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Paramedical Tattoos For Drug Delivery

By now, cialis sales the benefits of permanent cosmetic tattooing to camouflage scars, recipe reconstruct areolas post-mastectomy, and disguise hair loss are well-documented. A newer intersection of technology, medicine, and tattooing is emerging now as well. Scientists have developed temporary tattoos that can deliver drugs, a revolutionary new approach.\n\nWhy? \n\nWith so many drug delivery methods already invented and widely practiced, why is a new one necessary? The advantage of tattoo delivery is that, by lying on the skin, the tattoo is naturally able to expose the body to the drug for a longer period. This solution is particularly effective for fighting chronic conditions such as Crohn’s disease or multiple sclerosis.\n\nHow?\n\nIncluded in the pigment of these temporary tattoos are nanoparticles. Smaller than even the tiniest of particles that comprise most beauty products, these nanoparticles are able to far more selectively battle disease- and disorder-causing agents. This, in turn, prevents the immune system from attacking the patient, as can happen with chronic diseases.\n\nIs this really temporary?\n\nYes and no. Although the tattoo itself fades, a mark is left where the drugs are placed. However, the field of permanent cosmetic tattooing and pigment implantation is so diverse that there are easy solutions to this problem.\n\nPermanent cosmetics can combat problems both beauty-related and medical. The Whitney Center has expertly led the field of permanent cosmetics and its paramedical applications for over a decade. Contact us today to learn how we can revolutionize your look and, more importantly, your life.

Medical Tattooing Refreshes Do You Need One?

While most aficionados of tattooing consider it more art than science, check viagra the practitioners at the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics realize that there is a great deal of science that goes into the proper application and care of paramedical tattoos especially when it comes to its placement on the face.\n\nTypically, medical tattooing involves the placement of permanent eyebrows with hair stroke simulation, lip coloration and other restorative procedures as well as scar or hair loss camouflage. While firmly established as legitimate medicine, these procedures do need touchups over the years to stay looking fresh. Thus the idea that they need refreshing was born\n\nThe reason is fairly simple though the solution is not. As the body ages, the skin around the eyes and other parts of the face and body tend to move to a slight degree. Refreshing or “touch-ups” deal with this issue by adding incremental tattoing to “clean-up” the tattoo.\n\n“Do you need a paramedical tattoo refreshing?”\n\nThe answer is a resounding Yes, but how often will really be a factor based on your own skin’s chemistry.\n\nTo clarify, will you need a paramedical tattoo refresh at some point in time, most likely. The only issue will be whether the your, the patient, after a number of years, feels that the tattoo needs replenishing of pigment. This situation can be particularly relevant for Asian and African-American woman whose special needs require extra care.\n\nFor more information on medical tattooing refreshes in particular or on paramedical tattooing in general, please contact us at the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics. We can be found online at PermanentMkup.com or phoned directly at 551.804.9245.

It’s a Tattoo; Can’t Any Tattoo Artist Do It?

The popularity of reality TV shows like TLC’s Miami Ink and its many copycats has both elevated the stature of tattoo artists and normalized the tattoo experience. Getting a tattoo is no longer considered a cultural taboo best limited to sailors and biker gangs as it was half a century ago. Tattoos have gone mainstream and are now popular with everyone from teens to grannies.\n\n\n\nThe Dark Side of Tattoo Arts\n\nUnfortunately, view ampoule normalizing the tattoo experience has blinded many people to its potential dark side. As TLC’s America’s Worst Tattoos and Spike TV’s Tattoo Nightmares illustrate, all tattoo artists are not equally skilled or competent. State laws regulating body art vary widely and typically place the greatest focus on health and safety issues and business practices. Consumers should also be aware that regulations may apply only to the tattoo shop or shop owner, not the technicians performing the work.\n\nIn many states, including New York, statewide regulations are still under development; leaving consumer protection in the hands of local authorities. Even when certification procedures require tattoo artists to complete apprentice hours and work samples, as is true in New Jersey, state certification only guarantees that minimal standards have been met.\n\nThe Whitney Center Advantage\n\nSince our founding by nationally recognized permanent makeup and medical tattoo expert Melany Whitney, the Whitney Center has provided our New York City and New Jersey clients with exceptional permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing services. For the protection of our clients, services are provided in our state-of-the art facility where we perform procedures in a medical-quality environment that surpasses state health and safety regulations.\n\nWhile health and safety are important, it is beauty that our clients seek. In addition to meeting applicable local and state certification regulations, each of the Whitney Center’s highly trained and experienced permanent makeup artists is certified by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and has met that august organization’s professionally exacting standards for both technique and artistry.\n\nPermanent makeup and paramedical tattooing permanently alter your appearance. It’s your face. Demand the best. Demand the Whitney Center. You’re worth it!

