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Permanent Makeup Adds Beauty After Cosmetic Surgery

If your plans to look fabulous during the holidays at parties and in family photos include rejuvenating your appearance with a little nip-tuck from your friendly plastic surgeon, pills try you might want to consider pairing your cosmetic procedure with a permanent makeup appointment at the Whitney Center. Most women chose to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance and increase their attractiveness, unhealthy but the results are often disappointing.\n\nWhile plastic surgery can remove wrinkles, lines, sagging skin and other signs of aging; it doesn’t generally make you look more attractive. As a recent study on plastic surgery results concluded, \”patients didn’t have a change in attractiveness.\” Study leader Dr. A. Joshua Zimm said that after their procedures 60% of plastic surgery patients only received a beauty rating of 4 to 6 on a scale of 10.\n\nUnlike plastic surgery, permanent makeup NJ is all about improving your attractiveness. Pairing permanent makeup with cosmetic surgery delivers the best of both worlds. Plastic surgery turns back the clock and permanent cosmetics enhance your natural beauty. Our permanent makeup artists are expert in camouflaging plastic surgery scars. Using micropigmentation and expert color matching, our technicians can seamlessly blend surgery scars into the surrounding tissue, making them disappear from view.\n\nOur experienced permanent makeup artists are also expert at correcting facial imperfections and enhancing facial features to improve appearance. By scheduling permanent makeup after cosmetic surgery, you can feel young and beautiful during the holiday season.

Look Your Best on Social Media with Permanent Makeup

Social media is like a spotlight that never goes out. In this day of instant posting and constant photo sharing, nurse sildenafil even movie stars and celebrities admired for their beauty have a tough time looking fabulous 24/7. Facebook and Instagram have made us painfully conscious of how we look to the point that a growing number of women are having plastic surgery to improve they way they look on social media. \n\nAccording to an annual poll conducted by the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery, last year social media photo sharing accounted for a 31% increase in facial cosmetic surgery procedures. Two-thirds of the women undergoing facial plastic surgery to improve their social media appearance are mothers their 40s and 50s.\n

\”We live in a very visual world, and have come to expect that we will be ‘Googled’ or ‘Facebooked’ even before actually meeting someone socially or professionally,\” plastic surgeon Dr. Stan Rizk told Time magazine. \”Between high definition television, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, how you look in photos and video clips has definitely become a driver for all cosmetic procedures.\”

\nDespite their desire to always look their best, many women find surgery to be an unnecessarily extreme solution to appearance problems. Reports of \”frozen faces\” and unnatural expressions have left many women gun-shy about p0lastic surgery. Fortunately, you don’t have to go under the knife to look fabulous. Permanent cosmetics NJ can make sure you look beautiful and photo ready 24/7.\n\n 

Permanent Makeup Adds Finishing Touch to Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery business is booming, look viagra driven in large part by Baby Boomers who want to banish signs of aging and look as young on the outside as they feel inside. And the trend isn’t limited to women anxious to banish wrinkles and turn back the clock; an increasing number of men are undergoing cosmetic surgery. With longevity increasing, ampoule many people are choosing to continue working past typical retirement age; and they are finding that a more youthful appearance makes them more competitive in the workplace.\n\nWhat most people don’t realize is that while plastic surgery can turn back the hands of time, tightening skin and smoothing away wrinkles; it doesn’t necessarily make you look more attractive. Even the best plastic surgery procedures usually leave small scars that can call unwanted attention to your pursuit of youth, detracting from your new appearance and undermining your self-confidence. But plastic surgery is a big picture approach to appearance and is not designed to create a flawless finish that restores beauty as well as youth.\n\nHappily, experienced permanent makeup artists expert in the specialized techniques of paramedical tattooing can camouflage cosmetic surgery scars, blending them seamlessly into surrounding skin tissue. Just as important, they can use permanent makeup to enhance cosmetic surgery, adding youthful shape and color to facial features to create a beautifully finished appearance.\n\nVisit our website to find out more about our expert scar camouflage, paramedical tattooing and permanent makeup services in New Jersey, New York City and South Florida.

