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In this last month of summer, pharmacy why not hone in on the skills and tricks it takes to put on your best summer glow? With the sun beating down and hot temperatures inducing inevitable sweat, it can be a tricky time to really look your best. Here are some tips for glowing as strongly as the summer sun.\n\n\n\nThe basics: sunscreen\n\nWe’ll start with one you probably already know. Sun exposure mandates sunblock of SPF 30 or higher, and prolonged exposure mandates reapplying sunblock every 1-2 hours. What might be less obvious is that working near a window or other sunlit surface indoors can be just as harmful to your skin as being inside, so you may well need to apply sunblock inside too.\n\nSunscreen everywhere\n\nWhen you’re at the beach, it’s easy to forget to put sunblock on your feet. It’s just as easy to forget applying it to your ears and the skin behind them; it’s even less common to apply it to your fingernails. UV rays can seriously degrade the quality of a good manicure or nail color, so rub some sunblock into your fingernails before heading out.\n\nKeep your hair fair\n\nNothing can mess with your hair more quickly than summer humidity or a dip in the pool. You know those products available all year round that are intended for damaged hair? They’ll come in especially handy during the summer.\n\nThese tips will make sure you don’t look broken, red, or too indoors-y during the summer, and they’re even more effective over a beautiful makeup routine. But what about when your sunblock messes with your makeup? The Whitney Center applies permanent makeup that’s impervious to anything on the skin. Contact us today to learn how our decade-plus experience leading the permanent cosmetics field can make you shine summer-bright forever.

Makeup Trends for Spring and Summer 2011

Makeup trends that can be seen both on celebrities and on the runway for Spring and Summer 2011 have take a pretty interesting turn!  Since makeup trends change with fashion trends, pharm prostate it would only make sense that this season’s makeup trends are pretty bold.\n\nFor Spring and Summer 2011, bold lips are in according to reports.  Sexy bold shades like red, orange, and hot pink have all been seen on the runway and are also being popularized by pop stars like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.  Beauty experts recommend that you choose a matte version of these shades this season rather than a glossy one to draw attention to the bold color itself. \n\nAnother makeup look we’re seeing for Spring and Summer 2011 is boldly natural – makeup that looks hard to detect and flawless with natural color on the lips and well blended even foundation only to be accented by popping and bold black mascara.  For this look, even the eyeliner color is neutral if any is used at all.  Dolce and Gabbana and Lacoste both adorned their models beautiful faces on the runway with this look for Spring/Summer 2011. \n\nLast but not least, a big trend for Spring and Summer 2011 is wearing bright eye makeup.  Celebrities are doing this for both day and evening.  Bold eyeshadows such as orange, pink, green, and blue enhance eyes and create and artful look when done correctly. \n\nIf you’re looking for an expert makeup artist who can help you save time and give you a look that will be in style every day, contact a permanent makeup or permanent cosmetics specialist.