Permanent Makeup Is Ultimate Beauty Tattoo

Your mother may have been horrified when you got your first tattoo, search cialis but it wouldn’t be surprising if she had a tattoo of her own now. Tattoos have been gaining in popularity since the 1970s. Getting \”inked\” isn’t the social taboo it was when your parents were young and tattoos were associated with felons, pharm online bikers and the seamier side of life. Today, try tattoos are mainstream, as likely to be seen in the corporate board room as at a university coffee shop.\n\nWhether you have a small, discretely-placed butterfly or a sexy, eye-catching low rider, wearing a tat makes you feel sexy, sensuous, independent, free-spirited and maybe just a little bit dangerous. Tattoos are all about the attitude, how they make us feel about ourselves. Interestingly, this isn’t the only time in modern history that tattoos have gained wide acceptance. Tattoos were popular among wealthy high society women (and men) during the 1930s. The rich and famous used to host elegant soirees so they could show off their newest tats to their envious friends.\n\nPermanent makeup is the ultimate beauty tattoo. Using safe, sterile paramedical tattooing techniques, the highly experienced technician like Melany Whitney can give you perfectly shaped eyebrows; line your eyes with no flake, no run eyeliner; permanently add your signature color to lips and more. Artistic permanent makeup tattooing can correct facial flaws and enhance your natural beauty. And because it’s a tattoo, you look amazing 24/7. For your next tattoo, consider permanent makeup.

What is Holding You Back From Eyebrows You Will Love

\n\nSo you’ve got a tattoo of a rose on your ankle, recipe ed maybe you have one on your shoulder too, viagra so what’s holding you back from getting the perfect eyebrows done with permanent cosmetics? Yes, permanent cosmetics are tattoos too, but as they are on your most visible part of  your body your face, so you want them done \”Just Right\”.\n\nNot every tattoo artist, or for that matter not every permanent cosmetic technician, is capable of providing the lasting, classic beauty look that you want on YOUR face. When it is your face and your eyebrows, you want natural! Keep them guessing, but you want the correct shape, the arch that draws out your eyes, and you want beauty!\n\nThis is where training, experience, and artistic flair is absolutely crucial to who you choose to do your eyebrows. The tattoo artist who drew a lifelike flower may not understand facial morphology nor have been a cosmetic artist trained to enhance and beautify faces. Melany Whitney is all of these things and more. She is  the consummate artist, a professional makeup artist, superiorly trained, and on top of that nationally recognized.\n\nDon’t just think anyone can or should do your eyebrows when you are ready to experience the freedom from makeup now that you are over your fear of tattoos. Think only of Melany Whitney, the expert when it comes to permanent makeup for YOUR face.

Permanent Make-up – Taboos Against Tattoos Have Faded

In the 1950s and 1960s, cheap shop tattoos signified rebellion against middle-class conformity, prostate according to historian Jonathan Zimmerman. They were associated them with street gangs, motorcycle clubs, ex-cons and drunks. In 1959, the National Education Association advised schools that \”potential juvenile delinquents\” could be identified as \”those with male kin who are tattooed.\”\n\nAnd it was mostly males who got inked, not females. In a culture of straight-laced Organization Men, tattoos came to embody a kind of rough-hewn, frontier-style masculinity. That’s why Philip Morris USA Inc. decided to adorn its Marlboro Man – the epitome of 1950s machismo – with a small piece of body art on his hand. \”We wished to show a man who, during some moment – some loose moment – got himself tattooed,\” an advertising executive explained.\n\nFast-forward to earlier this year, when toymaker Mattel Inc. released its Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie doll. It comes with a set of tattoo stickers that can be placed anywhere on her body, plus a tattoo gun that allows children to ink the doll – or themselves.\n\nThat tells you all you need to know about the changed cultural meaning of the American tattoo. It has become just as common among women as among men. Most of all, it has gone 100 percent mainstream. If even Barbie is getting inked, and it’s totally stylin’, we can be sure that there’s nothing remotely rebellious about it.\n\nThat could be the best news of all, if you’re still debating about yourself and tattoos. If you get inked, you won’t be defying social propriety. As tattoos become more accepted, indeed, it will be unusual to find someone who doesn’t have one.\n\nThat’s why the heavily tattooed ex-rocker and reality-show star Ozzy Osbourne warned his own daughter against body ink. \”To be unique, don’t get a tattoo,\” Osbourne urged. \”Because everybody else has got tattoos.\” Of course, his daughter got one anyway.\n\nA subtle and gorgeous way to get inked is with permanent make-up. You can flaunt it or keep it hushed as your beauty secret.