New Study: Plastic Surgery Doesn’t Keep Promise of Youth and Beauty

Plastic surgery promises to make you look more beautiful and years younger, physician no rx but a surprising new study found that patients are getting less than they are promised. According to the New York Times, ambulance rather than the \”10 years younger\” often promised in advertisements, most cosmetic surgery patients only shave an average three years off their age and the majority achieve no real measurable gain in attractiveness.\n\nPublished on the professional plastic surgery journal website JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery Network, the study by practicing plastic surgeons was the first to attempt to quantify attractiveness. In the study, independent viewers used before-and-after photos to grade the age and attractiveness of plastic surgery patients.\n

 \”It’s a big deal that a study is presenting a negative finding,\” Dr. Eric Swanson, a Kansas plastic surgeon, told the New York Times. \”They are saying that patients didn’t have a change in attractiveness.\”

\nStudy leader Dr. A. Joshua Zimm, a Manhattan facial plastic surgeon, admitted his surprise at the study results and the \”insignificant finding for attractiveness.\” On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most beautiful, Zimm told the Times that 60% of study participants gave plastic surgery patients a rating of only 4 to 6.\n\nRather than paying high fees for plastic surgery that achieves questionable results, women should consider Permanent Cosmetics NJ. Permanent cosmetics improve attractiveness by enhancing your natural features and camouflaging small flaws that detract from your appearance. The results are a more beautiful you!

Permanent Makeup Is the Only Makeup You Should Wear to Bed

We were shocked to read that celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury sleeps in her makeup! A beauty in her own right, generic viagra order Charlotte is the guardian of some of the world’s most beautiful faces. Rihanna, cialis sale generic Kate Moss and Penelope Cruz are among her celebrity clients. So we understand Charlotte’s desire to look beautifully made up whenever she’s in the public eye, but even in the privacy of her own home? Skin care experts would say she’s going too far.\n\nCharlotte would disagree. She feels it’s as important to look beautiful in your private moments as during public appearances. In an interview with The Times of London, Charlotte said her husband has never seen her without her makeup on.\n

\”It’s a mystique thing. Why should he stop thinking of me as glorious all the time?\”

\nBut even during childbirth? Yes, and Charlotte revealed that she reapplied her makeup before she held her newborn son.\n\nWhat Happens When You Wear Makeup to Bed\n\nWhile we agree with the sentiment — women can look fabulous 24/7 — we question Charlotte’s method. Charlotte does remove her makeup every night, but immediately reapplies it, flying in the face of medical wisdom. Dermatologists recommend removing makeup at night to give the skin a chance to breathe. Wearing makeup to bed interferes with the skin’s natural exfoliation process and can clog pores, causing blemishes and inflammation.\n\nPermanent Makeup Offers 24/7 Beauty\n\nSomeone needs to tell Charlotte about Florida permanent makeup. The only makeup that’s safe to wear all day and all night, permanent makeup enhances your beauty without damaging skin health.

Shine in Instagram Pics with These Makeup Tips

\n\nSummer is full of photo ops. Vacations, discount clinic weddings, pills family get-togethers, trips to the beach and a host of other summertime activities create special memories we want to capture and share. The popularity of posting photos to Facebook has made us all more aware of our appearance, but Instagram means there’s no time for photo retouching. With the click of a smartphone, your face could pop up on dozens of screens at any moment!\n\nWith artistically-applied Florida permanent makeup by Melany Whitney, you can be confident that you look beautiful in every Instagram photo. For perfect summer snaps, try these makeup tips:\n

  • Stop T-zone shine. Summer heat can produce an oily shine, particularly in the T-zone, that can produce an unattractive glare in photos. Unfortunately, shimmery summer makeup colors only enhance shine. Shimmery makeup also has a greater tendency to cling to fine lines and creases, making you look older than you are. Keep oil-blotting papers handy and use matte makeup to banish a shiny T-zone.
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  • Prime before makeup. Using primer before applying face or eye makeup gives your face a smoother appearance, keeps shine under control, minimizes the appearance of fine lines or large pores and keeps your makeup in place.
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  • Set your makeup. On hot, humid days, you’re better off switching your foundation for a lightly-tinted moisturizer to minimize caking. On the days when you do wear foundation, set makeup with loose powder to reduce caking and spritz with finishing spray.
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