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Men Turn to Permanent Makeup to Regain Competitive Edge in Workplace

\n\nIf you’ve reached middle age, advice check you know how much harder it is to keep your competitive edge in the work place. Workers in their 40s and 50s used to be considered at the top of their game and were in high demand for their knowledge and experience, store prostate but that changed with the Great Recession. “Older workers” – which (surprise!) are now defined as anyone age 40 and older — are struggling to compete against up-and-coming younger colleagues and keep their jobs. And if you’re past 40 and do get laid off, you will probably spend twice as long hunting for a new job as your younger 30-something colleagues.\n\nThere is Subtle Workplace Youth Bias\n\nThe workplace bias toward youth hardly seems fair, especially coming as it does at a time when the population is aging, life expectancies are increasing and more people would like to keep working longer. To maintain their competitive edge in the work place, men in their 40s and 50s are finding that maintaining a youthful appearance has become as critical a “job skill” as keeping up with new technology.\n\nStart Doing Image Management\n\nIt’s no coincidence that skin care and makeup products for men are big business today. The advantage of a youthful appearance hasn’t been lost on savvy businessmen. In pursuit of a fitter, more youthful image, more men are getting hair transplants, dying their hair, watching their weight, hitting the gym, and stopping by the plastic surgeon to banish wrinkles with Botox or slim down with liposuction. At the Whitney Center, we are also seeing more New York City and New Jersey men seeking cosmetic enhancements and medical tattooing to improve or rejuvenate their appearance.\n\nGet a Younger Looking You!\n\nSmall adjustments in appearance can often have a significant impact.\n\nHere are just a few of the services popular with our male clients:\n\n• Improve the appearance and shape of eyebrows, making them look fuller, darker and more youthful.\n\n• Rejuvenate lip appearance by giving lips the dark, full appearance of youth.\n\n• Camouflage hair transplant scars.\n\n• Fill in thinning scalps or improve beard appearance with our hair-stroke tattoo technique.\n\nWith some help from our Whitney Center experts, you can look younger. Visit our special site for men to find out how permanent makeup for men can give you the competitive edge you need to succeed!

Fight Age Bias; Rejuvenate Your Appearance with Permanent Makeup

It may be illegal, patient medical but age bias still plays a prominent role in who gets hired. Finding a job after age 50 is no picnic. Consider these statistics from a recent survey of over-50 workers conducted by the Associated Press and University of Chicago NORC Center for Public Affairs Research:\n

  • 69% of older job seekers say there are few jobs available to them.
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  • 63% of older workers say it’s hard to find jobs that pay a livable wage.
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  • 53% of plus-50 job hunters say it’s a struggle to find jobs with adequate benefits.
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  • 20% of those surveyed said they had personally experienced age bias. Age bias reports increased to 28% for Asian, viagra sale viagra Latino and African American workers.
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\nAs noted in our last post, cialis boomer men are turning to Botox and other cosmetic fillers to erase age-defining lines and wrinkles. But age bias in the work place isn’t limited to older men. Women in their 50s and beyond also find themselves struggling to compete for jobs against younger women.\n\nThe news isn’t all doom and gloom. As MarketWatch points out, many older workers find their experience and services in demand. It’s getting past age bias to get the job that seems most frustrating. Numerous NYC and NJ boomers are discovering the competitive edge they need to succeed in the job market at the Whitney Center for permanent makeup. Permanent eyebrows and permanent lips can rejuvenate your appearance and turn back the hands of time.

Boomer Men Are Using Brotox, Permanent Brows to Get Ahead at Work

They may be embarrassed about admitting it, cheap ampoule but baby boomer men are lining up for Botox and other cosmetic procedures that make them look younger. Botox has become so popular with men that it’s being marketed as \”Brotox\” to increase its masculine appeal. In just one year, see buy male demand for Botox and other dermal fillers has increased 6%; and cosmetic procedures for men have risen 22% over the past decade, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.\n\nEver since the metrosexual movement, men have been more attuned to their appearance. But experts say interest in age-erasing cosmetic procedures is driven by competition in the workplace. It takes people 55 and older nearly twice as long as younger workers to find employment, according to AARP.\n

\”Appearance matters in a job search,\” John Challenger of global outplacement company Challenger, Gray & Christmas told MarketWatch.com.

