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June 2014

You Can't "Teach Experience"

Melany Whitney the "Voice of Permanent Cosmetics".

Dear Friend,

You can teach others how to implant pigment within the skin. You can teach others how to sell a permanent makeup procedure to a client and how to complete the paperwork, but you simply cannot teach the experience needed to have results that look natural. Or for that matter how to mix pigments for the "right" color effects every time.

There is simply no "teaching experience" it is gained only through working within skin every day. Advanced medical and cosmetic tattooing is our only profession and we are proud to be recognized as leaders by our industry and by the medical community.

Kindest Regards,

Melany Whitney

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Referral to Medical Tattoo Professionals for Areola Complex Tattooing Is Now Recognized As Best Completion to Reconstruction by the Medical Community

Breast cancer survivorLosing a breast to breast cancer is a traumatic experience. For many breast cancer survivors, breast reconstruction helps ease the pain and restore a sense of normalcy. But survivors often complain that while restoration efforts were able to recreate the shape of their missing breast, they fell short of creating a realistic-looking breast.

A mound of skin with a ring of color in its center is hardly an adequate replacement for the delicate coloring of a natural areola and the pert protruding nipple at its center.

As practiced by many plastic surgeons and their staffs, traditional nipple-areola tattooing has been one-note. A static ring of color in a single stark shade (often orange) has often represented the best that could be achieved by staff lacking training in medical tattooing, a profession within itself.

Fortunately, skilled medical tattoo experts with advanced training in both micropigmentation and the fine arts are changing the field of nipple-areola reconstruction.

Turning a Mound into a Breast

This new breed of paramedical tattoo artists is applying the artistry of permanent makeup to the restorative mission of medical tattooing. Artists like The Whitney Center's Melany Whitney and Mandy Sauler use artistic color shading and the fine art principles of light and shadow to create the appearance of a completely natural areola with a three-dimensional nipple, or what we call "the illusion of protrusion."

Our superior results and their emotional impact on breast cancer survivors has been recognized by some of New York City's top breast cancer centers including Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Weill Cornell Medical College New York Presbyterian Hospital , and the Dubin Cancer Center at Mt. Sinai. (These facilities recommend exclusively to the Whitney Center.) Medical tattooing of the areola is finally beginning to filter into the mainstream consciousness.

Prominent physicians recommend the Whitney Center.Prominent plastic surgeons in New York City and across the country have been sending their mastectomy patients to The Whitney Center for years. Patients feel whole again and confident in  their feminity. Our work provides the most naturally defined completion that best satisfies both surgeon and patient.

The Final Stage of Recovery

At The Whitney Center, our medical tattoo artists have been working with breast cancer survivors for decades. We are members of the National Areola and Nipple Tattoo Registry which helps connect patients and physicians to qualified medical tattoo experts. Members are hand selected for their technical expertise and artistry to provide patients with the best possible results.

Call us today to find out more about our areola and nipple restoration services.

If you or someone you know has is facing breast cancer surgery, please share this special newsletter issue with them. There is a way to find beauty and regain your self confidence and femininity after breast cancer surgery. We are here to help!



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