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In our next few posts, shop sickness we’ll be detailing simple solutions to problems that cosmetics tends to consider gigantic. In this post, remedy we’ll look at easy ways to deal with dull skin. Read ahead for three approaches to keeping your skin vivid!\n\n\n\n#1: Exfoliate occasionally.\n\nIt’s been long known that exfoliating your skin is thoroughly beneficial, so why not do this as a way to brighten your skin? New skin is smoother, and smooth skin shines brightly, bringing life to your formerly dull skin. What’s really great about this approach is that you only need to do it a couple of times a week to really see results.\n\n#2: Nighttime peels.\n\nOne-step peels are just as simple as they sound. Applying peels with glycolic acid or salicylic acid bases at night does just the trick. The drawback is that you may temporarily redden your skin in the process, but this fades over a few hours, which is why you should do this at night.\n\n#3: Get physical.\n\nAny sort of exercise or physical activity that brings your heart rate up will result in bright skin for roughly an hour afterwards. This happens since the dilated blood vessels and stimulated oil glands resulting from physical activity lead directly to shining skin. A less draining way to do this is to keep your head below your heart in some way, whether sitting, stretching, or otherwise, to force blood to the face and enhance its shine.\n\nGreat skin is the first step towards an excellent makeup routine. The Whitney Center can dramatically cut the time your makeup routine takes each day, sometimes eliminating it entirely! Contact us today to learn how we can bless your life with permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips!