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Permanent Makeup Is An Investment in You!

Our Fascination With the Beauty and Serenity of Michelle Obama

Thinking about permanent makeup? Here are a few comments from referring physicians.

"Her expertise
makes cosmetic tattooing one of the ultimate permanent enhancements."
D. Day M.D.

"I have full confidence that when Melany completes her applications, the clients will get the results they desire."
S. Scherl M.D.

"Melany's paramedical expertise provides final touches in reconstruction & surgical procedures. Her artistry provides a unique distinction within her field."
V. GiampapaM.D.

Permanent Makeup Is An Investment in You!

Melany Whitney the "Voice of Permanent Cosmetics".Even when economic times are tough, an investment in looking your best always pays off. Permanent makeup can provide your solution to put your best face forward all the time!

As you may have heard the saying, "look good, feel better" makes you a more confident you, and especially true in today's times. Permanent makeup is an investment in you that will never lose value.

Best Regards,

Melany Whitney


Our Fascination With the Beauty and Serenity of Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama at the inauguration.We were captivated by Michelle Obama during the inauguration. As Jackie Kennedy set the tone for America's women as a style icon, Michelle Obama, as a young professional, sets a more relaxed natural, or casual style that appeals to the contemporary modern woman.

While being thrust into the national spotlight, Michelle Obama has radiated a stunning presence deserving of our admiration. Michelle has her own definitive style, and she has also earned our respect for her gracious demeanor and steadfast support of her spouse and his ideals. As the final frantic days of the inauguration drew to a close, Michelle Obama always appeared calm, serene and composed, an oasis of sanity in a sea of chaos.

In thinking about what engendered these feelings of admiration and respect, much of it came down to the physical presence of the President's wife. Despite what had to be long, exhausting days and nights, she was always polished in appearance, her clothes tastefully chosen, hair immaculate, and makeup flawless.

Through her appearance and demeanor she created an aura of graciousness and generosity of spirit that we found compelling. While we are taught not to judge a book by its cover, physical appearance will always shape the way we think and feel about people, at least initially. As with Michelle Obama, an individual's outer persona is too often the only indication we are allowed of the dynamic individual who may lie within.

The 24-hour beauty of permanent cosmetics will allow you to project your perfect persona at every hour of the day, no matter how hectic or exhausting that day may be. Through the artistry of permanent cosmetics, you wake up refreshed and remain so during the entire day.

Melany Whitney's years of experience as a board certified permanent cosmetics professional and trainer of advanced micropigmentation techniques combined with her talented natural artistry allows her to achieve the successful natural-looking results you desire.

A call to our office is a solid investment in you!

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