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January 2009/Winter News


Lovely Lip Tips From Our Expert

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Thinking about permanent makeup? Here are a few comments from our clients.

"A face-lift made me look younger, but permanent makeup made me feel pretty again."

"I love the personal freedom of waking up looking refreshed."

"I had brows done by Melany, and now I want to add liner and lips"

"Melany is a true perfectionist. Her esthetic and artistry and true love for what she does distinguishes her from the rest."

"I experienced only slight discomfort during the procedure but I so much enjoyed talking to Melany and listening to music in a very comfortable, clean medical facility. I left so pleased that I was ready to go out immediately to celebrate with my friends!"

January 2009 Winter News

Melany Whitney the "Voice of Permanent Cosmetics".Dear Friends,

Welcome to our January 2009 Winter Issue. Winter is the harshest time for lips and so we decided to write about lip procedures for this month to help you stay beautiful permanently.

Since lips have no sweat glands, but are vascular in nature, they get dry and sensitive in our cold winter weather fast.

Make sure to keep adding on the moisture to keep your lips soft, velvety, and crack-free. On the subject of lip care, I think that you will enjoy my interview of how lip enhancements can help improve your appearance and chase away the winter blues!

Best Regards,

Melany Whitney



Lovely Lip Tips From Our Expert Melany Whitney

Beautiful lipsNot all lips are perfectly shaped! With a permanent makeup application many irregularities, color imperfections, and even an improved lip shape may be created to enhance your personal beauty. This holds true for both men and women. To help you understand how permanent makeup can reshape and improve your lips, we've interviewed our staff expert and nationally recognized permanent makeup professional, Melany Whitney on this topic.

Interviewer: What exactly can be done to reshape and enhance lips with permanent cosmetics?

Melany: There are methods to correct some inconsistencies that we encounter as Permanent Makeup Technicians. Of course, I always take into consideration what my clients would like to achieve with a permanent cosmetic lip procedure. So, I always ask my clients to bring their favorite lip liners and lipstick with them to the procedure so they can show me exactly what they would like as their final result.

Interviewer: I understand that your expertise in color is one of your most envied talents by other professionals and students. What tips do you have for color selection for permanent lips?

Melany: When it comes to permanent lip color, you must remember at all times that implanted color in the skin is a combination of the mostly cool/blue lip tone and the color of the pigment, when it all has exfoliated after a few days and healed in for a few weeks, to determine the final color.

Implanted color is always much more natural in appearance than any applied conventional lipstick. Permanently applied lip color also eliminates "bleeding"; where regular lipstick "spreads" into the small periorbital lines (whether deep or superficial) that we all have around our lip borders. Permanent lip color solves the problem of unexpected lipstick on front teeth (argh!) or smearing of lipstick color with dinner napkins. There will be no more lipstick on the "collar" of your loved one or anywhere else for that matter, when you have permanent lip color.

Beautiful lipsInterviewer: I've heard of the Whitney Center technique for lips, what is it?

Melany: With the Whitney Center's technique for lips, technicians can make subtle changes in the permanent lip color that will present dramatic results. Thin upper and lower lips can be improved with the use of permanent lip color pigments to make the lip appear slightly fuller and more defined.

Using a slightly brighter color will give more retention and make lips appear fuller also. Remember, brighter color implanted under the skin will never appear too bright. Of course, a soft natural color can also have a very positive result for those who want definition and only a slight tint.

Interviewer: what about clients who want a new lip shape?

Melany: With permanent lip applications I can help enhance or improve the cupid bows (the peaks of the upper lip under each nostril). This area can either be too pointed, too flat, uneven, or just nonexistent. With the Whitney Center technique, I can create any shape that is appropriate for the your shape face and lower orbital area to improve your appearance.

When you want the look of fuller lips, permanent makeup applied correctly can give a more youthful expression to the entire face. For anyone that has ever been unhappy with "too large a lip", a deeper color done well within the vermillion line (natural border of the mouth) can create a smaller lip appearance.

I will never apply color directly into the corners (commissures) of the mouth, as color in this area gives the appearance that you've eaten a big piece of chocolate cake and not wiped your mouth!

Interviewer: How long does the typical lip procedure take and is it painful? Also what type of lip procedures do you typically do?

Melany : Other than full lip procedures which take about 1 1/2 hours to complete and are virtually painless due to our doctor administered dental block, the other lip procedure can be as simple as adding lip liner or a lip shade-down.

To prevent a "ring around your lips" I will reshape, if necessary, the lip shape with a more natural lip liner color and then shade that color down into the lip for a softer look.This technique only works with the more natural and softer shades of lip pigments.

Interviewer: What about a stronger lip color to give the look like lipstick has been applied, is that possible?

Beautiful lips without lipstickMelany: If you desire a "lipstick look" or stronger constant color in your face, then a bit of Vaseline or clear lip gloss is all that is needed on top of full permanently applied lip color to make the color stand out and look as if you spent all that time lining and filling in your perfect lips.

Interviewer: As we all age, it is natural to get wrinkles around your mouth, how do you handle permanent lip applications in this special situation?

Melany: Fine lines around the lips are the hardest lips to do in permanent makeup but are also the most rewarding other than a cleft lip. The finished results can provide a significant improvement in your facial appearance. This is where my experience comes into play; from years of dealing with these complex permanent lip enhancements. It simply takes time and expertise to render wonderful results.

Interviewer: Thanks for your tips Melany! Most women and some men want full, sensuous lips that look good all the time and now we know that this can be achieved with permanent lip applications with the color of the lips giving variety and accent to the beauty of your face 24/7.

If you've been considering a permanent cosmetic procedure to enhance your lips, we invite you to view before and after photos of real people who have experienced the artistic lip enhancement of which Melany Whitney excels. View Women. View Men.



We've Got a New Name!

Although we have a new name, our quality and professionalism hasn't changed! Our new name is The Whitney Center For Permanent Cosmetics changed from The Center For Permanent Cosmetics.

Why did we change our name? Due to Melany Whitney's stature in the permanent cosmetic industry, we felt that it was time to add her name to our business name; setting us apart from other professionals who may provide permanent cosmetic applications as a sideline or occasional activity.

At The Whitney Center For Permanent Cosmetics, permanent makeup is all we do. We are experts at what we do and provide world class permanent beauty enhancements using cutting edge and time tested techniques done with unique artistic panache.

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