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Holiday 2014

Beauty is Power and Our Holiday Wishes

Beauty is Power

Holiday GiftsDear Friend,

One of the most renowned icons of beauty is Helena Rubinstein. In New York City, the new exhibit "Beauty is Power" illustrates her life and legacy through her collection of contemporary art.

Rubinstein redefined beauty hoping to establish a beauty regimen as "an individual pursuit". She believed  that beauty could be accessible to all.

With no singular sense of beauty, Rubinstein endorsed cultural differences among women and men. Her strength of judgment, artistic eye, desire to experiment in her kitchen with various ingredients, and entrepreneurial skill, drove her to create beauty lotions, makeup and fragrances that would become her empire.

Helena Rubinstein associated beauty with health and taught that beauty can be cultivated like a garden. Her mantra was "there are no ugly women only lazy ones." Beauty like gardening required effort; nature always needed improvement.

We, at the Whitney Center, have always believed that beauty provides confidence and power. Permanent natural beauty enhancement is our mantra at our Center. Clients' sentiments from "we have changed their life" to "it's a miracle" show the power of beauty enhancement.

For those who have already experienced "Beauty is Power" at our Center we want to remind you that the best investment is one in yourself.  As Helena Rubinstein would state, "maintenance of beauty is a means to an end."  It may be time for you to consider a "refresh" of color.

For those who have not yet experienced our Center, we are offering free consultations through January 2015.

We, at the Whitney Center, wish you a beautiful holiday season and best wishes for a healthy, happy, and successful New Year.  We hope we can contribute to it.

Joan Freedman, Melany Whitney, Mandy Sauler

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