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Permanent Cosmetics Solutions For Hair loss

We Can Camouflage Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

Hair loss and thinning hair is not a problem that only men have, women have this problem too. With the use of permanent makeup and scalp repigmentation you can hide these problems permanently.

There is virtually no "down-time" with a scalp repigmentation procedure. Please note that the "after" photos have been taken right after the permanent makeup has been applied. The implanted color will be slightly darker for the first two to three days until the top layer exfoliates off resulting in a soft more natural appearance. Healing is usually completed in the first five days.

After: As we age our hairline recedes and hair around face get thinner. At the Whitney Center, we can fill in these areas to simulate a shadowing affect that appears to look like the hairline is fuller. Here is an image of this technique completed recently for a client.

Before: A young woman had hair loss along her center part.

After: A wonderful camouflaged result with enhanced widow's peak in the center hairline. The experts at the Whitney Center can even simulate hair in areas that are sparse along the hair line and in the scalp itself.

Before: A woman had significant hair loss.

One Month After: Already a marvelous improvement.

After Final Color Implantation: Excellent results with good camouflaging of the hair thinning along the center part.

Before: A woman had quite a bit of hair loss.

One Month After: A natural looking camouflaging along the center part.

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