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January 2009


Nipples and Areolas Help Define Femininity

Paramedical Micropigmentation Camouflages Harvest Sites

Thinking about permanent makeup? Here are a few comments from referring physicians.

"Her expertise
makes cosmetic tattooing one of the ultimate permanent enhancements."
D. Day M.D.

"I have full confidence that when Melany completes her applications, the clients will get the results they desire."
S. Scherl M.D.

"Melany's paramedical expertise provides final touches in reconstruction & surgical procedures. Her artistry provides a unique distinction within her field."
V. GiampapaM.D.

Refresh and Renew for the New Year

Melany Whitney the "Voice of Permanent Cosmetics".Now that 2010 is here and the holiday season is over, it's time to regroup and focus on yourself for a change. With cold winter weather a spa day or even just a rejuvenating facial can be a treat that you should consider.

While you're thinking about renewing yourself, consider refreshing your permanent makeup. Keep your "look" fresh and updated with an additional pigment implantation. We are scheduling appointments now for March, so plan ahead!

If you are new to permanent makeup consider it an investment in you! With permanent eyebrows and eyeliner, you can look beautiful no matter how late you're up working or playing.

Permanent makeup used for paramedical applications beyond cosmetics needs the expertise of an advanced training and an artistic eye. I provide these paramedical services so that my clients can feel confident and "complete" again.

Here at the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics we are all wishing to you and yours a happy and a healthy start to 2010.

Best Regards,

Melany Whitney



Nipples and Areolas Help Define Femininity

Breasts are central to our identities as women. Whether it be from social pressure or not, from adolescence onwards we vacillate between embarrassment and pride over their power to make us feel feminine. Our clothing choices are made based on whether we want to flaunt or disguise our feminine assets, and we are met with them regularly between the mirror and the shower. They have to be considered as we take up sports. And then of course, there’s motherhood, which makes them useful in a whole new way.

For breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomies, issues of mortality may give way to an appreciation of life, where ideas about femininity and identity come up. That trip between the mirror and the shower may not offer the reflection it once did and that can be difficult to deal with, let alone sharing the view with anyone else. Research has shown that having breast reconstruction improves self-image and morale, which may help improve the odds of surviving breast cancer.

An aspect of reconstruction is permanent areola repigmentation and nipple restoration. Even for women who have had other breast surgery, or who may have irregular or fading areolas, permanent paramedical breast restoration may seem like nothing short of a medical miracle. Melany Whitney’s permanent areola repigmentation and nipple restoration techniques employ cosmetically tattooed micropigmentation to restore the natural beauty of your breasts so you can regain confidence in your own femininity. We invite you to find out more about these miraculous services and review unbelievable before and after pictures in our client gallery. We have also just posted a video on the process of paramedical tattooing for the breast and areolas that you may find interesting and informative.



Paramedical Micropigmentation Camouflages Harvest Sites

Skin imperfections from surgeries can be easily camouflaged. This is because micropigmentation has the ability to break up the scar tissue and color it to better match the natural surrounding skin tone.

For those men that have chosen a hair transplant as a way of filling in sparse areas, paramedical micropigmentation can disguise the areas that have been used for harvesting.

Typical Scarring

Surgical hair restoration has dramatically evolved from the "plug" grafts of the 60's and 70's to the "mini micrografts" of the 80's and 90's to modern hair transplant procedures using entire follicular unit grafts.

Typical scarring can be made into an almost invisible line, thanks to Melany’s artistry for scar camouflage. And six weeks later, the ”perfecting” session can create even more remarkable coverage of the scar area, leaving the harvesting area almost undetectable after Melany artistically blends in all areas.

Several Months Later

For those men who haven't yet decided if transplantation is right for them, they may want to consider micropigmentation as an alternative. Adding pigment that matches the pattern of hair growth to the area that has become sparse can make the “bald spots” appear much smaller and give the illusion of a fuller head of hair.

We invite you to visit our Men's Website to review more remarkable before and after photos of clients with hair loss, permanent makeup for men, and facial scars and hair transplants camouflaged by Melany's unique artistry.



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