightweight base that’s more comfortable and beats the parched, dry air of an airplane. For lips, mix lip balm with lip color to create a variety of textures from ultra sheer for day to more intense for the evening.\n\nWaterproof mascara is another favorite. It’s perfect in all climates. Also creamy blushers to give skin a beautiful radiance.\n\nAlso make sure to schedule an appointment with an experienced permanent makeup professional several weeks before your departure date.  That’s the best way to lighten your travel makeup bag and still look fabulous 24/7 on your vacation getaway.

How to Get That Summer Glow

We all know that tanning is a no-no. Today’s tan is tomorrow’s wrinkled skin, discount tadalafil not to mention skin cancer. But we all still want that bronze-y summer glow. Here’s how the celebrities do it. And you just know that they’re adding permanent make-up for that extra oomph.\n\nCoppery Lips\n\nA glimmering bronze lip looks young and fresh, viagra but still elegant. Paired with tousled hair like Kate Hudson’s, it’s unfussy and perfectly thrown together.\n\nGolden Cheeks\n\nStrategically placed bronzer enhances Eva Longoria Parker’s delicate cheekbones while focusing light on her almond-shaped eyes. \”When used like blush, bronzer adds structure,\” says celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin. \”Neutral shades on eyes and mouth create a modern, monochromatic finish.\”\n\nBronze Lids\n\nLeighton Meester’s deep brown eyes and peaches-and-cream complexion get an instant boost from shimmering 24kt lids. Rose-gold tones are warm and sensual. It’s a shade that brings out highlights and complements this season’s stylish summer dresses.\n\nFaux Tan\n\nThe ultimate bronzed bombshell, Jennifer Lopez has perfected an all-over glow. To get the look, apply color in one sweeping motion over brow bones, cheeks, and jawline. It leaves a soft, refined, halo-like finish.\n\nRadiant Decolletage\n\nCelebrity make-up artists agree. Jessica Biel nails this flawless look. How to do it? Maintain uniform color above and below the neck, then add dimension by highlighting the collarbone with a hint of shimmer.\n\nGleaming Limbs\n\nWhether or not your arms and legs are as long and fit as Charlize Theron’s, there’s no arguing that they’ll look even more toned when sun-kissed. One shade deeper than your natural skin tone is perfect for a night out without overdoing it.

Permanent Make-Up and Weddings II: Picture Perfect

Finding a humidity-proof hairdo for a summer wedding can be a challenge. Get inspired by the gorgeous red-carpet styles of stars like Becki Newton and Eva Longoria Parker and find a ‘do that will keep you looking picture perfect from the walk down the aisle through the reception send-off.\n\nA lot of time and detail went into choosing your dress, here see ring, viagra sale flowers, and even your hairstyle. Don’t let your makeup take a backseat. Take the time to go through magazines and pull out makeup styles that you really like, even tear out the ones you really hate.  It could be how a certain feature is played up, or that great lipstick color, or how the skin glows, or even how they used way too much eyeliner. All this is easy to say and show with pictures. It helps tremendously to show you what you like with pictures rather than endlessly describing it. This gives anyone helping you, whether it’s a make-up artist or your best friend or a salesperson at department store counter, the best way to see what you like and don’t like. Remember, two people’s ideas of pink lipstick could be completely different. There is a lot of truth in the adage that says \”a picture is worth a thousand words.” It really gives a lot more information with a visual sense.\n\nWith all the variables, getting permanent makeup will relieve you of some of the nerve-wracking guesswork. Permanent eyeliner, lip liner and eyebrows can go a long way toward making the big day really picture perfect.

How Hot Female Athletes Look Good On Camera

What do Ann Kournikova, site viagra Mia Hamm, viagra sale prostate Steffi Graff, Amanda Beard and Sasha Cohen have in common?  They’re all celebrity athletes – and they’re all gorgeous.\n\nHow do they look so good when they’re swinging a tennis racket, kicking a soccer ball, swimming laps or doing figure eights?\n\nFor one thing, their sports keep their shapes in good shape. But they’re making other smart choices, too.\n\nConsider athletic hairstyles. Athletic hairstyles are typically hairstyles that allow the hair to be kept out of the face of the athlete, while still maintaining some style. Athletic hairstyles can be long, medium, or short to extremely short.\n\nThe most common athletic hairstyles worn by female athletes are typically ponytails and other pulled back styles. These styles are easy to maintain and can be dressed up almost instantly for going from the gym to the dinner table with a quick shower between.\n\nAnother common athletic hairstyle is the bob, since it is easy to pull back in a hair band or other restraint. This style is quick and easy to change and care for. The bob, a classic, is considered one of the most versatile hairstyles ever. It can be dressed down by leaving it plain, made athletic with a headband or dressed up by adding a jeweled bobby-pin.\n\nHair that is too short to swing into the face is also popular with female athletes. These hairstyles allow for some hair, but not so much that it gets in the way. Often, when off the field, the hair is spiked or slicked back to provide a more hip look.\n\nPermanent makeup can also be part of a female athlete’s bag of tricks. They can always look gorgeous when the cameras close in. And with permanent makeup they have no worries about makeup running from sweat and chlorine which not only looks icky, but can interfere with their vision and cost them a win.