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Permanent Makeup Facial Enhancements In NYC, NY, NJ & FL

Permanent Makeup For A Fabulous You 24/7

Get natural-looking results when you have Melany Whitney perform your permanent makeup procedures.What could be better than waking up in the morning knowing you look as beautiful as you did before you closed your eyes? Permanent makeup allows you to look your best every minute of the day and night. No "putting on your face", no evening "touch ups". With permanent makeup you look fabulous no matter what time it is or what you're doing.

Permanent makeup is a boon to time-crunched professionals, sports and outdoors enthusiasts, those with poor eyesight or unsteady hands, allergies or sensitivities to cosmetics, contact wearers, and people who work in environments where makeup is not allowed. Permanent makeup enhances and emphasizes your own natural beauty.

A specialized form of cosmetic tattooing, permanent makeup is used to enhance and correct facial features by permanently implanting pigment within the skin. The techniques we use at the Whitney Center For Permanent Cosmetics® are medically proven, specifically designed to be completely safe, and artfully applied by our highly skilled, Board Certified, nationally recognized experts.

Permanent Eyeliner And Permanent Eyelash Enhancements

Watch Melany Whitney speak about permanent makeup on the NBC Today Show.
Watch our founder on the NBC Today Show

No more wiggly lines or smudges, wake up with a dash of color and dramatic, perfectly-lined eyes every morning. Permanent eyeliner can give you big, beautiful, attention-getting eyes. Pair it with an eyelash enhancement for lush, full lashes. Find out more...

Permanent Eyebrows

The brow line frames your face and the right eyebrows can remove years from your appearance. We can thicken thin eyebrows, change their shape, correct over-tweezed brows, and create beautiful brows where none exist due to aging, chemotherapy or Alopecia (hair loss). With permanent makeup and through the Whitney Center's unique artistry you can have the perfect expressive arch you've always wanted. Find out more...


Permanent Lip Color And Permanent Lip Liner

Full, luscious, lips are yours with permanent cosmetics. Emphasize your lips with permanent lip liner or get the perfect, sexy cupid's bow you've always dreamed of. Avoid the mess of lipstick with permanent lip color. Minimize wrinkles and prevent unsightly lipstick bleed-through or give narrow lips a plumped up look. Whether you go dramatic or natural, permanent lip liner and permanent lip color will give your lips an elegant, finished look all day, every day. Find out more...

Beautiful Permanent Full Face Makeup

Permanent full face makeup provides worry-free convenience so you look beautiful every hour of every day. The technicians at the Whitney Center For Permanent Cosmetics® will apply your permanent makeup perfectly in just the right colors for your skin tone. No more makeup smudges on clothing or last minute touch ups. Your makeup will always be perfect everywhere you go - home, office, health club, pool or out for the evening. Find out more...

Permanent Makeup Correction Services

Not all permanent makeup artists have equal training, skill, or artistry. If you have been disappointed by less than satisfactory results, fading or color change, the artists at the Whitney Center For Permanent Cosmetics® can help. As nationally recognized experts our artists will use their considerable technique and amazing artistry to succeed where others failed. Find out more...


Treat Yourself. Don't You Deserve the Very Best in Permanent Makeup?
  Melany Whitney, CPCP, FAAM
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