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Frequently Asked Questions About Permanent Makeup

Are Permanent Cosmetics For You?

Beautiful permanent liner of one of Melany Whitney's permanent makeup clients.Beauty, elegance, and natural perfection. These are all compelling reasons for any woman to consider micropigmentation or permanent makeup. Permanent makeup assures a beautiful you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Permanent makeup is beautiful alone or can be combined with traditional makeup for a stunning worry-free look.

The perfect solution, permanent makeup is great for the woman on the go, women with disabilities who may have difficulty applying makeup, or those who have trouble applying makeup confidently.

Permanent makeup provides liberation for traditional makeup allergy sufferers, contact lens wearers, women who have active sport and outdoor lifestyles, or those who may suffer from drastic hair loss (Alopecia Areata). Permanent cosmetics provide personal freedom and give you the confidence to be beautiful 24/7!

See this page for more information on our pricing.

Vew our brochure about permanent makeup services. Pre-Procedure Instructions

Vew our brochure about permanent makeup services. Post-Procedure Instructions

Vew our brochure about permanent makeup services. Post Areola Complex Tattoo

For more information on permanent makeup, please visit our article and white paper page.

Will I Look Artificially Tattooed?

A client with new lip color.Absolutely not! Permanent makeup is done using a cosmetic tattooing process, and the Whitney Center's unique artistry guarantees soft, natural-looking results. The Whitney Center For Permanent Cosmetics® uses only the finest cosmetic pigments, customized in color just for you. When our artists implant permanent makeup pigment in the skin, permanent makeup appears more natural-looking than even topically applied cosmetics.

Will The Permanent Cosmetic Procedure Hurt?

The Whitney Center takes every precaution necessary to ensure the micropigmentation or permanent makeup application is as pain-free as possible. A wide range of physician-grade topical anesthetics are utilized for your comfort. A full medical block is given for all lip procedures.


How Long Is The Recovery Or Healing Period?

You do not have to hide from the world until you are healed. Many clients can walk right out the door, ready to show off their beautiful new face. Initially stronger in color, your new permanent makeup will soften to a natural-looking, beautiful color in two to three weeks.

Will Permanent Cosmetics Fade?

Your body's skin changes over time, and so will any permanent makeup coloration implanted into skin layers. However, this natural fading process takes years and touch-up are easily done as your colors fade over time.

What Types of Pigments Do You Use? Are They Safe?

The Whitney Center has never had a reaction to any pigments used at our medical practices in any of our NYC, NJ and Florida locations since the inception of our practice in 2000. Tattooing (body) as well as cosmetic and medical tattooing has been proven to be safe. Many physicians who perform their own tattooing use the same pigments that we do. People have been placing color in their skin for a very long time and through the years a generally accepted list of color additives, that are expected to perform well and to be safe, have been used by the vendors chosen by The Whitney Center who are reputable. The FDA does not regulate the colors that are used in tattooing nor do they regulate colors used in cosmetics. Our pigment supplier ingredients for our inorganic pigments are the following: iron oxides, distilled water, alcohol , glycerin, lake colors (colors that are found in all makeup sold in retail). We have been advised that patch testing for allergic reaction is not necessary.

How Long Will My Permanent Makeup Procedure Take?

Investing a mere hour or two of your time can make you beautiful for years to come.

When Will I See The Final Results?

A noticeable difference will be readily apparent immediately following the permanent makeup application procedure. Your final results will be visible after the healing process is fully completed, usually in two to three weeks.


What Does Permanent Makeup Cost?

Excerpts from the Society of Permanent Cosmetics website

A lovely young client with permanent eyebrows and a soft natural look."This is one of the most often asked questions when people first consider permanent makeup. The bigger issue is do you really want the cheapest person you can find? In this industry, higher cost often equals higher quality.

"Permanent makeup is just that, permanent. If you go shopping for clothes, shoes, furniture, and other consumable goods, it is often wise to shop price. If you don't like the item you purchased, you have not made a life long mistake and you can simply discard it. A discriminating buyer will often estimate how long an item should be appropriate in their life and base their price shopping accordingly. You do not have this same luxury with a procedure that is permanent such as plastic surgery, a tattoo, or permanent cosmetics. Having those services done will alter you for life.

"There is some really bad permanent makeup work walking around where the individual decided to "price shop" and lived to regret it. A permanent makeup technician who is using proper sterilization, good equipment, and has a professional facility will not want to be the lowest priced person on the block. They will invest their funds for sterile and sanitary business procedures, for proper insurance and for professional forms, and surroundings. A low cost person will not have all of these or they would not be able to "give away" their services.


"Interview the technician being considered. Look at their portfolio. Are they using a professional camera? Is the facility clean and neat? Do they show you singly packaged equipment with sterile markings on the bags? Do they have certificates of continuing education? All of these items are necessary for success in permanent makeup and they all cost money. A lot of money.

Closeup of new permanent eyebrows showing Melany Whitney's special hair stroke simulation technique."Be sure that your technician informs you that permanent makeup procedures are a process, and you will need a second (and sometimes a third) layer of color implanted. Your total procedure cost should also include a topical anesthetic to minimize pain and discomfort during the procedure.

"The reality is you should be paying hundreds of dollars (appropriate range based on locale of $500 - $1500) for any single procedure. If the technician is not charging a goodly amount they most likely are not doing what they should be to keep up with this rapidly changing industry. In that case, be wary!

"In the permanent makeup industry, you get what you pay for!"

Be Confident Of Your Results When You Use the Whitney Center

When it comes to your face, make sure that you are choosing the best that you can afford for results that you can be proud of wearing every day. When you want natural-looking results, the Whitney Center's nationally recognized experts in the application of permanent cosmetics, are your clear choice.

Review review our client photo gallery, review our team's credentials, and our founder's recent interviews in magazines and on television. The Whitney Center's artists are the experts that you want and need to perform your permanent makeup procedure for flawless natural-looking results that will make you beautiful 24/7.

We offer consistently beautiful, natural-looking results. Our photo gallery shows photos of our own clients. We never touch up or alter the images or for that matter never use stock photos in our photo galleries. All photos are real images of clients just like you!

Some tips to the smart consumer. As you shop around make sure you ask your prospective technician to show you images of their real work with before, after, and healed photos. Make sure you know what you will get before they start a procedure. Don't forget to ask if they are using their own client's photos in their portfolio of work.

If a technician does not show his/her work on line, you should question why. If they are using stock photos to represent the kind of work they can do, that should be a warning sign to you that their work may not be up to par or that they are too new in the business to have client photos.

We prefer, at the Whitney Center, to use a traditional coil machine for our procedures. By using a coil machine, we can assure that the color we implant remains in the skin for many years. Technicians that use a digital machine may deliver feathered brows and soft eyeliner, but the color will not have the staying power as that delivered by a coil machine. Remember, you do get what you pay for when it comes to permanent makeup.


Treat Yourself. Don't You Deserve the Very Best in Permanent Makeup?
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