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Spring 2012

Permanent Makeup, the Investment in Yourself With Big Returns

Permanent Makeup Makes 'Beauty Bias' Work for You

Thinking about permanent makeup? Here are a few comments from referring physicians.

"Melany's sophisticated aesthetic in permanent cosmetic enhancement provides an extraordinary and personalized resource at my practice."
Steven A Victor M.D.

"I have full confidence that when Melany completes her applications, the clients will get the results they desire."
S. Scherl M.D.

"Melany's paramedical expertise provides final touches in reconstruction & surgical procedures. Her artistry provides a unique distinction within her field."
V. GiampapaM.D.

Permanent Makeup an Investment in You

Melany Whitney the "Voice of Permanent Cosmetics".

Dear Friend,

In this newsletter issue, we wanted to share with you how an investment in permanent cosmetics makes good economic sense. We had our team check up on how much women typically spend on beauty products and stylists in a year. I think you'll be surprised at the sum totals.

When you have permanent eyebrows, lips, and/or eyeliner not only do you look great 'round the clock but you'll even save money in the long run.

Kindest Regards,


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Permanent Makeup, the Investment in Yourself With Big Returns

Makeup Artist at WorkAccording to Siren Magazine, whose article "Why Vanity Keeps Us Poor" shocked readers everywhere, the American woman spends an average of $12,000 annually on beauty products and grooming. That's $1,000 every month! When you start tallying up all the necessary expenditures such as nail care, which can cost anywhere from $20-$100 per month, hair care and maintenance, which can cost even a "low maintenance" woman hundreds of dollars monthly, and, last but not least, makeup, which most women use daily and sometimes buy just as often, $1,000 per month becomes very believable!

Perhaps these numbers don't shock you at all because you've summed it all up before. Of the few women that do know exactly what they spend on beauty products each month, many wince in brief dismay only to turn a blind eye from the financial damage feeling that there isn't any other way. "This is just part of being a socially acceptable woman," you may have found yourself rationalizing, but the truth is, there is another way. Having permanent makeup applied by a talented NYC permanent makeup expert can greatly reduce what you'll need to spend on beauty yearly.

When considering the nature of even fashion purchases, such as a stylish pair of boots, designer handbag, or a new suit, the costs add up and may become unfashionable  within the next year. So what could be a better investment than eyebrows or eyeliner by The Whitney Center.



Permanent Makeup Makes 'Beauty Bias' Work for You

Beautiful Asian EyesBeauty gives you a competitive edge in the workplace. It's something most of us have long suspected but hated to admit -- that attractive men and women rise faster and earn more in the business world. Known as "beauty bias," it’s the reason the pretty girl gets the job and the cute guy gets the promotion. Fortunately, artistically-applied permanent makeup can level the playing field and make "beauty bias" work for you.

Consider these facts from an article published on Newsweek online:

  • 84% of hiring managers said visibly older job candidates, particularly women, are usually passed over in favor of younger, more vigorous looking applicants.

  • Attractive men earn 5% more and attractive women, 4% more than their average-looking coworkers.

  • A handsome guy will earn $250,000 more over his lifetime than an ugly Joe.

  • To compete more effectively at work, 13% of women and 10% of men would undergo cosmetic surgery.

  • 57% of hiring managers admitted that unattractive people have a harder time landing a job than their more attractive counterparts, even if they have better qualifications.

  • Hiring managers recommend job applicants spend as much time and money on their appearance as on their resume.

  • In a ranking of desirable employee attributes, appearance ranked third behind experience and confidence, beating education which came in fourth.

Make the "beauty bias" work for you. Find out about permanent makeup today.



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