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September 2010

Artistry Counts When Selecting a Permanent Makeup Artist

What Is Driving Trend Toward Permanent Makeup?

Thinking about permanent makeup? Here are a few comments from our clients.

"A face-lift made me look younger, but permanent makeup made me feel pretty again."

"I love the personal freedom of waking up looking refreshed."

"I had brows done by Melany, and now I want to add liner and lips"

"Melany is a true perfectionist. Her esthetic and artistry and true love for what she does distinguishes her from the rest."

"I experienced only slight discomfort during the procedure but I so much enjoyed talking to Melany and listening to music in a very comfortable, clean medical facility. I left so pleased that I was ready to go out immediately to celebrate with my friends!"

Why You Should Go "Permanent"

Melany Whitney the "Voice of Permanent Cosmetics".
Melany has done her own permanent cosmetics... full lip color, eyeliner, shadow, and brows.
Have you ever considered what it would be like to awake with personal freedom and a sense of confidence about the way you look? If so now is the time to consider permanent cosmetics.

Artistically implanted permanent cosmetic is more natural than any topical application. Who couldn't use extra minutes in their daily routine with a guarantee that you will look as good in the morning as you do in the evening.

Welcome to a lifestyle "changer" and to our September newsletter.

Best Regards,

Melany Whitney



Artistry Counts When Selecting a Permanent Makeup Artist

Melany Whitney is a top permanent makeup artist.The ever-growing popularity of permanent makeup is attracting a host of newcomers to the marketplace. Some spas and beauty salons, plastic surgeons and dermatologists, even a few tattoo parlors have started advertising permanent cosmetics services. With so many new players in the field, how do you choose a permanent makeup artist?

Artist is the key word. Many technicians have the technical skill to tattoo eyebrows or lips; but unless that technical skill is artistically applied, the results can be more Frankenstein than Angelina Jolie. Permanent makeup, a specialized form of cosmetic tattooing, and is as much an art form as it is a cosmetic procedure. Artistically applied by an experienced and knowledgeable permanent cosmetics artist, permanent makeup can enhance your natural features and correct minor flaws, making you appear more beautiful. Skill can be taught, but artistry comes from within. Anyone can paint a picture but there are few Rembrandts in the world.

The discovery of a Rembrandt is a precious gem that transcends the layman-like brush work of most painters, elevating art from ordinary to magnificent. In the world of permanent makeup, Melany Whitney is a Rembrandt, using the face as her canvas and carefully blended pigments as her paint. One of the nation's most respected permanent makeup artists, Melany is a highly sought teacher of the profession.

She is a professional portrait artist with her magnificent oil paintings to illustrate her artistry, an honors graduate from Cornell School of Art and Architecture and former makeup artist, Melany brings years of well-honed experience, extraordinary technique, intimate knowledge of facial features and a rare and unique artistry to her permanent makeup clients. And unlike others in the field, Melany Whitney's specializes in advanced cosmetic and medical tattooing exclusively every day all day!


What Is Driving The Trend Toward Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup frees you up to live the way you want!Two main issues seem to be driving the trend toward permanent makeup. The fast pace of modern life and the desire to carve a few free moments out of every hectic day prods many busy women to seek the freedom permanent makeup offers.

Permanent makeup means no more long minutes in front of the mirror with brushes and pencils before you rush out the door every morning, no time out for touch-ups during the day, and no need to redo your makeup before you go out in the evening. With permanent makeup you cleanse, moisturize and you're out the door. And (big bonus!) your makeup looks fresh and perfect every minute of even the longest, toughest days.

The need to look young, attractive and employable in a highly competitive job market or to maintain a youthful look of vitality and energy in the cut-throat corporate world is driving both women and men to seek the artistic services of permanent makeup artists like Melany Whitney. Permanent makeup can camouflage plastic surgery scars, accentuate your natural features, add youthful color to aging faces, make lips appear fuller and bolder, and reshape and darken pale or too thin eyebrows.

When performed by an artistic professional like Melany, permanent makeup for men can make eyebrows bolder and more commanding, hide unattractive bald spots in men's beards and mustaches and camouflage scarring from hair transplants.

Permanent makeup gives women and men the best of both worlds: a competitive edge in the business world and more leisure time to enjoy.



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