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Permanent Makeup For Broadway Beauty

How to De-Clutter Your Make-up Bag

Thinking about permanent makeup? Here are a few comments from referring physicians.

"Her expertise
makes cosmetic tattooing one of the ultimate permanent enhancements."
D. Day M.D.

"I have full confidence that when Melany completes her applications, the clients will get the results they desire."
S. Scherl M.D.

"Melany's paramedical expertise provides final touches in reconstruction & surgical procedures. Her artistry provides a unique distinction within her field."
V. GiampapaM.D.

Celebrate Your Own Independence Day

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For those who have already invested in permanent makeup applications you know what the old saying of "slave to your makeup" used to mean.

For those that are new to our site (especially now with warm weather upon us) why not take a moment to consider true independence when it comes to beauty maintenance, for you too this year?

Just take a moment to think and plan for an investment that keeps giving day after day!

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Permanent Makeup For Broadway Beauty

Hollywood stars just love to strut their stuff live onstage on Broadway. We're always dazzled by the sheer star power lighting up the Great White Way these days. And that's part of what makes watching the Tony Awards show so much fun.

Of course, Ann Hathaway, who's doing Shakespeare in the Park this summer, looked darling at this year's Tonys. But we were impressed by the glam of the more mature divas. Susan Sarandon looked fabulous. Edie Falco, Marcia Gay Harden, Hope Davis, Liza Minelli, Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda and Jessica Lange also all looked terrific.

Permanent makeup for permanent beauty.How do they do it? And can we do it too? Yes, we can. Here's how:

We may be tempted to grab the tweezers and start plucking every time we spot a gray hair! But there’s a quicker, healthier option. Gently blend grays and prevent that telltale line of demarcation by applying hair color just on trouble spots and blending gently.

Insider trick: Grays can be stubborn, so apply with a fresh toothbrush to thoroughly coat grays around the roots.

If diminished vision and a less steady hand make it hard to apply eyeliner and pencil in brows, permanent makeup can save the day. Especially with brows turning patchy and eyelashes thinning with age. Permanent eyeliner gives the appearance of thicker fuller lashes. Beautifully shaped and hairline stroked brows can take years off an aging face.

A more natural and youthful appearance can help women feel confident, look fit, polished, and keep a competitive edge in both the dating and job markets. Remember, each of us deserves a Tony Award because, as Shakespeare said, all the world's a stage.



How to De-Clutter Your Makeup Bag

If you haven’t used a product or a tool in one month, toss it, says celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal. Ditto for multiples of similar colors. Instead of carrying around two, three or 10 pink glosses, keep only the one you reach for most.

There are no expiration dates on makeup, but experts advise to estimate the age of a product from the date it was opened. Toss any makeup that has developed a funny smell, because that indicates bacteria, dermatologists say.

Declutter your makeup bag.Bacteria can set in as makeup deteriorates and cause an infection. If the bacteria enters the eye, conjunctivitis, also known as pink-eye can develop.

While throwing out unused makeup may seem wasteful, ending up in the doctor's office with an infection can be very time consuming and possibly painful. Yet a survey by the American College of Optometrists found that two-thirds of all women used eye makeup that was more than two years old.

If you want to make a fresh start, experts recommend packing these essentials: a double-duty cheek and lip stain, black eyeliner to transition from day to night, mascara, concealer and an eyelash curler.

You can really de-clutter your makeup bag by getting yourself enhanced with permanent makeup done by the right permanent makeup professional.  No more need to carry around eye liner, brow pencil, lip liner pencil and lip stick. Talk about "lightening up" and being in control. With permanent makeup you're always good to go.

Here's to a relaxing and wonderful summer! Hope to hear from you soon!



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