\nWith their careers on the line, boomer men are undergoing minimally invasive Botox and filler treatments to banish age-defining lines and wrinkles. What men may not realize is that Botox alone may not be enough to give them the youthful appearance they seek. Poorly defined eyebrows, brows that have become sparse with age and graying brows add years to a man’s face. Permanent eyebrows for men can redefine brows, giving them the thick, dark, lush, commanding look of youth and giving you a competitive edge in the work place.

Men Pairing Male Breast Surgery with NJ Paramedical Tattoos

\n\nAs men have gotten more vigorous about maintaining a healthy, ambulance sovaldi attractive appearance, patient cosmetic surgery procedures to eliminate \”man boobs\” have increased. Male breast reduction surgery, or gynecomastia, is one of the five most popular plastic surgery procedures for men, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Breast reduction procedures for men increased 5% between 2011 and 2012.\n\nBreast reduction surgery, particularly when performed to remove the excess skin associated with major weight loss, may not be able to preserve the breast’s areola and nipple complex. And sometimes the areola, the darker circle of skin that surrounds the nipple, can become misshapen during surgery. In addition, the areola may no longer appear to be aesthetically proportioned to the new breast size after breast reduction surgery.\n\nTo address these concerns and ensure that their chest has an attractive and completely natural appearance following male breast reduction surgery, more men are pairing plastic surgery with a New Jersey paramedical tattoo procedure at the Whitney Center. Our expert paramedical tattoo artists can enlarge or darken the areola and create a more symmetrical, more attractive chest appearance. Click here to find our about our New Jersey permanent makeup services for men and schedule your appointment today.

Eyebrow Transplants Are Gaining Popularity

Blame Kim Kardashian’s full eyebrows and Megan Fox’s thick arches for a strange new trend: eyebrow transplants. Thick, viagra usa stuff lush eyebrows for women are the new cosmetic surgery must-have among the celebrity set. A survey of NYC plastic surgeons by the New York Post found a 30% increase in eyebrow transplant demand.\n\nThe specialized type of hair transplant, malady also called an eyebrow implant, has been a popular subject on morning talk shows. Today.com noted, “full eyebrows have been a big beauty trend for some time now, but some ladies are tired of having to fill in their own with wax and powders.” But with a price tag of $5,000 a pop for a 2-hour surgical procedure, eyebrow transplants aren’t for everyone.\n\nPermanent makeup offers a kinder, gentler, less expensive solution that doesn’t involve surgery and won’t leave telltale scars. Expert permanent makeup artist Melany Whitney can create gorgeous, natural-looking permanent eyebrows using a specialized hair-stroke micropigmentation technique that simulates individual hairs.\n\nPermanent eyebrows offer numerous advantages over transplants. One of the less savory aspects of eyebrow transplants is that transplanted hair from your head keeps growing and must be trimmed regularly to avoid Yeti brows. An experienced permanent makeup artist can make your brows appear fuller and more luxurious without risk of Yeti brows. She can also reshape your eyebrows to repair damage from over-tweezing, correct uneven brows and create the perfect brow arch for your face.\n\nFor beautiful permanent eyebrows, ask for Melany at our South Florida and NYC/NJ offices.

Permanent Makeup for Men Camouflages Baldness

\n\nIf you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift that will tell the father of your children that you still think he’s as sexy and attractive as he was when you first met, treat viagra give him a gift certificate for permanent makeup by Melany Whitney.\n\nMen are just as concerned as women about their appearance and the changes that occur with age. Men want to look as virile and attractive at 40, treatment order 50 and 60 as they did at 20 and 30. The big issue for men is hair or, buy cialis more precisely, lack of hair.\n\nMale pattern baldness robs men of their sense of youthful virility. At the first sign glimmer of scalp, men go into panic mode, slathering on creams and lotions that promise to grow or thicken hair. Some undergo hair transplant surgery to move hair from where they have it to where they don’t. Adding insult to injury, when hair starts to thin the process isn’t limited to the scalp. Eyebrows can also thin and grow paler, causing a formerly commanding presence to appear less effective.\n\nIf this is happening to your man, clue him in to the Whitney Center’s permanent makeup for men. Melany Whitney, South Florida’s preeminent permanent makeup artist, is expert in camouflaging bald spots, thinning brows and hair transplant scars. Visit our permanent makeup for men website for details. Melany’s services are also available to our New York City and New Jersey clients by appointment; remember to ask for Melany.