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August 2011

Choose Your Permanent Cosmetic Professional Wisely

What Does Your Face Say About You?

Thinking about permanent makeup? Here are a few comments from referring physicians.

"Melany's sophisticated aesthetic in permanent cosmetic enhancement provides an extraordinary and personalized resource at my practice."
Steven A Victor M.D.

"I have full confidence that when Melany completes her applications, the clients will get the results they desire."
S. Scherl M.D.

"Melany's paramedical expertise provides final touches in reconstruction & surgical procedures. Her artistry provides a unique distinction within her field."
V. GiampapaM.D.

Melany Whitney the "Voice of Permanent Cosmetics".

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What Does Your Face Say About You?

The New York Times recently released a fascinating article on what our face says about us at 50. In light of President Obama's recent 50th birthday, New York Times reporter Denise Grady examined the president's facial features, such as the bags under his eyes, gray hair, firm chin and neck, the lines around his mouth and more.

According to facial feature experts, Obama's big ears revealed that he listens well to the country and his gleaming eyes reveal that he is a visionary. 

"People make instant judgments about one another's age, health, mood, personality and character based on facial features, and yet we often judge unconsciously, not fully aware of the cues we're reading,' Grady writes.  A Tufts University study even revealed that onlookers were likely to unknowingly view Republicans facial features as "powerful' and those of Democrats as 'warm.'

Even though we don't want to others to know that we are tired or aging, we may be unable to hide it. These findings are more than interesting food for thought. They remind us that when we want to look our best, that we certainly have good reason. 

Whether we like it or not, people often judge us based on first impressions, and having facial features that portray qualities like youth and intelligence help us to make a good one.

Brighter, more open looking eyes, as well as plump, color rich lips signal that we are youthful, alert, and capable. Fortunately, permanent eyeliner and permanent lip liner create the illusion of these traits. So, the next time you look in the mirror or at the person sitting next to you, think about what your face is saying to them.



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