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Senior Plastic Surgery Surges in Popularity

A recent New York Times report revealed a cosmetic industry trend that continues to gain momentum – senior plastic surgery. According to the report many septuagenarians, buy cialis sales octogenarians, medical and even nonagenarians are now seeking the help of a plastic surgeon.\n\nAccording to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, ask in 2010 there were 84, 685 surgical procedures among patients age 65 and older. Seniors are most commonly opting for face lifts and cosmetic eyelid operations while liposuctions, breast reductions, forehead lifts, breast augmentations, and breast lifts are also popular.\n\nAs baby boomers pass age 65, many want to look as good as they feel. Also, as many older people continue to stay in the workforce, plastic surgery helps them to be seen as more youthful contenders in the job market.\n\nPlastic surgery is one piece of the puzzle. Permanent Makeup should be another for those who are seeking to look their best. While a face or eye lift can takes years off of a woman’s appearance, permanent makeup can actually enhance that appearance, making a woman look and feel prettier. Seniors can think of plastic surgery as a way to sculpt their face, while they may want to think of permanent makeup as a way to beautifully paint it.

Permanent Makeup Gives Hope to Iraqi Burn Victim

In 2003, buy diagnosis 15-year old Hannan was horribly burned in her home in Iraq when, viagra sales tadalafil according to her family, diagnosis an American bomb landed near enough to her home to knock a lit oil lamp onto her bed. After the third-degree burns over 20 per cent of her body were treated by American Medics, it was believed her life was in danger, and she was forced to flee the country. Now she lives in Scotland, and at the age of 21 has undergone several operations to rebuild her ears, nose, lips and cheeks.\n\nThe owner of a permanent makeup company in London was so moved after hearing her story that she decided to offer Hannan free lifetime services–including using micropigmentation to enhance her eyebrows and lashes and define her lips, offering hope without facing the pain of undergoing another surgery.  \n\nMelany Whitney offers the very same hope for anyone who struggles with scars from burns, injuries or surgeries. Paramedical cosmetic tattooing allows her to camouflage the area because micropigmentation breaks up scar tissue and colors it to better match the skin’s natural tone. Because of her expertise in this area, Melany routinely receives referrals from prominent plastic surgeons and physicians who understand the lasting effects of scar tissue and want to offer their patients the best possible care.

Permanent Makeup Beautifies Without the Risks of Plastic Surgery

The popularization and affordability of plastic surgery has made the body \”the new attire, buy cialis ambulance a mutable status symbol subject to trends in proportion, cialis silhouette, site technology and disposable income,\” Natasha Singer wrote in a recent New York Times article. Plastic surgery has medicalized attractiveness, she says. \”Appearance technology\” allows people to mix-and-match body parts to recreate themselves in an attempt to achieve \”perfect\” beauty.\n\nPopularized by Extreme Makeover, Dr. 90210 and other reality television shows, plastic surgery is no longer viewed as risky. Media saturation has normalized public perception of what is, in fact, a delicate surgical procedure requiring skill and experience. Unfortunately, the desired results are not always the results achieved. It can be impossible to create from ordinary human flesh the idealistic beauty some people seek. \”There comes a point when you are putting too much time and money into your vanity,\” says Peri Basel a marketing consultant to the plastic surgery industry. \”For me, the vanity issue is: Where does it stop? If you are going for buttock implants, do you really need that?\”\n\nThe economic slowdown may be cooling the public’s ardor for plastic surgery. In a recent survey by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 62% of doctors reported a decrease in business. In what Singer terms Botox backlash, some prominent Hollywood stars are eschewing cosmetic surgery to embrace a more natural look. Permanent makeup is one way to maintain control over your appearance without resulting to expensive, invasive plastic surgery. A softer, gentler, more affordable approach to enhancing your beauty than plastic surgery, permanent makeup artistically emphasizes your natural beauty, eliminates embarrassing flaws, and ensures that you always look your most beautiful.