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Permanent Cosmetics Can Help Trichotillomania Sufferers

My friend has beautiful, health sickness almost translucent skin and very pale, check natural, platinum blonde hair. Her biggest beauty challenge has always been that her eyebrows are so naturally pale that they are nearly invisible, giving her face a surreal, slightly robotic appearance. But in her 20s, during the stressful pursuit of her PhD, my friend completely lost her eyelashes and eyebrows to Trichotillomania, also called trich or TTM. Nearly 2.5 million people in the U.S. suffer from this impulse control disorder in which sufferers feel a compulsion to pull out their own hair. In some cases, the hair grows back; but in my friend’s case, it did not. Like many Trichotillomania sufferers, she was embarrassed by her appearance and ill-at-ease at professional and social gatherings.\n\nPermanent cosmetics can help Trichotillomania sufferers like my friend regain their self-confidence. Nationally-recognized permanent cosmetics expert Melany Whitney has the skill and artistic¬†ability to create the illusion of natural-looking eyelashes and gorgeous brows. Using permanent micropigmentation, Melany is even able to fill-in and permanently camouflage bald spots on the scalp. Visit our website to view before and after pictures of Trichotellomania¬†sufferers who have been helped by Melany Whitney.