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Permanent Makeup & Medical Tattooing - Medical Offices in NY, NJ, & FL

The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics
Specializing in Advanced Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing

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Click on any of our videos above and then click play to watch nationally televised interviews with our founder and talented artists. You'll then understand why more men and women trust the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics for their permanent makeup and scar coverage procedures in New York City, New Jersey, and Florida.

You Can't Teach Experience. We Only Do Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing - All Day, Every Day!

At the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics, all we do is permanent makeup, all day, every day. We do not dabble in permanent makeup or just offer it as one of several adjunct services or as part of a "spa package".

Permanent makeup application is our sole business and our true specialty. It is by working with skin every day that we have become experts and have become recognized by others for our leadership in the industry. You can't teach experience, it comes only through years of working in an established and active practice.

The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics has been the trusted practitioner in the art of permanent makeup in New York City and the New Jersey suburbs for over the past decade. As born and bred New Yorkers, we know best what New Yorkers desire.

Our skilled professional and founder, Melany Whitney, has been joined by Mandy Sauler, a true professional in the industry who received her original training from Melany Whitney herself. Mandy has been a permanent makeup professional for ten years and operates out of our largest medical office in New York City.


Experience and Consistent Beautiful Results - Time After Time

You deserve permanent makeup services provided by Melany Whitney of the Center For Permanent Cosmetics.Our professional technicians are experts in all skin types including ethnic skin tones. But don't just take our word for it, we invite you to see real-life client results to understand our superior skill and true artistic talent that makes your investment in our services worth every penny. Check out one of our galleries to see the consistently beautiful results our professional team's skill provides. Our results are a natural enhancement that create a more confident you.

Vew our brochure about permanent makeup services. New York City & New Jersey Procedure Fees & Agreement

Vew our brochure about permanent makeup services. Florida Procedure Fees & Agreement

Vew our brochure about permanent makeup services. Refresh Price List for NYC, NJ, and So. FL

Vew our brochure about permanent makeup services. Pre-Procedure Instructions

We offer consistently beautiful, natural-looking results. Our photo gallery shows photos of our own clients. We never touch up or alter the images or for that matter never use stock photos in our photo galleries. All photos are real images of clients just like you!

Professionally Associated With Prominent Plastic Surgeons and Top Cancer Surgeons

As experts in areola restoration and nipple repigmentation, the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics® regularly receives referrals from prominent breast centers such as the New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical College, New York City; the Dubin Breast Center at the Tisch Cancer Institute at Sinai Hospital, New York City; Memorial Sloan-Kettering Breast Cancer Center as well as from prominent plastic surgeons in NYC, NY, NJ, and South FL. Our services are for more than just creating beautiful faces, we help to rebuild lives and rebuild confidence after breast surgery.


Top Secret for Men Only!

Men can benefit from permanent makeup too. We offer special services tailored to men from eyebrow thickening to scar camouflaging of hair transplant harvesting sites. Visit our permanent cosmetic site just for men to find out more about our men's permanent makeup services.

World-Class Permanent Makeup Services by Melany Whitney & Mandy Sauler

Melany Whitney of the Center For Permanent Cosmetics.Melany Whitney, founder of the Whitney Center For Permanent Cosmetics, is called the "Voice of Permanent Makeup" by her industry association. She has appeared on CNN, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, the NBC Today Show, and is regularly featured and quoted in magazines on the topic of permanent cosmetics. She is a nationally recognized expert and spokesperson for her industry on permanent makeup.

Why not use the best when it comes to your own face? Not only is the staff at the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics expertly trained and qualified to be your permanent makeup application professional but they are caring professionals who put your comfort and needs first.

You don't have to be a star or celebrity to use the services of the Whitney Center For Permanent Cosmetics®. Our staff is available by appointment to perform your permanent eyeliner, permanent eyebrow, permanent lip color, or other permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure in New York City, New York, New Jersey, or in Boca Raton, Florida.

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Treat Yourself. Don't You Deserve the Very Best in Permanent Makeup?
Joan Freedman, Clinical Director
Offices in NYC, NY, & NJ (551) 804-9245
Melany Whitney, CPCP, FAAM
Offices in South Florida (561) 417-6400
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