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Using Your Makeup Closet to Undo Your Halloween Costume

If you want your Halloween costume to look as unforgettable as possible, discount chances are that you’re incorporating a good amount of cosmetic products in there. So what happens when you get home from an exhausting night of Halloween fun and have to remove it all? It turns out lots of your daily cosmetic supplies can come in handy here.\n\nTo get rid of face and body paint\n\nStart by wiping with an oil-based cleanser, pilule using a hot shower to remove any excess paint. If you’re willing to bend the rules a little bit, men’s shaving cream also does a great job at getting the paint off. Side fact: shaving cream can even remove foundation stains from fabric!\n\nTo get rid of glitter\n\nOil-based cleansers are a great starting step to remove glitter from your skin as well. The next step is to loop tape around your fingers, so that the sticky side faces outward, and dab it over any glitter spots to remove it. A lint roller is equally effective for larger areas.\n\nTo get rid of temporary hair color\n\nThis is an easy one for darker-colored hair when brighter colors — blue, green — are in the mix. But for naturally lighter hair, washing your hair with dish soap rather than shampoo should do the trick. Fair warning: since this soap will dry your hair out, it’s best to condition it immediately after.\n\nMake your Halloween costume pop every year with vivid permanent makeup. The Whitney Center leads the permanent cosmetics field, and has for nearly 15 years now. Contact us today so all your future costumes shine brightly.