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June 2010


'Today Show’ Women Go Au Naturel on No Makeup Day

Thinking about permanent makeup? Here are a few comments from our clients.

"A face-lift made me look younger, but permanent makeup made me feel pretty again."

"I love the personal freedom of waking up looking refreshed."

"I had brows done by Melany, and now I want to add liner and lips"

"Melany is a true perfectionist. Her esthetic and artistry and true love for what she does distinguishes her from the rest."

"I experienced only slight discomfort during the procedure but I so much enjoyed talking to Melany and listening to music in a very comfortable, clean medical facility. I left so pleased that I was ready to go out immediately to celebrate with my friends!"

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'Today Show’ Women Go Au Naturel on No Makeup Day

Makeup is a no-no on the no makeup day on the Today Show.On a recent Today Show segment, co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb embraced the natural look, appearing on the show sans makeup. Before revealing their faces to the cameras on “no makeup day,” the women took viewers for a backstage look at the intense daily makeup preparation that goes on before the cameras roll. Ann Curry said, "Sometimes I feel like on the show I wear enough makeup to frost a cake." While the Today Show women agreed they felt "liberated" without makeup and often went "au naturel" at home, they professed to more than mild nervousness about appearing "naked" in front of their television fans. At 45, Hoda said she felt self-conscious without makeup. Kathy Lee confessed, "... it's the dumbest thing we've ever done. I had a classic anxiety dream about it..."

What we noticed in checking out the photos from Today's "no makeup day" is that without their makeup these high-powered, attractive women look washed out and older. It looked like a few of them fudged a little, too. Kathie Lee definitely looked like she was wearing mascara and eye liner. Natalie Morales may not have been in full face makeup, but her eyes were definitely made up. Check out the pics on The Huffington Post and see what you think.

Women who wear permanent makeup have the best of both worlds. They enjoy the personal freedom of not wearing makeup with the confidence that comes from knowing they look beautiful every minute of the day.



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